Code Geass has some pretty complex characters due to its theme of constantly blurring the line between good and evil. Almost every character in the series is driven with some form of purpose that makes them feel like they are constantly on the "right" side of the fight, even if they may not be. Because of this, many characters flip flop between being the "bad guy" and being the "good guy." Even the protagonist of the story, Lelouch, oftentimes does things that any antagonist in other anime would and is even unsure of his own moral standings.

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Because of the complexity of the characters in Code Geass, it becomes easy for viewers to see how the characters act on another level and how they approach their goals and with what personality traits, making it easy to spot out their Myers-Briggs® personality types. Here is a list of all the main characters in Code Geass with their Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator.

10 Shirley Fenette - ESFJ

Shirley loves to support her friends in any way that is needed and becomes the perfect example of a "high school friend/crush" throughout the series. She is extremely sociable, sporty, and cheery, often finding herself the center of attention. She definitely is one of the popular girls in school but is rather humble. Her goal is to make sure that everyone around her is happy which is why she always becomes willing to do whatever it takes.

9 Lloyd Asplund - INTP

Lloyd is the Code Geass version of the mad scientist. He is an Earl in the Britannia nobility line and creator of Suzaku's Knightmare, Lancelot. He's pretty eccentric and enjoys having creative liberty with his work. He admits early on the series that he is a sociopath with an "abandoned heart" and views people as little more than tools in his work, which is his main reason for consuming himself in his science rather than interactions. He has a deep thirst for knowledge and doesn't really care which side he is on as long as he is able to work on his science.

8 Cornelia Li Britannia - ESTJ

Cornelia was always the more aggressive and cold one out of the Li Britannia sisters. She makes for the perfect ESTJ, or "executive." Cornelia was a strange mix of Euphemia, her sister, and Charles, her father. She is the Chief General in the Imperial Army and is oftentimes seen as hard and intense, especially after Euphemia's death. She is excellent at commanding the army and her soldiers and exemplifies the order, dignity, and dedication of her people.

7 Euphemia Li Britannia - INFP

Euphemia is a perfect example of the INFP personality type. Her main goal is to help people, especially her loved ones. She wants nothing but peace and love to spread throughout Japan and wishes to help in making that happen. She would have been the perfect leader, with Lelouch and Suzaku at her side, to help unite the people. However, plans did not work out as expected.

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Euphemia was an extremely loving character, both to her half-siblings, sister, and Suzaku whom she shared deeper feelings for. She just wanted to see other people succeed in their goals to make the world a better place.

6 Kallen Kozuki - ESTP

While Kallen's ambitions are pure and to help the Black Knights, she also definitely enjoys living on the edge a bit and the taste of battle. She feels like she's doing the right thing, by trying to liberate Japan, and her feelings of good deeds jump right into her willingness to jump into action, making her the perfect example of an ESTP. She also seems like she loves being around people and consulting with her friends (even if she fakes being a shy and sickly girl in school), making her the perfect extrovert.

5 Charles Zi Britannia - ENTJ

Charles being an ENTJ should be kind of a no-brainer. He dreamed of becoming the most powerful ruler and aims for immortality. He is bold and extremely strong-willed in all of his beliefs, even if they aren't the best. He believes in total Darwinism, that only the strong survive, and is rather cynical. But he did rise to power by making his own path. His character is one of the main antagonists for the majority of the series, but at the very end, it is revealed that he was trying to make the world a gentler place for his daughter, Nunnally.

4 Nunnally Vi Britannia - ISFJ

Even with Nunnally's weakened and blind state throughout the series, she always aimed to help those she loved and defend them from the cruelness of the world. She is the perfect display of the defender archetype, ISFJ. Nunnally can be seen a number of times comforting both Lelouch and Suzaku when they are distraught or sad about anything.

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Nunally gives off a warm light of pure hope and joy to everyone she meets, and Lelouch's main goal becomes preserving this light as she is always dedicated to protecting her loved ones.

3 Suzaku Kururugi - INFJ

While Suzaku probably starts the series off as an extrovert, enjoying spending time with all his friends, the reality of the war he is now a part of quickly takes hold of him, developing his character into something more, something different. For the majority of the series, Suzaku is the perfect example of the rare INFJ. He is introverted, intuitive, bases his ideas on feelings, and judging situations on his own. For most of the series, Suzaku is the immediate threat to Zero's group and all of Lelouch's plans, in the name of Britannia's control over Japan. However, things take a wild turn when Lelouch becomes the cause of Euphemia's death, as Suzaku gains a new personal vendetta against his best friend. He is an idealist who wishes to see the world in a state of peace and constantly acts on this dream. He also willingly takes the title of Zero at the end of the series, continuing the legacy to help people in need.

2 C.C. - INFP

Many fans apparently feel like C.C. never really conveyed her emotions throughout the series, they feel like she was a pretty robotic character just watching the events unfold. But by thinking this, they missed some pretty vital signs of her character. C.C. was damaged. She was hurt and sad from years of abuse, suffering at the hands of random people, and loved ones. She had been alone for years and has since closed herself off in an attempt to protect herself. However, her closing did not work. She ends up caring deeply for Lelouch and wants to help him in his cause, using herself as a shield for him time and time again. She comes off as reserved and shy but has a passionate inner flame when it comes to protecting those close to her and is led by her intent to help, rather than the rewards Lelouch's rule may bring her. It is also quite evident from pretty early on that she does have deeper feelings for Lelouch that last throughout the series and are deepened in the movies.

1 Lelouch Vi Britannia - INTJ

As the main character of the series, Lelouch kind of becomes the master INTJ or "architect" of the series. He is able to plan for every situation and seems to always be two steps ahead of everyone else. The only time Lelouch does something unplanned (with a horrible downfall of events) was when he used his Geass power of Euphemia, accidentally. He wasn't able to control the power and wasn't aware that the ability was currently activated as he gave her what was meant to be a "silly" command.

Lelouch is an incredibly strategic thinker and plays off the strengths of his alleys and weaknesses of his enemies. He also is extremely introverted, as he only really seems to show his true self with C.C. and Suzaku, but puts on a front when facing anyone else.

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