The Big Bang Theory ended after twelve years, but unlike other shows, we never got the sense that this was a series that lasted so long. The reason for that would be because the characters’ lives more or less remained the same throughout its run, most of all Sheldon Cooper.

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If you haven’t watched the show yet, now’s the best time to go on a binge, and for that reason, we’re presenting you with 10 questions you will most definitely have about this character. So, before you dive into the nerd world, get your answers to these burning questions so you have a keen knowledge of Sheldon Lee Cooper.

Updated by Saim Cheeda on June 7th 2020: Although the series has been over for some time now, its popularity hasn’t waned in the slightest. This is due to The Big Bang Theory being shopped over to syndicated networks and streaming services, which has allowed the show to become even more well known than it had been during its airing.

With Sheldon being the breakout character, interest in him has also gone up as a result of the show’s fame. Due to this, it’s best to learn more about Sheldon in order to understand him better, and this list now includes the answers to further questions.

15 What Religion Does He Follow?

Although he claims not to believe in God, Sheldon has shown religious beliefs on occasion, such as yelling out his thanks to God when he’s been victorious or begrudgingly accepting his mother’s faith. On the whole, though, he’s been averse to religion, save for his own made-up one.

On Young Sheldon, it was shown that Sheldon reconciled his belief system into “Mathology,” a religion that where the only sin one can commit is if they're stupid.

14 Which Famous Personalities Can't He Come Near To?

Due to his fanboy nature with all things physics and nerd culture, Sheldon has the tendency to go overboard in his enthusiasm for his favorite personalities. However, he’s more on the crazy side of things, as he’s gotten restraining orders from a number of people.

The list includes the likes of Carl Sagan, Leonard Nemoy, Stan Lee, and Bill Nye. Sheldon even supposedly got punched in the face by an irate Bill Gates for insulting him, although none of these stopped him from continuing his fanboy nature over them.

13 Which Holiday Does He Hate?

Another one of Sheldon’s traits is to despise the practice of giving and receiving gifts, arguing that it makes for an endless loop where this is repeated. However, he outright despised Christmas, not for the gift-giving but for something deeper.

As revealed by Sheldon himself, Christmas reminded him of his deceased maternal grandfather, who had been the only one to encourage him to pursue science. When his wish to Santa to bring “Pop-pop” back was unfulfilled, Sheldon ended up blaming Santa and Christmas itself, a hatred that continued into adulthood.

12 Who Are His Heroes?

For a guy who has problems with a lot of people, Sheldon still holds certain others in high regard. Of these, his “heroes” are those whose word he takes to the heart and values above all else. These include his maternal grandmother, “Meemaw,” his deceased father, and Professor Proton.

In the case of the latter, Sheldon’s idolization took to greater lengths, as he would even visualize Professor Proton wearing Jedi robes and have conversations with him after Professor Proton’s death.

11 What Is His Hierarchy Of Friends?

He started out not having any friends on the show, but it was revealed on Young Sheldon that his original friend had been a kid named Tam. After that friendship fizzled away, Sheldon formed a social circle with Raj, Howard, Leonard, and Penny.

He would later reveal that he had a hierarchy of friends, where Leonard was on top. While Raj and Penny’s order wasn’t confirmed, they did comprise his “closest friends.” Howard, though, only qualified as a “treasured acquaintance.”

10 How Old Is He?

Throughout the entire run of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon acted like a complete child. Due to the actor’s naturally youthful appearance, it’s hard to guess how old Sheldon is supposed to be. For those who’d like to know, Sheldon turned 39-years-old in 2019.

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He was born on February 26, 1980, and you can find a 9/10-year-old version of the character in Young Sheldon, which is set in 1989-90. This also places Sheldon as 27-years-old at the beginning of the show, which would explain why he was such an immature young man at the time. Then again, he remained the same way till the end, so being childish is something he just can’t shake off.

9 What's His IQ?

We heard in the premiere episode that the combined IQ of Sheldon and Leonard adds up to 360, but we don’t get to know specifically how high Sheldon ranks. To quell your curiosity, Leonard’s IQ is 173, leaving Sheldon with an astounding IQ of 187!

It’s no wonder Sheldon was so pompous, because that IQ level not only makes him super smart, it validates him as being among the Top-25 smartest people alive in the world. This means he’s better than a one in a million – he’s actually 1 in 37 million as far as intelligence is concerned.

8 Who Are His Sworn Enemies?

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you must have at least heard that Sheldon has been known to keep a grudge forever. He terms these people as his sworn enemies and even has a list to document them. From what we saw in the series, there were three people still known as Sheldon’s enemies.

