In Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender, The Blade Of Marmora is a resistance group that joins Team Voltron to take down the Garlra Empire, led by former Voltron Palidan, Emporer Zarkon. After learning about the group in the highly acclaimed season 2 episode "The Blade Of Marmora," fans were itching to get more information on the secretive network.

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Throughout the remainder of the series, fans only get pieces of information about The Blade of Marmora. Unfortunately, with Voltron: Legendary Defender now concluded, there's a lot that wasn't fully explained, only hinted at, concerning The Balde of Marmora's deeper running lore and their traditions.

10 Millineum-Old Galra Resistance

During Emporer Zarkon's rise in the Galra Empire, many began to see the destruction caused by his "strength in loss" mentality.

Galras would begin banding together to fight back, infiltrating Zarkon's ranks, and soon The Blade of Marmora was founded. That's right: Zarkon's own people started to stand and rebel against him.

9 Many Blades Of The Blade

Those who are strong and willful enough to pass the exhausting trials to become a member of the Blade of Marmora are called blades. It is not one blade which holds up the resistance, but many.

It's this deeper look at the name of their fighters and the group that shows without each other, none of them are whole on their own, but each of them represents their whole.

8 Weapon Of Choice

Each Blade uses a dagger which is made of luxite, a rare metal that allows the weapon to transform. In its normal state, most appear to a dagger with the Blade of Marmora insignia etched into it.

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However, when the user learns to harness the blade, it awakens its true power, transforming it into a sword that changes depending on the user. Keith's, for example, looked like a curved bladed Egyptian khopesh. These weapons lose their power when their owner dies.

7 Parking At Their Secret Headquarters

Being a multi-millennia organization to bring down the evil empire, The Blade of Marmora needed its main headquarters to not only be secretive but also very difficult to get to. When their planning committee got together to come up with the best place to hide, they settled on an asteroid right outside a blue giant, which also happened to be seated in between two black holes.

Not only would the gravity from the black holes be difficult for pilots to adapt to, but the blue giant would do most of the heavy lifting when it came to jamming radars. On top of that, it's not like you could just slide a ship into this space and expect to land correctly. No, there is a coordinated route you have to take to land correctly or you'd end up who knows where on the other side of that black hole, or worse, ripped apart by its gravity well.

6 The Insignia

The Blade of Marmora is a Galra Empire rebel group, however, they don't hate the Empire, just those in charge. They hate those who are holding down the Galra and causing havoc throughout the universe in the Galra name. It would make sense they keep a little of that original ideology with them at all times.

If you look at Zarkon's emblem (above) and compare it to The Blade of Marmora's, you'll see something interesting. The Blade of Marmora's emblem is half of Zarkon's. This could represent wanting to break Zarkon's control, or even a show of how they, themselves, are broken Galra. Whatever the true meaning behind, it's hidden in plain sight.

5 Their Montra

At any cost to his own forces or those he invades, Zarkon pushes the Galra Empire through the galaxy. Zarkon's Galra Empire believes in only "victory or death."  It was this destructive tendency that is reflected in The Blade of Marmora's own belief of "knowledge or death."

They saw fighting Zarkon face to face was pointless. Their numbers were nowhere near his so they had to devise a way to get into those ranks, to plot and use their spies to break apart the Empire from the inside. It took a few millennia, but in the end, it worked.

4 Blending In

The Galra are known for their purple skin or fur and yellow eyes, the same style The Blade of Marmora uses in their outfits. While Blades are Galra, and easily blend in with other Galra, they still created gear that represents their heritage.

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You can see that their gear not only looks sharp, makes stealth easy, but if they're geared up and hiding amongst Galra on a ship or in the streets, someone just glancing around would never think twice about them.

3 Their Numbers Were Depleted Heavily

After Lotor tricked everyone, fans included and turned on Voltron and Zarkon, the Blades' full plan came into light and their cover was blown. With the final defeat and death of Zarkon, Hagger ordered her druids to seek out and destroy The Blade of Marmora.

With that, their leader, Kolivan, made the decision to withdraw as many Blades that he could to fend off the attack. The two factions clashed in a long battle that had many on both sides fall, dwindling their numbers. While they were victorious in the end, the once countless Blades were now far and few between.

2 They Never Needed The Numbers

Even with Voltron, The Blades were always outnumbered. Not enough Galra ever stood up against their oppressors and over the centuries the numbers would grow, but never enough for a full-frontal attack. That fits them, though.

The Blade of Marmora was an intelligence group, using its members to infiltrate the inner workings of Zarkon's armies, to feed information to that outside of their ranks fighting against Zarkon. Their numbers may have been small, but it was their knowledge that led to victory.

1 Their Battle Carries On

Even though the Galra Empire is now under The Blade of Marmora's control, there are still planets held until Galra Empire rule and civil wars are breaking out all over because of it. The Blades continue their job, diligently, helping these planets find their freedom, through fighting alongside Galaxy Garrison as a now refocused Galra Empire.

Only time will tell if Voltron's passionate fans will get a follow-up or prequel to the Voltron universe, but in either situation, fans will love to see more of The Blade of Marmora.

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