Some may think that only American adult animated shows such as Family Guy, South Park, and the recently created Big Mouth on Netflix could win the award for the crudest, most inappropriate, but very hilarious animated series created. However, the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt could take the cake with possible being the crudest adult animated series ever created.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was produced by the Japanese anime studio, Gainax. This series is about two fallen angels who were kicked out of Heaven due to bad behavior. The Anarchy Sisters, Panty and Stocking. With the help of their guardian the reverend Garterbelt, Panty and Stocking must defeat demons (a.k.a "Ghost") as a way to get back into Heaven. Many may think that there is a lot wrong with this anime, but it feels so right watching it. To satisfy your guilty pleasure here are 10 hilarious jokes you missed in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.


After being kicked out of Heaven, Panty, and Stocking were sent to the city of Daten with Garterbelt to look after them. Daten City is filled with Ghosts for the angels to destroy. The city being called Daten is funny because of it being a pun on the word datenshi.

Datenshi is a Japanese word that means "fallen angel." All because of the name, Daten City is the perfect place for sex-addicted and sweet-tooth glutinous angels to fight evil and earn their way back into Heaven.


From the names of the main characters being Panty, Stocking, and Gartbelt, it's obvious that the theme they're going for is lingerie and undergarments. After the first episode, another character named Brief "Briefers" Rock became part of Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt's team.

For those familiar with this anime, many may think that he is named Brief because of his sometimes brief appearances in the episodes. But then realizing that briefs are also a type of underwear is another explanation for why he is named that. He also has a crush on Panty which makes the whole situation even funnier. Panty and Briefers are meant to be together.


Chuck is a little green dog with zippers on his body that resembles GIR from Invader Zim. He is Panty and Stocking's pet/sidekick. He is constantly being abused by everyone; especially Panty and Stocking throughout the anime. Things happen quickly in each episode, so it is sometimes hard to pay attention to each unfortunate thing that happens to Chuck.

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Chuck gets struck by lightning often, and him getting struck by lightning is a way for the girls to receive clues from Heaven about Ghosts. When he gets struck by lightning it happens so quickly that it's possible to miss. When you do catch it, it's one of the funniest things that occur in this anime.


Honekoneko is Stocking's cat stuffed animal that she carries around with her a lot. Honekoneko, which is a Japanese word that means "Bone Kitten," is a purple stuffed cat with half of its face missing on one side. Since Honekoneko isn't confirmed to be alive, it's hilarious when you notice that its facial expression changes to match Stocking's mood at the moment.

It isn't always noticeable because of how small Honekoneko is and how fast-paced the episodes are, but when you do catch its different facial expressions, it's a fun surprise.


In episode two, part one titled "The Turmoil of The Beehive," Stocking and Panty are at Daten City High School to catch a Ghost. During a scene in the episode, the two angels are in a sex education class. This is a typical setting of a high school sex-ed class with the school's coach teaching the class and promoting abstinence as aggressive as possible.

This is a funny joke because the coach tells the students that if they have sex they will die no matter what. The coach even hands Panty a condemn to use but still tells her she's going to die.


In the same episode, Panty and Stocking battles the "Queen Bee" of Daten City High. She is introduced by Brief running with one of her beehives on his head and a bunch of bees swarming around him. After running into Panty and Stocking in the hallway, the queen of the school while sitting on her thrown is then carried in.

Her name is Barby and she immediately insults the angels. Panty makes fun of her for referring to herself as Barbie, the "outdated fetish doll..." Stocking then says that she is "allergic to plastic." What a great comeback.


When television shows and animated series remind the viewers that they're watching something that isn't really in an obvious way, it can either be really funny or really annoying. In this case, it came off as really funny. In episode seven, part one titled "Trans-homers," Brief made it obvious that this is an animated show.

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This episode is a parody of Transformers and Stocking and Panty turn into alien robots by eating the hearts of the alien robots that came to earth. While Panty and Stocking are fighting each other because of a sibling feud, the two alien robots decide to call it a truce. Brief tells the robots that working side by side as friends will make everything cool, and then states "I bet that's this week's moral."


In part two of the same episode, a hilarious joke is made at the beginning of the episode. Garterbelt is furious with Panty and Stocking for spending money on useless items. The first thing Garteblet tells them is that they need to stop spending money on b.s.

He continues by saying "You're angels, not hipsters." This joke is definitely a burn of hipsters, who are known to not be liked by many in this society. Garterbelt speaks very fast, so it's easy to miss some of his jokes. This is a joke that is said quickly, but once you catch it you'll laugh your socks off. However, if you're a hipster you may not see the humor in it.


If you have seen the GhostBusters movies, you know that Brief's outfit is something right out of the movie. His outfit consists of a green jumpsuit with his ghost-catching backpack and headphones. The only thing missing is the famous ghostbusters logo.

But if they added that then it's possible that a few Copywrite laws would have taken effect. To keep it original while still parodying Ghostbusters, Brief has a big smiley face on the back of his backpack. What also makes this joke funny is that the face on Brief's backpack also changes faces to match his mood, just like how Honekoneko changes its face to match Stocking.


Throwing another television series reference in a joke is always the best when you catch it. After defeating a Ghost during an episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Brief and Garterbelt are seen together talking with Panty and Stocking standing in front of them looking up at the sky.

Garterbelt quotes something from God which turns out to be a quote from the Star Trek character Spock. Garterbelt quotes," As the good Lord says "You are also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours." Brief then tells him that it was actually Spock who said that.

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