Of all the incarnations of Godzilla, the most destructively villainous is the version of the kaiju in Toho Animation and Netflix's trilogy of anime films. This depiction of Godzilla has the behemoth in clear opposition to humanity, with the entire planet ravaged by the fruitless attempts by mankind to save the Earth from Godzilla's never-ending rampage. The second film in the trilogy, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, had humanity desperately try to revive a newer, bigger version of Mechagodzilla to combat the kaiju in an epic last stand.

Here is a quick history on Mechagodzilla, the continuity of the Netflix original anime trilogy and its incarnation of the robotic kaiju.

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After middling audience reception to the newly added Godzilla antagonists, Megalon and Gigan, Toho decided to capitalize on the surge in popularity to robot anime at the time. Taking inspiration from Mechani-Kong, a robotic antagonist for King King created by Toho in 1967's King Kong Escapes, the studio created Mechagodzilla, a robotic doppelgänger of Godzilla created and controlled by aliens planning to invade Earth, debuting in 1974's aptly titled Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

Standing as tall as Godzilla, the chrome villain could fire various lasers and beams, fly through the use of rockets in its feet and launch rockets from its fingertips. The critical and commercial success prompted Toho to bring back the kaiju for an immediate sequel in 1975's Terror of Mechagodzilla while subsequent live-action reboots of the cinematic franchise would each see their own incarnations of Mechagodzilla, with the rebooted Mechagodzilla constructed by the Japanese military to stop the more antagonistic Godzilla.

Toho Animation's trilogy of Netflix original anime films began in 2017 with Godzilla: Planet of Monsters, the first-ever animated film in the franchise. Produced with Polygon Pictures, the film has kaiju rise up around the Earth on the final summer of the 20th century. Godzilla reigns supreme after eradicating his fellow kaiju and drives humanity to the verge of extinction through his unstoppable rampages.

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Two advanced alien races come to Earth to offer assistance, providing a safe haven for the last remnants of humanity in space. Believing the planet to be a prime location of colonization, the aliens plan to use Mechagodzilla only for it be destroyed before activation. Returning to Earth 20,000 years after the initial defeat, humanity and the aliens discover the planet has changed due to Godzilla's reign while the kaiju has grown even larger and more powerful.

After their first plan to reclaim Earth from Godzilla fails disastrously, humanity and the aliens discover that the nanotechnology used to create the first Mechagodzilla 20,000 years ago has quietly spread in the following millennia around the planet. The expedition learns that the faction of humanity that remained on Earth rather than resort to exile with the aliens now lives in the facility that originally housed Mechagodzilla which has since been dubbed Mechagodzilla City, the robotic kaiju now a sprawling, metallic metropolis.

Discovering that the surviving half of the original Mechagodzilla's head is responsible for the spread of the nanotechnology, the aliens merge with the city itself to boost its power after it is revealed a kaiju stronger than Godzilla known as Ghidorah destroyed their home planet. While Godzilla survives an initial trap set using the city's nanotechnology, the humans learn a prolonged conflict against the kaiju will cause Mechagodzilla City to consume the Earth. In order to save the Earth and win on their own terms, several humans render the nanotechnology inert before Godzilla frees himself and destroys the city, and one of his greatest and oldest enemies, once and for all.

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