One of the most powerful entities in all the Marvel universe is the Phoenix Force. Wild and out of control, this being of pure energy has attached itself to many of Earth's greatest heroes (most of them being X-Men).

Although one might think a hero being in control of all this power may be a good thing, but that never seems to be the case. In reality, the Phoenix Force corrupts its hosts and influences them to commit horrible acts. There have been many terrible hosts for the Phoenix Force during its long history. Here are the top ten worst hosts for the Phoenix Force ever.

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10 Professor X

Although he committed no horrible acts as the Phoenix, Professor X's run as the host for this cosmic power was a short one. What makes him one of the worst hosts for the Phoenix wasn't necessarily anything he did, but rather how his reign as Phoenix was written.

After dying during an outer space adventure with the Starjammers, the space-pirate team decided to use the Phoenix Force to resurrect their fallen ally. As if another Professor X resurrection wasn't lame enough, he also came back as the Bald Phoenix. Yes, that's right. They called him the Bald Phoenix.

9 Quentin Quire

The young Quentin Quire is described as being destined to possess the Phoenix Force. He is even once visited by a "future" version of himself that is one with the phoenix. Although this prophecy is long talked about, Quentin never quite lives up to his full potential.

At times he has possessed small fragments of the Phoenix, but these moments are always short-lived. Endowed with boundless power and limitless potential, Quire has been nothing but a disappointment to the X-Men, and by far one of the worst wielders of the Phoenix Force.

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8 Stepford Cuckoos

A portion of the Phoenix Force was absorbed by all three of the Stepford Cuckoo sisters. As their abilities continued to develop, the sister learned that they could seel the cosmic force away within their hearts, keeping it from harming or possessing anyone else.

Although they technically possessed this mystical cosmic energy, the sisters barely used the Phoenix. Even their attempt to house the force within themselves ended in failure, as the Phoenix eventually broke free from within them and returned to the cosmos, searching for another host.

7 Storm

In an interesting What If? story, Marvel's writers decided to change the events that originally bonded the Phoenix Force to Jean Grey. Instead of taking Jean Grey, the cosmic entity instead decides to use Storm as its new host.

After combining with the Phoenix, Storm seemingly becomes more powerful than the Jean Grey Phoenix ever was. As happens with most fictional characters endowed with limitless power, Storm slowly becomes corrupted. She eventually takes over the world and tries to shape it in her own image. Although she is eventually defeated by the X-Men, this Phoenixstorm was quite a problem and a horrible host for the Phoenix.

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6 Colossus and Magik

During the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, the Phoenix Force was split into five different parts. Each of these splintered pieces of the Phoenix joins with a different mutant on the side of the X-Men. These individuals became known as the Phoenix Five. Two of the mutant possessed were Colossus and Magik.

Although the brother and sister combo received a massive power boost from the Phoenix, they didn't do much with this power once they got it. During a fight with some Avengers, Spider-Man was able to manipulate them into fighting each other, leading them to defeating each other and losing their Phoenix powers.

5 Namor

Another member of the Phoenix Five, Namor used his power to commit some horrible acts. Most notably, he used this power to destroy Wakanda. The technologically advanced city was flooded with a rush of water that decimated many of its inhabitants and much of its infrastructure.

Shortly after this devastating attack, Namor is attacked by a massive number of Avengers. Although he has been endowed by this great cosmic power, he is quickly defeated.

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4 Emma Frost

Emma Frost has been possessed by the Phoenix Force a couple of times. The most notable of these occasions was her tenure with the Phoenix Five. Although her other Phoenix compatriots conducted fierce battles against the Avengers, Emma used her new powers to murder the perpetrator of a mutant hit and run.

Not too long after, Cyclops double-crosses Frost in order to absorb her portion of the Phoenix. Not only did she merely use this power to murder one man, but Frost also didn't even have much of a chance to do anything of note before being betrayed by her former lover.

3 Cyclops

Leader of the Phoenix Five, Cyclops was corrupted by the cosmic entity into committing many evil acts. He tries to lead the Phoenix Five on a mission to dominate the world and destroy the Avengers.

Towards the end of his reign, Cyclops ends his tenure as Phoenix with the murder of his mentor Professor X. The long-time patriarch of the X-Men, Xavier is a staple that has lead mutant-kind towards a better future. His murder at the hands of Cyclops makes Cyclops a horrible host for the Phoenix Force.

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2 Rook'shir

A member of the Shi'ar race of aliens, Rook'shir was one of the first beings to possess the Phoenix Force many centuries ago. Using a sword dubbed the Phoenix Blade, Rook'shir was able to fully harness this power to deadly effect.

But, slowly over time, the Phoenix drove Rook'shir insane. This resulted in him destroying several planets until the first iteration of the Shi'ar Imperial was formed to stop him.

1 Jean Grey

Although she is one of the most popular X-Men of all time, Jean Grey is by far the worst host of the Phoenix Force ever. Due to its destructive tendencies, the Phoenix quickly corrupted Jean and made her commit unspeakable acts.

In order to satiate her cosmic hunger, Jean (as the Dark Phoenix) traveled to the D'Bari star system and devoured all of its energies, killing five billion alien beings. Such an act of terror can never be undone. One can only hope any future host of the Phoenix fails to follow in Jean's footsteps.

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