Horror/survival game Dead By Daylight has made waves within the horror and gaming community becoming one of the most played games on Twitch and over a variety of platforms. The game involves a ton of killers and heroes made for the game and derived from pop culture media such as Ash from The Evil Dead franchise and Nancy, Steven, and The Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

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Recently, the game has announced that Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason from the Silent Hill franchise will soon be making their entrance into the game as new playable characters. Killers are extremely fun to play as the game becomes a 1v4. Killers only see in first-person but are all unique and have different abilities to make the gameplay difficult for the survivors. Skill is required to play every killer, meaning some killers will be extremely difficult for new plays to excel with. Here is a tier list of the 10 best killers to play in Dead By Daylight.

10 The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon was a character added to Dead By Daylight just before last Halloween and attracted a bunch of new players to the scene because of the popularity of Stranger Things. The Demogorgon is an all-around good killer. He has a lunge that allows him to dart to his prey and use his incredibly long claws to attack. He also makes the Demogorgon cry that could be heard throughout the map.

He also comes with perks that make it increasingly difficult for survivors to run away and, exhausting them once they finish generators. He can also place a few portals around the map and appear in new areas when needed.

9 The Shape (Michael Myers)

The Shape, or Michael Myers, is a pretty tough killer to get used to. He has a big power gap between early game and late game that makes him progress from being one of the worst killers to the best, depending on how he is played.

Michael is a stalker. He can hunt his prey from afar and follow them without being noticed. With no terror radius or heartbeat to indicate when he close by, his sudden appearance acts as a jump scare too many of the survivors. The more he stalks the faster and stronger he becomes, triggering his ultimate move, Evil Within III which lasts for a full minute and makes every survivor exposed and activates the iconic music from the Halloween film.

8 Ghost Face

Ghost Face, most notably known as the killer in the Scream movies, is a pretty tough character for survivors. He is the ultimate stalker. When he is in stalk mode, survivors won't be able to hear a terror radius or heartbeat.

In fact, they won't suspect a thing until they see him, which is almost always too late. The more he stalks the victim the closer he gets to being able to expose them, revealing their aura for a duration of time as he hunts them down.

7 The Hag

The Hag is one of the scariest characters in the game due to her ability to create some pretty major jump scares for all of the survivors. The Hag is able to place traps all around the map that, when walked over, allow her to teleport, jumping out of her trap if she so desires. The trap also alerts Hag as to where the survivor is once the trap is tripped.

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She has a ton of mind game abilities with her trap, by fooling survivors that she will or won't use her them to appear. She can place them by generators while being looped, and by hooks to discourage survivors from using them or smacking them down once she teleports to them.

6 The Huntress

The Huntress is a super fun character to play with a variety of different abilities that make her totally unique. First of all, her terror radius is pretty much replaced by her constant humming of a lullaby to indicate how close or far the character is.

She can throw projectile hatchets at the survivors that put them into an injured state. If they are already injured, it knocks them totally down. The Huntress's lullaby also makes skill checks for survivors more difficult.

5 The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger)

The Nightmare has occasionally been listed as the top tier character in the game, even beating out Nurse on some lists. However, his complexity to play is occasionally too difficult for new plays. This variation of Freddy Krueger is based on the 2010 A Nightmare On Elm Street film with a darker and more sadistic Freddy played by Jackie Earle Haley.

Freddy has a lot going on, between his dream world and his teleporting orbs. The survivors that fall asleep can only be awoken by taking damage, helping each other, or running across the map to an alarm clock. Freddy's unique perks also make it so that the late game is exponentially hard, making the exit gate a focal point for him.

4 The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly is a top tier character who is a little difficult to master due to his chainsaw charge, however, if properly timed he can do some serious damage and cut down chase time on survivals by a ton. Hillbilly is a character made for Dead By Daylight who somewhat resembles The Cannibal (or Bubba or Leatherface) from Texas Chainsaw Massacre who was added to DBD in the second DLC of the game.

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However, Hillbilly is miles better than The Cannibal in actual gameplay. Hillbilly has a hammer alongside his chainsaw and can attack survivors with either. Whenever he is in his chainsaw state, he becomes increasingly fast and drops any survivor he hits to a Dying State.

3 The Oni

The Oni is another top tier killer as he gets stronger and stronger the more damage he deals and blood he consumes. Oni has the ability to consume blood left by his victims to power up his ultimate ability, Yamaoka's Wrath. Once this activates he is easily able to one-hit all of his victims for a short duration.

Oni's blood orbs left by his victims also are extremely visible, leaving a direct trail to the injured survivors. The only downside to Oni is that his movement is pretty large, meaning survivors can evade him by turning sharp corners around him.

2 The Spirit

The Spirit is an excellent killer due to her ability to be able to phase-walk. She leaves behind a "husk" of herself as she travels unseen through the map. In this state, she can no longer survivors, however, she will be able to track them based on the scratch marks they leave on the floor.

Spirit can then suddenly appear near survivors, catching them off guard as they complete generators. She is also occasionally faster than most other killers due to her ability, Yamaoka's Haunting.

1 The Nurse

The Nurse is one of those characters that could either be totally awful or the most powerful killer in the game all depending on who is playing her. The Nurse has an ability to teleport, which acts sometimes more like a super-quick dash than anything else, however, she can do these through walls meaning that vaulting out of windows and dropping pallets becomes pretty much useless on her.

One of the main components of this game for survivors is the ability to "loop" a character, or run around in a specific area a number of times to distract the killer while the other survivors complete generators. This idea is pretty much nonexistent when it comes to Nurse. Also, she is able to see whenever someone is healing themselves and is able to teleport over to them. So survivors could either risk being exposed or stay injured which makes them loud and noticeable as well. A good Nurse player easily makes this character the best in the game.

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