There is a broad spectrum of The Myers-Briggs® personality types. In fact, there are sixteen different personality types that can be applied to a person, and Marvel superheroes run the gamut. Not surprisingly, many Marvel heroes fall into the ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) type.

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Being a hero in any field requires compassion and empathy. It requires a strong moral code, a dedication to service, and a sense of the needs of others. Without these qualities, heroes would only be emblems of power. Here are ten Marvel superheroes who are ISFPs.

10 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has a strong sense of right and wrong. She also oscillates between engaging and aloof, which is a quality often associated with leaders. Carol Danvers is often a leader, but she's also her own person. She bucks just about every expectation of herself, from whether she was qualified to be a pilot or worthy of the mantle of Captain Marvel. When she thinks something or someone is wrong, she says so, and she's not afraid to back it up with cosmic power.

9 Nightcrawler

Few Marvel heroes are as defined by their moral convictions as Kurt Wagner. From the moment fans were introduced to him in Giant-Sized X-Men #1, Nightcrawler has led a life of courage and conviction modeled on his personal religious beliefs. His personality also ranges from introverted at times, a product of the isolation and persecution he often faced, to exuberant extroversion. He is playful and gregarious when the mood suits him, and serious and contemplative when he needs to be.

8 Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd's moral compass is largely responsible for the Earth not being destroyed by Galactus. The Silver Surfer was a man of principle and true moral courage. He sacrificed his own freedom, and his life for all intents and purposes, to prevent the destruction of his homeworld. He served as the Herald of Galactus until the big purple guy set his sights on Earth, which was full of life and outside the bounds of the agreement Norrin struck with him - only uninhabited planets.

7 Rogue

Rogue is a deep feeling person who understands completely the plight and suffering of others - she had another person in her head for years. Between her difficult mental co-habitation with Carol Danvers and Rogue's inability to touch others without hurting or killing them, she's supremely sensitive.

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She's also very concerned with right and wrong. Few X-Men have been unwavering as she has been over the years to the dream of mutant peace and freedom. While others debate and angle themselves for the right path, Rogue focuses on people and the purpose of her fight as one of the X-Men.

6 Groot

Groot is a sentient, living tree, and as such as a unique connection to nature. His sensitivity is often on display in his kindness toward others, especially his teammates on the Guardians of the Galaxy (though he can be a bit... prickly... at times). Groot personifies the introverted yet perceptive qualities of the ISFP type very well. He only says one phrase - 'I am Groot' - yet these four words contain multitudes. His expressions and actions convey a deep feeling person with great understanding.

5 Colossus

Despite his steel exterior, Piotr Rasputin is a man of deep feeling and concern for others. Colossus is quiet, honest, and always willing to put others before himself. Unless it's to run towards danger, and then he's first in line. He has a strong moral code that generally prevents him from hurting or killing people, though, in extreme situations or alternate realities like the Age of Apocalypse, he's been known to do this. His virtue and commitment have made him an integral member of the X-Men for decades.

4 Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes was always the second fiddle to Steve Rogers, but that was fine with him. He was quiet, unassuming, and prepared to do his part. Even after his hellish transformation into the Winter Soldier, his humanity refused to simply evaporate. His morality, his empathy, and his strong need to do something all upended the brainwashing his captors inflicted on him. Now free, he continues the fight as he always has, with quiet dignity and fierce determination.

3 Wolfsbane

Like Nightcrawler, Wolfsbane had a strong religious upbringing, but hers was more detrimental. She was a sheltered, emotionally repressed teenager when she joined the New Mutants, with a fear of other people, especially some of her peers, who were maybe also demons.

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Still, Rahne harbors a deeply sensitive and compassionate soul. She has a profound sense of right and wrong, standing up for what she believes is right. Though she loosened up a little as she matured, Rahne remains a classic ISFP who is shy but comes to life around others.

2 Black Panther

Black Panther encompasses a few different categories on The Myers-Briggs® personality spectrum. As the king of Wakanda and a principal member of the Avengers, he's certainly a leader or ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) type, but also has qualities that match ISFPs. He's also guided by his strong moral code. While a public figure, T'Challa has a personal side he tends to keep close to the vest. Even without his duties as king or with the Avengers, his personality would drive him toward serving others.

1 Hulk

One of the great ironies of the Incredible Hulk is that Bruce Banner is a shy, introverted intellectual and the Hulk is... not. Though the two extremes have come closer together over the years as the Hulk has become a more unified personality at times, key features of Banner define them. Hulk is often driven by rage and anger, but he's equally driven by Banner's innate sense of right and wrong. A concern for others, and a perception of the humanity of others, has kept the Hulk tethered to his own humanity in his worst moments.

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