With the box office phenomena of Joker and both Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey achieving varying amounts of success, DC Films seems as though they have found a genuine audience for films based around villains and anti-heroes.

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This opens up an exciting realm of possibilities. DC has been blessed with a wide array of different supervillains from various backgrounds, and so many have the potential for their own genre-bending stories to be told on the silver screen. While it's the case that some may work best as the antagonist in a hero's ongoing saga, many other lesser-known villains could provide audiences with a unique cinematic experience as the lead in their own solo film.

10 Doesn't Need One: Man-Bat

Man-Bat is a fun antagonist for Batman, adding a whole other layer of Gothic horror to the Caped Crusader's already grim milieu. However, a Man-Bat film without the presence of his usual foe in the mix seems as though it wouldn't have much to distinguish it from dozens of other classic horror films about Mad Scientists experiments going awry.

It could possibly work if one added a more lower-tier member of Batman's supporting cast as someone to chase Man-Bat down, like Huntress or Spoiler, but the entire premise has a bit of a worn-out feeling.

9 Needs One: Victor Zsazs

A film centered around Victor Zsasz could be like a version of David Fincher's Se7en set in the DC Universe, which could be pretty exciting.

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Picture this: A series of grisly murders are happening all over Gotham, and with Batman otherwise preoccupied, Police Detective Renee Montoya goes on the hunt for the killer (obviously Zsasz) through Gotham's strange and dangerous criminal underworld, possibly aided by P.I.s like Slam Bradley or Jonny Double. Sounds kind of cool, right?

8 Doesn't Need One: General Wade Eiling

General Wade Eiling, the gung-ho military man who's responsible for numerous anti-metahuman measures taken by the U.S. Government, is a compelling villain. As the lead in his own solo movie though? Probably not the best choice.

This is a character that works primarily as an antagonist rather than a flawed antihero or sympathetic villain. He'd function best as a foil to Amanda Waller in a Suicide Squad movie, or as the main villain in a Captain Atom film.

7 Needs One: Scandal Savage & the Secret Six

The Secret Six could be DC's answer to the Guardians of the Galaxy, as they are a similar (although much more homicidal) band of criminals with a strong family dynamic. While a Suicide Squad movie could potentially have some moments of heart, the bond shared between the various members of the Secret Six offers a wealth of more poignant moments and humor, especially if they pull from Gail Simone's great run on the series.

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The group's flexible roster, which has included popular characters like Deadshot and Bane, could also help anchor this film firmly in the growing DC Cinematic Universe. Group leader Scandal Savage would also be a perfect role for an up-and-coming actress (maybe someone like Alita: Battle Angel's Rosa Salazar?). It would be beyond awesome to see someone like Emily Blunt as the stylish banshee Jeanette.

6 Doesn't Need One: Monsieur Mallah & The Brain

The relationship between the intelligent gorilla Monsieur Mallah and the Brain has been one of the most oddly poignant romances in DC Comics. A shock to readers upon its reveal, the two supervillains have formed a tender and caring relationship over the years.

Unfortunately, a film anchored by a love story between a talking ape and a disembodied maniacal brain may prove a little too "out there" for audiences at the moment, but it would make a great episode of the current Doom Patrol television series.

5 Needs One: The Injustice Society

The evil counterpart to the Golden Age Justice Society of America, an Injustice Society film could provide a unique take on a period of DC history that has yet to be explored on film.

With a roster that includes heavy-hitters like Vandal Savage and Per Degaton, there's a wealth of great and unique characters for talented actors to sink their teeth into. With the Justice Society reportedly making an appearance in the upcoming Black Adam film starring Dwayne Johnson, it would be easy to introduce this villainous group (and maybe even include Black Adam among their membership).

4 Doesn't Need One: The Upside-Down Man

One of the creepier villains introduced by DC from the last several years has been the Upside-Down Man, the mysterious entity that has been plaguing the Justice League Dark.

While he would undoubtedly be a wonderfully creepy character to be seen realized on the big screen, a solo film wouldn't work just yet for him as numerous key details about him have been yet to be revealed. While this isn't necessary to make a compelling cinematic character, a film centered mainly around him may have the unfortunate result of making him seem like a generic movie monster in the vein of the title characters from Slender Man or The Bye-Bye Man.

3 Needs One: Prometheus

This one could be a very cool film. Prometheus was intentionally crafted as a dark parody of Batman, the orphaned son of two hippy spree-killers who traveled the world learning various acts of cruelty and violence from the world's most diabolical criminals.

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With immeasurable wealth, exceptional fighting skills, and tons of high-tech gadgetry, a Prometheus film could play as a subverted Batman movie. While the similarly premised Nemesis by Mark Millar has allegedly been in different stages of pre-production over the years, a movie revolving around Prometheus could beat it to the punch. Maybe DC could even include a heroic character like the Question or Red Hood in a supporting role to match wits with the villain.

2 Doesn't Need One: Court of Owls

The Court of Owls was one of the more popular and entertaining additions to the DC Universe during the New 52 relaunch. The secret society had been involved in Gotham's evolution since its formation centuries ago, and they proved to be a menace to Batman on both a physical and existential level.

However, a film dedicated solely to the Court of Owls wouldn't quite work without Batman playing an equal role. Part of what makes them so thrilling is how much they knock Batman off-kilter on a foundational level, so any other hero wouldn't quite work if they were substituted into the hypothetical film in the Dark Knight's stead.

1 Needs One: Guppy

During his short time appearing as a character, the petty criminal known as Guppy has devastatingly pulled on readers' heartstrings. The hard-luck son of the dying former crime boss/shark-man King Sturgeon, Guppy struggles to live up to his father's infamy and finds his attempts at crime stymied by both his appearance and the low-regard he receives from other criminals.

A film revolving around Guppy could be a cool comic book take on the low-stakes crime-dramas of the 1970s like Mean Streets or The Friends of Eddie Coyle. It could be more of a character study than FX driven extravaganza, and follow the trials and tribulations of Guppy as he tries to ascend the ranks of the criminal hierarchy in Bludhaven.

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