Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe, a crucial member of the Justice League who has faced down literal gods in her quest to protect the innocent and right injustice. However, even her vaunted abilities would be put to the test if she faced off against Dark Phoenix, the cosmic force of death and rebirth in the Marvel Universe.

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Immensely powerful, the Phoenix was able to destroy an entire planet, but often suffers from the instability that its host body endures while under its influence. In battle, who would win, Wonder Woman or the Dark Phoenix?

10 Wonder Woman: Strategy

Wonder Woman is not just a superpowered battering ram like some of her Justice League compatriots, she’s a thinking warrior, well versed in battle tactics and strategy by her Amazon sisters.

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Her battlefield acumen has allowed her to claim victory against a horde of worthy villains from the Cheetah to Darkseid, as well as over friends like Batman and Superman. If there’s someone who could figure out a strategy to defeat Dark Phoenix, it’s Princess Diana of Themyscira.

9 Dark Phoenix: Telepathy

Of the many powers at Dark Phoenix’s disposal is telepathy, and not just any form of it, as her ability is even more powerful than Charles Xavier’s. Dark Phoenix can not only read minds to anticipate the moves of any who would dare oppose her, but she can also manipulate minds and bend them to her will.

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Granted, she may not have ever gone up against someone as strong-willed as Wonder Woman, but there’s no doubt she’d be able to control just about anyone with this power.

8 Wonder Woman: Magic

Wonder Woman has had multiple origins in her long history, and each of them involved magic in some form or other. In New 52 continuity, Diana is a demigod, the product of a union between Zeus and her mother, Hippolyta.

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As such, she is imbued with magical energy that could give her the edge in battle against such an overpowered foe. Further, she can call on the Gods to lend her further strength and invulnerability to subdue Dark Phoenix through mystical means.

7 Dark Pheonix: Telekenesis

Dark Phoenix can not only read minds, but she can move things with them. That may be an understatement, as her telekinesis is so strong that she’s able to move objects as large as a space shuttle and control energies as powerful as Cyclops’ optic blasts with ease. She’s even managed to control Nightcrawler’s ability to teleport. Unless distracted by the shifts in her host body’s mind, Dark Phoenix can control literally anything with ease.

6 Wonder Woman: Weapons


Sure, everyone’s familiar with Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Submission in terms of weaponry, but Diana has a wide variety of magical weapons and armor that she could use against such a formidable foe as Dark Phoenix.

She could start by protecting herself with her Golden Eagle Armor, which is set to make its on-screen debut in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, armor she wears when she knows the upcoming battle will be particularly challenging. She can also outfit herself with her trademark sword and shield, which, as gifts from the Greek god Hephaestus, contain wondrous abilities such as being able to split atoms.

5 Dark Phoenix: Energy Projection

As an avatar of the primal life force of the universe, Dark Phoenix has an incredible amount of energy at her disposal. Capable of harnessing and focusing that energy into a beam, Dark Phoenix can fire deadly bolts at her opponents that can atomize them instantaneously.

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Although Wonder Woman may be able to deflect those bolts with her magic bracelets, if one finds its mark, it’s all over for Diana.

4 Perserverance: Wonder Woman

Of all Diana’s strengths, perhaps her strongest is her perseverance in the face of adversity and her steadfast refusal to never give up. These traits are so strong in her that even Batman realized that the only way to defeat Wonder Woman in battle would be to push her to the brink of exhaustion and collapse.

Diana will never concede to defeat, and, with that type of fortitude matched with her inborn resourcefulness, Dark Phoenix will know she’s been in a fight!

3 Dark Phoenix: Matter Manipulation


Wonder Woman may be able to split atoms with her sword, but Dark Phoenix can manipulate them in any way she wishes. Dark Phoenix can manipulate matter any way she wishes and is even powerful enough to bend time and space on itself in a wormhole effect. In films, she was powerful enough to reduce Charles Xavier to ash in X-Men:The Last Stand and performed similar feats in Dark Phoenix.

2 Wonder Woman: Powerful Allies

When it comes to allies, nobody beats Wonder Woman. Firstly, she’s got an island of Amazonian warriors at her back, ready to fight and die at her command, as she’s royalty. Secondly, she’s a core member of the Justice League, who can summon anyone of the world’s most dangerous, fastest, fearless, or powerful heroes to her aid.

Lastly, she can entreat with the pantheon of Greek Gods for aid; fickle as they may be, they’ve been known to help her when it suited their whims and purposes.

1 Winner: Dark Phoenix

Despite Wonder Woman’s many abilities and character traits, there was really no way she could stand a chance against such a ridiculously overpowered enemy. Dark Phoenix has literally destroyed a star and the planet that orbited it, which is way beyond what Diana can handle.

Unless Diana managed to get help from the entire pantheon of Greek Gods and a beefed-up Justice League, she’d fall in battle to the near-omnipotence of the Dark Phoenix.

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