Pisces are very interested in relationships and the emotions that go along with them. They’re a very emotional sign themselves, very focused on being connected with their feelings and with their spirituality. So stories that focus on these themes are especially good for Pisces, who enjoy watching others also go through the trials and happy moments of having relationships.

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They definitely want to avoid movies that are hurtful or feel like they’re putting forth a view of the world that’s cynical and cruel, which are not themes that Pisces like or are interested in. Here are five movies any Pisces would love and five that they would hate.

10 Love: A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice would have just about anyone in tears, but especially a Pisces, which is a very emotional sign anyway. The film follows the story of a young girl, who is deaf, and her childhood bully, as he tries to grow to become a better person and to become a better friend to the young girl he tormented when they were children. The story of redemption and friendship, of acknowledging wrongdoing and trying to make things right, is right up a Pisces’ alley.

9 Hate: When Marnie Was There

This is one of two Studio Ghibli films on this list that Pisces probably won't like, and while the second one is more about its themes and not its quality, When Marnie Was There would probably frustrate a Pisces. In the film, a young girl moves to a lakeside town to live with relatives; she’s lonely and doesn’t have a lot of friends, until she meets a young girl named Marnie who seems to live in an abandoned house. The story seems to imply a romance between these two characters, and it seems like a sweet love story about two lonely people finding comfort and solidarity in each other. But a major twist toward the end of the film kills this vibe and muddies the waters of what the film is trying to do, and the lack of resolution of what is otherwise a beautiful love story would definitely put a Pisces off.

8 Love: Promare

Studio Trigger’s foray into the big-screen, Promare, is a movie about firefighters in mech suits in a world where a percentage of the population is able to create fire out of their own bodies. The film, like much of Trigger’s filmography, is goofy but heartfelt, with an all-in main character bent on being the best firefighter possible and a fire-creating character trying to find peace for his people, who are constantly oppressed because of their abilities.

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The film focuses on the relationship that these two people, with their different skills and life experiences, build in order to take down a totalitarian government looking to destroy the world for its own gain.

7 Hate: Lily C.A.T.

Lily C.A.T. is one of a couple of cyberpunk entries on this list. The film deals with an oppressive state regime in a post-apocalyptic world, where there are lots of people who are also partially cybernetic. This is a pretty regular premise in a lot of anime, and like many of them, it’s a real bummer. A Pisces would have a hard time sitting through this film in which a lot of people try their best to make the world a better place for everyone and fail and die often in the process. It’s probably realistic from that perspective, but it isn’t fun, and the pessimistic bent of it would probably be distasteful to a Pisces.

6 Love: Weathering With You

Weathering with You is one of two films on this list by filmmaker Makoto Shinkai. Shinkai’s focus in his films are on relationships in magical settings, so they all seem a little bit like modern fairy tales. This is, of course, Pisces catnip. Weathering with You is a story about a recently orphaned teenage girl with the power to stop the rain, in a Tokyo where it rains constantly, and a runaway who befriends her and convinces her to use this power to make money to support her and her brother. Of course, there’s a romantic aspect to it, and the lovely ways these kids and the helpful strangers they meet and befriend in a large, uncaring city are incredibly touching.

5 Hate: Akira

Akira is one of the most beloved anime films of all time, so this is definitely an unexpected statement to make. But it is also a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk film, in which a lot of awful things happen to people, many of whom have done nothing to deserve it. Plus, its ending isn’t exactly happy.

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For a Pisces, who is constantly made upset by cruelty in the world, a film like Akira would not be a comfortable watch.

4 Love: Your Name

Your Name is one of the most successful anime films of all time and for good reason. It has an incredible premise, beautiful animation, and a pretty unexpected twist. The relationship between two teenagers who keep switching bodies, and slowly learning to communicate and become friends despite that, and the way their encouragement of each other leads them to try new things and believe in themselves would make a Pisces’ heart swell.

3 Hate: Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a psychological thriller about a pop idol who leaves the idol world to try to pursue a career as an actress. An obsessive fan begins stalking her and slowly murdering everyone around her that he thinks is responsible for the way she’s sullied her own brand. It’s an intense film with an unsettling ending, and its focus on cruelty and the bad ways that people sometimes treat each other would be no fun for a Pisces.

2 Love: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is just the type of story a Pisces would love. Kiki is a young witch who is going out into the world for her witch’s training, in which she will be apart from her family for a year trying to make it on her own.

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The film shows her relying on the kindness of strangers, while at the same time understanding that others maybe aren’t so kind, and needing to really believe in herself and her own abilities in order to get things done.

1 Hate: Grave Of The Fireflies

Anybody, not just a Pisces, would be absolutely devastated by this film. Grave of the Fireflies is a beautiful film about two orphaned children during WWII Japan who are trying their best to survive day to day amidst food shortages and in an environment in which no adult cares about their wellbeing. The story, while important and beautiful, as all Ghibli films are, is also deeply upsetting, and most Pisces would not enjoy watching it.

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