In the past decade, Marvel and DC have both undergone radical changes to their respective universes. While some changes have been far more drastic than others, they are almost always brought about by a giant crossover event featuring all sorts of other characters and titles.

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While that is not always the case, there have certainly been some big crossover events within the past 10 years especially. Going back through some of the bigger and better series, here is our list (in no particular order) of the 10 best comic crossover events of the decade.

10 Superman Reborn

Following the New 52 and towards the start of Rebirth, Superman was in a very weird place in the DC universe. After the death of the main New 52 Superman, the Pre-Flashpoint version of the character was once again the main Superman of the universe, this time with a wife and child.

However, the inclusion of the new Superman left a lot of issues as he tried to replace the former Clark Kent. Because of this, Superman Reborn served as a way to merge the two characters into one continuity, so that the Pre-Flashpoint version of the character was once again the main version since the start of the New 52. While it still made a lot of things confusing in terms of continuity, it was still a major change that was welcomed by many long-time DC Comics fans.


Towards the start of the decade, Avengers vs X-Men did a lot to change the course of the Marvel universe. With the impending return of the Phoenix Force, both groups battled each other over differing opinions on how to handle the matter. Both sides ended up dealing a lot of devastation, fracturing relationships between them for several years and regressing the X-Men’s progress in terms of public opinion.

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This event also saw the death of Charles Xavier, dividing the X-Men even further and leading several teams on their own paths. Furthermore, considering all the individuals involved, it makes sense that so many titles were included in the massive event. While not every series altered the course of the narrative overall, the main series is still one of the better events Marvel has put out in recent years.

8 Dark Nights: Metal

Building on the events from his time on the main Batman title, author Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo delivered one of the biggest DC events to date. Once Batman is tricked into opening a portal to the Dark Multiverse, several evil versions of himself emerge, causing all kinds of devastating destruction for the DC universe.

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As the series went on, the crossovers provided an inside look as to how certain things changed, while also giving intel on how certain actions were accomplished. Furthermore, the events of Dark Nights: Metal continue to have an effect on a variety of DC titles, making it one of the most notable events in recent memory.

7 Secret Wars

Towards the start of the decade, author Johnathan Hickman began building one of the most incredible runs on Avengers to date. Alongside his Fantastic Four series, Hickman’s work eventually built to the massive Secret Wars event that merged the main Marvel Universe with the Ultimate one, setting the universe on an entirely new path.

Of course, with an event this massive, virtually every character was affected in some way. Though few series actually stopped their current stores to tie in with the event, several other Battleworld series were launched to fill readers in on specific characters during this time. Currently, Hickman appears to be giving the X-Men a similar treatment, giving readers a lot to look forward to going into the start of a new decade.

6 Drowned Earth

For as big as Drowned Earth was in terms of scale, it seems to be a forgotten event, despite how recent it is. The interesting thing about the event though is that it is technically split into two parts, with Sink Atlantis involving Aquaman and The Suicide Squad and Drowned Earth involving Aquaman and Justice League.

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The entire event also served as the conclusion to author Dan Abnett’s incredible run on Aquaman making it a great way for the author to make his exit. With Kelly Sue Deconnick currently at the helm of Aquaman, Drowned Earth is a great read for any fan of the character that just so happens to involve a wide cast as well.

5 Damnation

As one of his earliest projects at Marvel Comics, author Donny Cates delivered one of the best magic-themed events in years. Centered mostly around Doctor Strange, Damnation is centered around a showdown between the Sorcerer Supreme and the powerful demon, Mephisto. For how great the event is, it does feature some surprising guests in terms of the crossover.

For example, the Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider and Iron Fist series both played a role in the event. While it makes sense for Ghost Rider to have had an impact, the role from these two was a bit more surprising. Granted, everyone felt as though they played their part well, and the entire event is very worthy of the praise it has received.

4 Death of the Family

As one of the strongest points in his entire Batman run, Scott Snyder introduced readers to an entirely new perspective on Batman’s relationship with the Joker during the Death of the Family event. After removing his face and disappearing for about a year, the Joker stikes at Batman and other members of the Bat-Family in a very devastating way.

Aside from providing one of the darkest looks at the Joker yet, the entire Bat-Family was fractured following this storyline. Even several years after its conclusion, Death of the Family is still considered a must read alongside almost everything else Snyder has done for the character. As a result, it is safe to assume that Death of the Family will continue to hold its very high status in Batman’s history for many more years as well.

3 Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse is arguably the biggest crossover event ever centered on the character. Featuring almost every version of Spider-Man ever imagined, Spider-Verse was so popular that it was even adapted into a feature film. Though the two plotlines are radically different, it shows just how popular the concept of Spider-Verse truly was.

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Not only did the series deliver Earth-threatening stakes involving every version of Spider-Man, but it is also a great celebration of the character overall. Seeing Spider-Man’s impact in other worlds emphasizes just how important and inspiring the character can actually be, making it easy to see why Spider-Verse lands on this list.

2 Rebirth

Like the New 52, Rebirth isn’t exactly an event in the traditional sense. However, Like Marvel’s Secret Wars, this massive shift in direction for DC had a major effect on every single title going forward. Thankfully, Rebirth paid off for DC, as almost every title that launched with the banner was excellent.

While some have since been cancelled or come to a close, Rebirth succeeded in supplying fans with everything that was missing from the New 52. Furthermore, the introduction of the Watchmen characters into the main DC mythos was a very welcome tactics that almost every fan was excited to see. Though not every series was as successful as others, Rebirth was easily one of DC’s best decisions within the last decade.

1 Absolute Carnage

Having recently concluded, Absolute Carnage proved to be one of the best Marvel crossover events in recent memory. As the iconic Spider-Man villain makes a return, he sets his sights on everyone in the Marvel universe who has ever hosted a symbiote. In order to stop him, it is up to Venom, Peter Parker and Miles Morales to work together before Carnage succeeds.

Absolute Carnage is not only a great Spider-Man story (even though its more Venom's story), but also a great event overall. It is well balanced, features tie-ins that are good, but not too important to the main story, and ends with a satisfying conclusion. Once again, Donny Cates proves just how talented he truly is, giving Marvel a bright future for the next decade.

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