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The first of these is Barry Kripke, who antagonized Sheldon through all the twelve seasons – even in his last appearance. Next follows Brent Spiner, who opened Sheldon’s limited edition action figure and was termed as Sheldon’s mortal enemy. Lastly, we have Santa Claus of all beings, whom Sheldon despises more than anyone else for not returning to him his grandfather after his death. Watch out, Santa, Sheldon’s out to get you!

7 What Is His Job?

If you’re wondering why Sheldon mocks Leonard for his work even though they’re both physicists, it’s because Leonard focuses on practical application of physics, while Sheldon is a theoretical physicist. His field of study is String Theory, which he lets go of for three years due to a lack of breakthrough.

It turned out all those years he spent with String Theory did have merit, as Sheldon returned to the study and eventually won the Nobel Prize in physics after proving his theory on Super-Asymmetry on String Theory along with Amy. It might sound boring, but to Sheldon there's no better job in the world; at least it beats being an Engineer, right?

6 How Does One Make Him Shut Up?

Those who haven’t paid attention to the smaller points don’t realize there are some methods of making Sheldon shut his trap. We’re well aware of his tendency to keep on talking since he thinks he’s always right and is the most interesting man in the world, so this piece of advice is priceless for characters in-universe.

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It turns out all you need to do is to befuddle Sheldon – the easiest way to do so is by telling him to “Go Away”. This worked like a charm as Sheldon just couldn’t understand why he was being dismissed, and that too without explanation. Another way to get the job done is by dangling an incentive for him so he doesn’t speak his mind; under these circumstances, he’ll just smile that freaky smile and keep quiet.

5 When Did He Receive His PHD?

Sheldon loves to make fun of Howard for not being a real scientist, since the guy doesn’t have a doctorate, and you can’t argue with him in this regard because Sheldon trumps everyone here. He doesn’t have just one, but possesses two PhD.’s in physics. He firstly graduated from college at the age of 14 – that too summa cum laude – before receiving his doctorate at the age of 16!

He then bettered that accomplishment by receiving his second doctorate four years later, making him a two-time Ph.D. holder. Most of us are in the middle of college for a Bachelor’s degree when we’re 20, but Sheldon had snagged two doctorates already by that age. At least Bruce Banner’s seven PhD’s still look better than Sheldon’s.

4 What Are His Weaknesses?

Sheldon might be the most persistent man you’ve ever seen when he wants revenge or to antagonize someone. We saw in an episode of Season 2 that he was perfectly willing to throw out Penny’s clothes in the street simply because she touched some of his food, and when he reaches extreme limits, it’s time to bring out the guns against him.

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He has two main weaknesses: his mother and his Meemaw. Sheldon’s mother might be the greatest weapon, simply because she can force him to do anything. If an atheist can sit down and say grace because his mother told him to, then you better believe Sheldon’s mother has some real power. His Meemaw is someone who can do no wrong for Sheldon, so whatever she says goes.

3 How Many Women Has He Kissed?

You might think that Amy being his soulmate and wife would be the first woman Sheldon ever kissed, but Amy was actually the fifth female to kiss – it’s just that the first four really aren’t people one would want to admit of.

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By Sheldon’s own admission, he hadn’t kissed any women other than his Meemaw, his mother, and his sister before Amy. Since he was a kid, you might say these don’t count. But Sheldon was leaving out another kiss he’d had when he was older: Leonard’s mother. We saw this in a Season 3 episode, where Leonard’s mom jumped on him when intoxicated. So, it’s quite a surprise the one woman he was ever been romantic with turned out to be fifth in line.

2 What's His Catchphrase?

If you’re not a viewer of the show already, then keep your ears open for this gem of a catchphrase coming your way. Unfortunately, Sheldon’s most popular quote was phased out for some reason in later seasons, but the quote made its mark when we had it.

It was Sheldon yelling “Bazinga!” when he was successful in a prank that made the word ingrained into pop culture. Most of the time, Sheldon didn’t even technically pull a prank, and would assume being sarcastic qualified as pranking someone. The “Bazinga!” then morphed further into being used whenever Sheldon was feeling like a Smart Alec.

1 Does He Have Kids?

Even if you’ve watched The Big Bang Theory in its entirety, you will never have known that Sheldon did, in fact, end up having kids. That’s because Sheldon revealed he’d had children in an episode of Young Sheldon instead. The point to note here is that he didn’t even say he’d had a child; it was a plural statement.

Since The Big Bang Theory is now over, we’ll never get to see Sheldon and Amy’s children, but just the knowledge that a guy who once refused to even touch another person would go so far as to having offspring is an excellent piece of character development. We’re wondering just how cuckoo those kids will be.

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