WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Netflix's The Last Days of American Crime, now streaming.

Netflix's The Last Days of American Crime deconstructs a violent near-future America where the government implements a brainwave known as the American Peace Initiative (API), which stops people from committing crimes. The film ends close to the Canadian border as one transmitting tower is taken out and money is stolen from a federal reserve.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter that Bricke (Edgar Ramirez) and Shelby (Anna Brewster) got through the border and escaped to Canada because with the signal live across the country, the government's also made paper currency illegal, as it wants to curb white collar crime. However, there are some plot threads in this flick that do lend to a sequel even though Bricke dies and Shelby rides off into the sunset with her sister.

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With the API brain scrambler all over now, there are people who can be resistant to it. Cash (Michael Pitt) shows this in the end when he reveals he figured out the signal when he accepted he had no morals left. By embracing there is no right or wrong, the API won't affect psychopaths. This could see a new breed of elite monsters waging war against the state, which has decommissioned most of its law enforcement.

Some officers have neural implants, though, so they could form a new military meant to go up against these fiends who are now running amok. Clearly, it'll only be monsters like Cash who just love killing. This means America will have to put out the best of the best to stop them. A sequel can follow this new police force, training days for cops and the lives of criminals who thrive in the new world.

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The government has evidence Cash figured out the signal, so a sequel can focus on them wanting to change it so psychopaths can't be immune. This can push outliers who are impervious to the signal to also form a legion to take the system down for good because once it exists they'll always be in danger.

Shelby actually hacked the system, so her tech could be used for the resistance. She might even be recruited as well if the follow-up wants a familiar face. Also, with the neural implants existing, we can envision rebels stealing and repurposing them for the ultimate hack which can turn the franchise in a Mr. Robot or The Matrix direction in terms of a cyber-revolution.

Early on, Bricke buys some red pills on the black market that made him resistant to the signal, allowing him to slaughter FBI agents that were scuppering his and Shelby's getaway. Sadly, the pill fried his brain and killed him, but a sequel can look at the pill being perfected and peddled. It could be the new gold with people craving this new, improved drug to avoid the signal.

Also, even if it's not perfected, we can see rebels using a diluted version in the war on the system. What's for certain is the government cannot afford for such a pill to be existing so they'll definitely be hunting dealers and those producing the drugs. This looks at how to control and create a "free America" and the government wanting to oppress, suppress and subjugate people by taking away their liberty in these pills.

Directed by Oliver Megaton from a script by Karl Gajdusek, The Last Days of American Crime stars Edgar Ramírez, Michael C. Pitt, Anna Brewster, Patrick Bergin and Sharlto Copley. The film is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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