WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Granny Goodness has been one of the biggest mysteries throughout the course of Young Justice: Outsiders. In "Influence," she hinted there was more to her than meets the eye as we saw two versions of the tyrant -- one in her Apokoliptian armor on the Orphanage and the other on Earth as Gretchen Goode, running a Hollywood studio as a human executive.

The one on Earth could've been a clone, a shapeshifter or even a robot of some sort. However, we discover the truth behind her as Season 3 concludes, and it comes down to the technology she's been using to spread Darkseid's word.

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When Vic Stone levels up to essentially become a new version of the Grid, he tracks Granny down using his ability to become one with the Internet. A brawl ensues when he, Beast Boy and the rest of the Outsiders confront her as they're looking for Halo, who's been weaponized into an avatar for the Anti-Life Equation.

Cyborg destroys Overlord, the machine controlling the Ghost Dimension and the X-Pit Gretchen has been using to submit people to Darkseid's will, while his teammates restrain Gretchen physically. Beast Boy, Kid Flash (Bart Allen) and Wonder Girl beat her down, and Gretchen teleports out of the battle site via Boom Tube after Cyborg uses Blue Beetle to help him destroy Overlord. Since Vic is a walking Boom Tube, due to his Father Box tech and Metron's chair, he latches onto her signal and transports to the Orphanage too.

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Vic sees the two versions of Granny merging again, and he realizes his hunch was right: Overlord kept two "distinct" Grannies alive so that one could rule on the Orphanage and the other could act as an infiltrator of the Light back home. The X-Pit helped facilitate this split personality, with Granny being more violent and unforgiving on the Orphanage and the lighter side being the person who wooed actors in the entertainment industry and sweet-talked folks into buying a VR headset for mental conditioning.

Cyborg helps free Halo, who then cures the Justice League and the Outsiders trapped in Granny's warship. However, after Halo pummels Granny (who's one person again), the villain Boom Tubes out, warning them of a dire threat to come, which can only mean Darkseid. While she thinks she escaped, Granny's failure is rewarded with punishment in the season finale, where Vandal Savage informs the Light he brokered a treaty with Darkseid that will see them once more partnering to enslave the galaxy. With this civil war over, we see Desaad torturing Granny for her failure in the background.

Clearly, Darkseid didn't like her not telling Vandal Savage about how they were using Halo to harness the Anti-Life Equation, and he's taking his frustrations out on Granny. In his mind, there were two of her, and her utter incompetence lost Halo, got Overlord destroyed and allowed the heroes to find out more insight into what they could do on their crusade to conquer the cosmos.

While she'll almost certainly get a chance to atone, it remains to be seen how she'll react with her company on Earth is already in panic mode, dubbing the footage Vic captured of her merging into one as fake news. Her lawyers are ready to prove she's not an alien but while they disprove that evidence, the League and Outsiders are already planning for when she -- and her potential copies -- inevitably return to get Earth and other worlds to submit to her master's will.

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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