Tite Kubo's hit anime Bleach is known for its colorful cast of characters, and many of its villains are truly legendary. The traitor Captain Sosuke Aizen schemes to fill the heavens' vacant throne and become a god, and he has assembled an army of arrancars to enforce his will.

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Chief among them are the Espadas, the top ten arrancars, ranked #1-10. Espada #9, or the Noveno Espada, is the bizarre Aaroniero Arrururie. He's an oddity even in this bunch, and his character has all kinds of secrets for discerning readers to check out. In the lore, he fought only one major battle against Rukia in Hueco Mundo, and that was enough to show us what a cool character he is. Here are ten more things you ought to know about him.

10 He Represents Gluttony

During the development of Bleach, author Tite Kubo considered creating seven Espadas, each one based on the seven deadly sins. Later, he changed his mind and created ten to mirror the ten remaining Captains.

Still, the "sins" theme carried over, and Aaroniero represents gluttony, since his power allows him to eat any number of hollows and absorb their power. So far, according to him, he has eaten 33,650 of them!

9 His Asymmetrical Body

Even among the arrancars, Aaroniero has a strange body, and this makes him stand out. All arrancars have a hollow hole on their body, and of all places, Aaroniero's hollow hole is on his thigh, well out of sight.

That, and his heads look different from each other, and his zanpakuto is actually a tentacled mouth that replaces his left hand. The zanpakuto he used against Rukia was really Kaien's, not his own. No arrancar has a shikai, after all. But Aaroniero can steal one!

8 He Can Keep Growing

How powerful is Aaroniero? He's not only powerful enough to join the elite Espadas, but his potential is unlimited. He started off as a lowly gillian-class Menos, contrasting with the adjuchas and vasto lorde Espadas, but he can keep eating to gain more power.

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If left unchecked, Aaroniero could become almost infinitely powerful, and imagine what he would be like if he ate one million hollows? Fortunately, Rukia killed him in their duel, so Aaroniero will never reach that point. But it's a scary thought all the same.

7 His Tank Head

Seriously, what's up with that noggin? Aaroniero has a glass flask on his shoulders, and both of his real heads float inside like lab specimens. No one, not even the arrancar scientist Szayelaporro, knows what that fluid is made of.

But it does help Aaroniero breathe, and he suffocated and died when Rukia shattered the glass and spilled the contents. He's kind of like a fish tank on legs, if you think about it.

6 His Acting Skills

How does Aaroniero know all those details bout Kaien and Rukia's past? Easy: he ate the hollow that fused with Kaien, and gained access to Kaien's memories. From there, fooling Rukia was a cinch.

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But those are just memories. Aaroniero has to sell it too, and he sure did. He's got some theater-worthy acting skills to deceive Rukia like that and imitate the Soul Reaper she admired, and she barely noticed when Aaroniero struck at her suddenly. But Aaroniero made one mistake: he asked Rukia to kill her friends, something totally out of character.

5 A Split Personality

Somehow, some way, Aaroniero is a hollow with two heads, and they look different from each other. They even have different voices, with one having a deep man's voice and the other having a young woman's voices. Spooky!

They act differently as well, where the lower head cried out in panic and pleaded with Aizen to come to the rescue (which he certainly didn't). The other head, by contrast, merely cursed darkly and then dissolved into dust.

4 He's An Old Espada

Aaroniero is not the newest member to join the Espadas. In fact, he is the oldest among them, and he belonged to the mysterious first generation of this group. The privaron Espadas also came from an earlier time, and Aaroniero might have been their peer.

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What prompted Aaroniero to join up, and what was his original rank? He's now #9, since stronger arrancars have been formed. But at some point, perhaps he was more like #4 or even #1! He must feel bitter about this demotion.

3 He's Cruel And Cocky

When the Kaien Shiba disguise fell, Aaroniero showed his true personality, which is anything but a savory one. He is quite confident and arrogant, shouting in glee about his unlimited growth potential and his worthiness of being an Espada.

Aaroniero badly wounded Rukia during their battle, but he foolishly brought her too close to his face in order to taunt her. Rather than deliver the final blow, he mocked Rukia's desperate attempt to strike back, and this gave Rukia a chance to form an ice sword. With it, she turned the tables.

2 He Can Use Mental Tricks

Aaroniero can morph his head into that of any hollow that he's eaten, and once he ate metastacia, that included Kaien, too. He did this to try and trick Rukia into killing her friends, making his job easier.

Failing that, Aaroniero kept up the mental pressure, and he still had Rukia half convinced that he really was a reborn Kaien Shiba. This hampered Rukia's fighting ability, even when she used her shikai. This is why Rukia blew a hole in the wall to expose her enemy to sunlight and see his true colors.

1 His Namesake

How do you come up with a name like Aaroniero Arrururie, anyway? Tite Kubo likes to use patterns and themes when designing groups of characters, and in this case, he named the Espadas after architects and interior designers. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra were named this way.

And so was Aaroniero, who is named after the Finnish interior designer Eero Aarnio. He designed innovative furniture in the 1960s, such as the bubble chair. He even designed a table shaped like a giant screw! He's still active today, and has his own website.

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