Shounen is one of the most popular anime genres, and it is defined as Japanese animation that targets the teen male demographic. Tons of the all-time most well-known shows like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece fall into this venerable category and every year more and more great selections come out within this grouping for fans to enjoy.

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As a result of its popularity, Shounen is one of the most heavily populated genres on MyAnimeList, coming in at a whopping total of 1,957 shows that all vary widely in content. Still, quantity doesn't always equal quality. Thankfully, this situation is one of those cases where anime lovers can rejoice because there is an abundance of great shows. This list will run down the 10 best selections, according to MyAnimeList.

10 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (8.67)

Starting off this list is the longrunning and relatively well-known show Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which, like other entries on this list, has been placed here based on the score of its highest season. It's hard to describe what this show is about, as through its various seasons, the plot has changed dramatically to focus on entirely new characters and in entirely different times and settings, with the one underlying connection being the Joestar family.

The highest-ranked season, "Golden Wind" takes place in a coastal city where crime is everywhere. It then follows the rise of Giorno Giovanna as he joins a gang, while secretly plotting to overthrow its leader. Stylish action, cool powers, and a distinctive art style all serve to make this series one of the greats.

9 Great Teacher Onizuka (8.71)

Great Teacher Onizuka takes a hard left turn from Jojo's heavy action focus to instead follow the slightly more realistic antics of biker gang leader turned high school teacher, Eikichi Onizuka. His reasons for this dramatic career shift, however, are far from noble, with his main creepy motivation being to find a suitably loving and young teenage wife.

With interesting plot developments and interesting characters, this is a show that can make you laugh one moment and then make you feel something the next. Watchers are sure to get attached to the wacky hijinks of Eikichi, with the only real barrier being the slightly outdated (by today's standards) animation.

8 Hajime No Ippo (8.77)

Back to action-focused shows, this one is focused on the relatively uncovered in anime sport of boxing. It follows the eponymous Makunouchi Ippo - a down on his luck bullying victim whose passion is ignited by the world of boxing. The show then follows Ippo as he grows both as a person and as a boxer.

This is all backed up by an interesting array of side characters, as well as a set of very fleshed out opponents for Ippo to go up against. This show will get you hyped while pulling you into the lives of its cast. It also has bouts that will stick in your memory, along with a level of animation quality that still holds up today.

7 Kimetsu No Yaiba (8.78)

Kimetsu no Yaibaor Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba continues the action-packed trend that runs throughout this entire list - minus a few exceptions. It follows Tanjirou Kamado, a young boy who supports his family after the death of his father. Living in the mountains, they lead a tranquil life until the fateful morning Tanjirou returns to finds his whole family dead at the hands of demons.

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Consumed by hatred, he vows to avenge his family, and in doing so, he aligns with a group called the Demon Slayer Corps. With this premise set up, the show dives into jaw-dropping animation, awesome villains, and absolutely incredibly fight choreography.

6 Your Lie In April (8.81)

This show takes an abrupt 180 in tone from the last entry to jump back into the relatively normal world of Your Lie in AprilTalented pianist Kousei Arima drops his love for the instrument after his mother passes away. Years later, still avoiding the piano and living a drab life, Kousei meets a skilled violinist, called Kaori Miyazono.

She reignites his passion for music and the show follows the pair as Kousei learns to live in full technicolor once again. This is a series about learning to heal and learning to accept one's self. It's a heavy, dramatic watch, but it's one that also pays off splendidly, just like how it pays off for our main characters to invest in something that they're passionate about.

5 Haikyuu!! (8.93)

Haikyuu!! is a relatively popular sports anime, and with its many seasons is placed in this list by its highest-scoring season. It follows Shouyou Hinata as he joins his school volleyball club along with his rival Tobio Kageyama.

Together they must work with and learn from each other as they attempt to make their team the best in Japan. It contains a lot of common Shounen tropes, like underdog teams and the power of teamwork and perseverance, but it mixes it all together in a well-paced, fun, and engaging show.

4 Attack On Titan (9.07)

The remainder of the shows on this list are all hugely popular and tend to crop up on most anime recommendations lists, simply because of how high quality they are. Starting out this section is the infamous Attack On TitanIt takes place in a world where humans are trapped behind walls that defend them from giant roving human-eating monsters, called Titans.

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To combat these Titans, our main cast of soldiers wears maneuverability gear that essentially lets them fly around like Spiderman. This unique setting, awesome music, and high stakes make for an instantly compelling hit.

3 Hunter X Hunter (9.12)

Don't be fooled, Hunter x Hunter is nowhere near as childish as the cute designs of its characters may make it seem. Underneath this cheery exterior is a shounen that dives into excruciating detail for its fights, making for deeply thought out and well-reasoned fights and encounters

There's no power of friendship here, it's all about logic and tactics. Across the various arcs, the content of the show and its characters changes dramatically from a tournament arc to one involving giant ants and it maintains its consistent quality throughout. Join Gon and friends and you're unlikely to be disappointed.

2 Gintama (9.12)

This is another show that crops up multiple times in the higher echelons of MyAnimeList, so it has, following convention, been placed by its highest ranking season. Gintama is a show that focuses primarily on comedy. It's filled to the brim with parodies, references and even makes the time to dive into more serious arcs.

It takes place in an alternate reality where Japan has been conquered by aliens and follows the main trio as they take on whatever work they can get their hands on. This open-ended set up leaves room for lots of crazy things to happen. Watch it to find out exactly what that means!

1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (9.23)

And now rounding out the list as the top-rated shounen show ever (at least on MyAnimeList) is the venerable Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It takes place in a world where alchemists exist, people who can, using transmutation circles, transform elements and the world around them.

The main two Elric brothers go on a journey to recover their bodies after an alchemy experiment gone wrong, but this personal focus gradually falls away to reveal a larger nation-wide plot and high octane action. With great fight scenes, lovable characters, and a real sense of going on an epic journey, it's no wonder that this show tops the list.

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