Superheroes are a strange lot. First off, it's a multi-tiered lot- there's the top tier, the most powerful or brave or successful heroes of them all. Below them are the ones who aren't as powerful but still have something about them that resonates with fans. The tiers keep going down from there until one gets to the most useless heroes of them all.

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Now, DC Comics is known for having a very strong bench of B- and C-list heroes. It's arguable that they have the deepest bench of good heroes of the Big Two, but they also have more than their share of stinkers. This list is going to look at some of the most useless heroes in DC Comics.

10 Mister America

Mister America first appeared back in the Golden Age. With the success of Captain America and the general patriotism of the time, every company was going out of their way to make a patriotic hero and Mister America was DC's. He, however, had no superpowers, a lame costume, and fought crime with a whip. No one cared.

Geoff Johns tried to create a new version of the character in his post-Infinite Crisis Justice Society of America book, but he was mostly a background character. He still had no powers and he still only carried a whip.

9 Bouncing Boy

Bouncing Boy is a member of the far future teenage team the Legion Of Superheroes. His powers allow him to inflate his body and bounce around. He had a degree of invulnerability when he was bouncing, which definitely helped because his main method of attack was slamming into people.

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The Legion is kind of full of stinkers and Bouncing Boy is one of them. He's pretty useless, since bouncing around is a pretty uncontrolled and random way of attacking enemies, but he sometimes connects. So there's that.

8 Wild Dog

Wild Dog is a Punisher knock-off. DC was trying to get on the anti-hero train but definitely missed a few cars the train needed, such as a cool look (he's wearing a hockey mask and jersey), a cool attitude, or just being cool in general.

He's not extremely skilled at anything and never made any kind of impact. He made an appearance in the Young Animal book Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye and was actually not a terrible character, but that's just one time in his entire career where people actually liked him.

7 Gunfire

Gunfire was one of those times in the '90s when both DC and Marvel were trying to create new characters to connect with audiences and used the annual issues of their superhero books as places to introduce them. Just think about that for a second; they used an issue of the book that not everyone buys to introduce new characters that were supposed to become big-time heroes.

Gunfire had the ability to turn anything he touched into a gun which he could shoot at his enemies and sometimes globe-shaped objects into grenades. That's really all there is to say about him.

6 Wildcat III

Wildcat is actually pretty cool. He's a boxer who would put on a cat costume and eventually gain nine lives; he's also a member of the Justice Society and just generally awesome. A new version of the character appeared post-Crisis, but she would die in battle with Eclipso. The third Wildcat, though, was easily the most useless.

Another character introduced during Geoff Johns's post-Infinite Crisis Justice Society of America, Wildcat III was the first Wildcat's illegitimate son who had the ability to turn into a werepanther. That seems pretty awesome, but much like the other legacy characters introduced in this run, he was completely useless.

5 Ch'p

Ch'p is part of the Green Lantern Corps. More specifically, he's a squirrel Green Lantern. No one is denying Ch'p isn't cute, because he is, even when the artists weren't intentionally drawing him to be merely a cute little Green Lantern. It's just that he's not a very effective Green Lantern.

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He was fine on his planet of other squirrels but in other cases, he was just the second most useless Green Lantern of them all. The most useless Green Lantern will be discussed later in the article.

4 Detective Chimp

Detective Chimp is another pretty cool character. He started life as a cutesy way of taking advantage of the fact that apes on comic covers sold better, and in the last twenty years, he has become one of the linchpins of the magical side of the DC Universe.

However, during all of that time, what has he ever done? He doesn't actually know magic. He doesn't really fight very much. He drinks, he smokes, and he snarks. He's certainly entertaining, but he's not much else. We love him, though.

3 Booster Gold

Booster Gold is another character who is actually pretty great but also just about completely useless. There's just something about Booster that screams failure. Maybe it's his flippant attitude or the way he goes about things or his constant joking, but Booster Gold is one of the most ineffectual, yet super cool, characters around.

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Booster fails at just about everything. It's part of the charm of the character- he's the everyman as a superhero and none of us would be nearly as competent as we like to think we'd be if we were superheroes. He's a great character but not a great hero.

2 G'Nort

G'Nort is the most useless Green Lantern of them all. He got his ring as a fluke and would eventually come to Earth and join up with the Justice League International, where he would be the butt of many jokes. He was basically treated like the team dog, except one that was more annoying than cute and also not really a dog.

He was so annoying that Maxwell Lord formed Justice League Antarctica to get him out of the way and G'Nort was the sole member. He also had no idea that the whole thing was a ploy to get rid of him. The Green Lantern Corps list him as Missing In Action but no one has ever bothered to actually look for him.

1 Stone Boy

Stone Boy is a member of the Legion of Substitute Superheroes, an offshoot of the Legion of Superheroes. The team is made up of folks who didn't qualify for Legion membership but were still in the running. Stone Boy is the most useless member of this team.

His power is the ability to transform into a stone statue. An immobile stone statue. So, he's useful if you have someone who can stop what they're doing and throw him, but that's the only time.

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