WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

With Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the Young Justice franchise, officially wrapped, our heroes are finally looking towards tomorrow with a sense of optimism and hope. The metahuman trafficking ring has seemingly been stopped, with the Justice League's civil war apparently patched up too, thanks to Black Lightning taking the reins.

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Of course, there are still issues to address, such as Geo-Force's betrayal, not to mention Vandal Savage's Light and Darkseid still in cahoots after working out their own differences regarding Granny Goodness. With that in mind, let's look at what we'd love to see in the fourth season of the hit cartoon.

Outsiders had Granny Goodness working on Earth, as well as in Darkseid's Orphanage, to harness metahuman weapons and mine the Anti-Life Equation. We also saw the Furies under Granny's mentorship, as well as Orion and the Forever People, but, despite that, both New Genesis and Apokolips weren't explored much.

We're hoping both planets are fleshed out more, especially the dynamic between Orion and High Father, as well as how they intend to deal with the likes of Steppenwolf, Kalibak and, now, Desaad (who looks like he's gotten a promotion). Big Barda is already considering switching allegiances after Superman saved her in battle, so once she defects and becomes a face, that'll pave the way for Scott Free aka Mister Miracle to enter the fray. It's about time the New Gods are shown in more than glorified cameos.

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This season made Conner Kent a bit-part player, except for when he lashed out at Miss Martian for once more manipulating teammates as part of the arrangement with Batman Inc. Most of his time was spent in the background, serving as den father to the Outsiders but that was basically it. While he babysat, Nightwing, Kaldur and Artemis all got prominent roles, so it's about time Conner got to showcase in full the leadership he displayed at the end of the season.

We'd love to see Kon-El, who's grown leaps and bounds from a petulant CADMUS experiment, become a focal point. He's outed himself as Lex's genetic son, so, hopefully, with this and the haven he created with Dubbilex to house aliens on Earth, he'll get to lead his own squad on a regular basis. It would be a nice change of pace if the Legion of Super Heroes arc teased at the end of Outsiders opted to focus on Kon-El rather than on Superman, which feels done to death. This would be the ideal way to truly position Conner as a new Man of Steel.

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We barely heard Darkseid speak this season, which really disappointed fans as he was touted as the big bad of the trafficking scheme Vandal was orchestrating. All he did was smirk and smile, with Vandal doing most of the talking, and so, we really couldn't differentiate this Darkseid from all the other animated versions of the villain.

Season 4 needs to unleash him, not just in a speaking role, but physically to give him a more intimidating air. We want to see him torturing folks like Granny for failing him, sending stern warnings via speeches to enemies and insubordinates, and throwing down, maybe even killing a hero or two, to show he's all business and someone who represents death when you cross him. A more ruthless Darkseid would freshen up the series a lot and confirm Metron's warning that he's a tyrant of action, not just words.

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Batman Inc. boasted the Dark Knight, Tim Drake/Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl this season, operating in secret with Kaldur, Wonder Woman and Miss Martian. While Black Lightning took over and made it clear he wanted transparency, that doesn't mean such sub-cells should be taken off the table. Other splinter teams besides the Outsiders would definitely make the show multi-dimensional and gift fringe characters with time in the limelight.

Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, Harper Row, Duke Thomas and Luke Fox are a few examples for Batman Inc. Also, a supernatural squad along the lines of Justice League Dark could be worked in, especially as Zatanna's evolved into a senior member in the League. An iteration of the Justice Society of America can be featured as well, which could help combat Geo-Force's renewed alliance with Helga Jace and the Light, who planted Infinity Inc. in Markovia via the Bad Samaritan.

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This "Is Wally alive or dead?" arc is dragging, and we need to have some resolution, once and for all. Outsiders hinted he was still alive when Zatanna admitted she couldn't get his soul for Artemis to converse with, so fans are continuing to build theories he might be trapped in the Speed Force following the end of the Invasion arc.

It's tiring seeing Nightwing and Artemis guilting themselves for his death, though, so the show needs to let the speedster rest in peace or bring him back. Bart Allen/Impulse didn't say if he was dead in the future, but we're just begging for closure so these key characters can move on. Artemis is already attracted to Roy Harper's clone, Will, so it'd be nice giving her freedom and cutting loose from this burden rather than having her suffering on the inside, torturing herself over something she wasn't responsible for.

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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