Of all the X-Men, Storm is easily one of the coolest, and her outfit choices often compliment her unique abilities and awesome character. She's been a leader, a teacher, and an all-round X-Men legend, and having a look that symbolizes her greatness is an important trait that makes her who she is.

Ororo Munroe has had plenty of unique costumes ever since her first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975. Some have been beyond awesome, but there have been a handful of odd choices that don't work at all. With that in mind, we look at Storm's 5 fiercest costumes, as well as 5 we can't stand.

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10 Worst: Grey Costume

Throughout the X-Men comics, the mutants have often worn costumes that match with the era in which they were written, and, in the late 1980s, Storm opted for one that saw her wear a full grey outfit complete with puffy sleeves and a flowing cape that split into two parts.

Her chest was emblazoned with a lightning bolt, but it was her hair that did her no favors. Whilst relatively long on top, the sides of her head were shaved, making her look more like a member of the Peaky Blinders than the X-Men. With her powers regained, it was nowhere near as empowering as some of her other looks.

9 Best: Punk Rock Costume

In Uncanny X-Men #173, Storm showed up with a brand new look that has become one of her best, as well as a firm fan favorite. After spending some time in Tokyo with Yukio after being in space, her attitude had changed. She became a real badass, and her new outfit reflected that. She became punk in the best way possible.

She now had a Mohawk and wore tight leather pants with a fitted vest. On top of that, she also wore a sleeveless leather jacket which she had won from the leader of the Morlocks, Callisto. She also went on to wear some awesome yellow lightning bolt earrings, topping off the look beautifully.

8 Worst: Schoolgirl Costume

When it comes to tasteless outfits, her schoolgirl look from X-Treme X-Men #23 has to be one of the worst. When Emma Frost became a leader of the Xavier Institute, she thought it would be a great idea to make Storm wear a hideous schoolgirl outfit that demeaned Ororo Munroe.

It may have been lined with coding on a molecular level to identify Storm as a senior member of staff, but the tight top showing off her midriff and an awfully short miniskirt and high boots made her look like something from a teenager's fantasy as opposed to a member of one of the most powerful superhero teams of all time.

7 Best: Yukio's Christmas Gift Costume

When X-Treme X-Men debuted, a brand new look for many of the X-Men came with it, and Storm managed to blend sexy, stylish and empowering all at once. The X-Men were on the hunt for Destiny's diaries, and, while tracking them down, Ororo Munroe opted to wear her Christmas gift from Yukio.

It was a black bathing suit complete with a yellow lightning bolt that showed off her thighs along with a flowing red, black, and gold cape and long stiletto boots. Not only that, but her flowing white hair was complemented by a tiara. She also wore her mother's ruby and had the signature X placed on her chest.

6 Worst: Goddess Of Thunder Costume

Storm has always been a fierce dresser when she's been allowed to design her own outfits, but, when it comes to a being who is endowed with mischief and power, it doesn't turn out as well. When Loki decides we wants to use Ororo Munroe as a new Goddess of Thunder, he bestows upon her the power of Thor.

Whilst she didn't have her elemental powers any more, she became stronger through different methods, but her outfit wasn't a success. She wore a black suit with big shoulder pads and far too much gold jewelry with a plunging neckline held together by string. It wasn't flattering, and certainly not fitting for a God.

5 Best: Wakandan Queen Costume

There have been different outfits worn whilst married to T'Challa, but her outfit when returning to the X-Men in Astonishing X-Men #25 was stunning. Now a queen, the X-men welcome her into their new home of San Francisco, and Simone Bianchi's artwork does her justice in making her both regal and powerful.

Now wearing a black headdress and thick black choker complete with her mother's red ruby, Storm arrives in spectacular fashion. Ororo also wears a white bodysuit with a small white cape, as well as a black ring that ties it all together. Along with her gold and purple earrings and golden X on her chest, there's no denying she's a great fit for royalty.

4 Worst: Blue And Yellow Costume

The X-Men have always been about unity—facing the enemy together as a team—and showing a united front against the world. When they decide to wear a similar outfit that showcases their beliefs, they don't look good on everyone. After recently reuniting, the team decided to don the blue and yellow costumes to represent them standing together as one.

Whilst characters like Jubilee and Wolverine look good in the outfit, it never really suits Storm. She deserves to showcase her individuality, and, after seeing many different outfits that work really well, this one just doesn't. In the outfit, she wears yellow gloves and boots as well as a full bodysuit with a red belt that has the black X in the middle.

3 Best: Jim Lee Costume

Once again, Storm's individuality shines in this costume designed by legendary artist Jim Lee. When the X-Men reformed and split up into two groups, Storm was responsible for the Gold team, and with it came this stunning black and grey bodysuit. Her hair was flowing once more, and everything about it was fierce.

To go with the bodysuit came a stunning cape that was attached to her wrists by gold bracelets and her collar by two big red pads detailed with the familiar X logo. Everything was more streamlined, and it resembled armor more than a bad 80s dress. It was one of her longest-serving outfits, and it's easy to see why.

2 Worst: Red Leather Costume

Sometimes you need to go undercover, but when it entails looking like Storm did in X-Treme X-Men #36, it's probably a good idea to come up with another plan. Storm and Yukio have to help the Russian government by infiltrating "the arena," and, in doing so, dress up with every possible asset on show.

What makes this so bad is the tight red leather bodysuit, with her chest practically bulging out, and an awful red wig. There seems to be a real focus on close-ups of her breasts and bottom in the issue, and it's a little unsettling. It's understandable that they need to remain in disguise, but it's off-putting. At least they seem to have a great time in the club.

1 Best: Black & Gold Costume

When Storm joined the X-Men, she was given her first ever costume. The original Storm outfit was one of her greatest, and over the years she's adapted it in numerous ways to make it fresh. It was a black and gold bikini held together by a gold ring, also including a black cape with gold trim, gold bracelets, thigh-high boots, and a black tiara.

Perhaps the best version of the black and gold costume came when she opted for a top that had long sleeves which exposed her neckline and a gold trim along the top and the waist. It is easily her most iconic and has been adapted countless times in the comics ever since her debut back in Giant Size X-Men #1.

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