WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Invasion! #1 by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, Greg Pak, Eve L. Ewing, Matt Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Donny Cates, Jason Aaron, Humberto Ramos and Jim Cheung, on sale now

One of the small realities of living on the sentient island nation of Krakoa is that many technological and human developments don't work. This means that a certain number of luxuries that most mutants grew accustomed to on the mainland can't be produced or recreated on the island. But the mutants still need to be connected to the world, so questions about technology like cell phones and computers has been brought up in the background of recent X-Men stories.

But Incoming reveals the sheer lengths that Mister Sinister went to so that the X-Men could have unlimited cable, including invading another dimension and attacking another villain just to get television for the residents of Krakoa - for free.

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If there was anyone who would be capable of bringing television to Krakoa, then it would be Mojo. Mojo was introduced in Longshot #3 by Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams as the worst television producer in the Marvel multiverse. A demented monster and one of the "Spineless Ones,"  Mojo is the ruler of the Mojoverse, one of the many dimensions within the Marvel Universe. Mojo has enslaved his world and turned the denizens of it into hapless slaves - all addicted to the absurd (and often hyperviolent) television that he produces.

He's the archnemesis of Longshot, who is actually one of the artificial people that were grown in the Mojoverse as slaves. He has also been a frequent enemy of the X-Men as a whole over the years. Their exploits have become the fodder for many hit shows in the Mojoverse, leading him to try and capture many members of the team so he can continue to sink them into more and more of his shows. Mojo has an entire army at his beck and call and can prove surprising dangerous when he needs to be.

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However, Mister Sinister's desire for high-quality television means he's more than willing to target Mojo. Easily bored, Sinister decided he couldn't live another day without watching the human news - mainly for entertainment purposes. He's shown invading the Mojoverse and attacking people like Longshot until Krakoa is given the access to the entirety of cable television. Sinister even demands that it cost them nothing.  Mojo makes sure the fight is being recorded but seems to agree and give over television for the denizens of Krakoa. He even mentions that he's brought the television to the masses of Krakoa, meaning he's actually sharing the technology with the rest of mutant-kind. Mister Sinister is (of course) bored almost immediately by the cable news circuit, and soon shifts back to his plans to toy with the genetics of the future of mutant-kind.

While this development for Sinister hints at his desire to gain genetic material from Franklin Richards (likely moving characters into place for the upcoming X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover "Mutant Agenda"), it also suggests that Mojo now has a connection to Krakoa. It's unlikely that he if started having Mister Sinister recorded, that he ever stopped recording. If television is coming into the island, then it potentially could be coming out as well. The X-Men have always been popular in the Mojoverse, and here they all are in one place. If particular parties were to find out about such a way to peer into the secret plans of the X-Men - like Xeon for example - then Mojo and his surveillance could become a major player going forward in the battles to come.

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