Writer Tom Taylor is no stranger when it comes to sparking interest in his comic book projects. Earlier this year, Taylor began releasing artwork on social media for an ominous secret project, using the hashtag #DCEASED. As we soon discovered, the teasers were for the horror miniseries DCeased, which saw the DC Universe overrun with an Anti-Life Equation virus.

Now, Taylor is back to tease us once again with a new hashtag -- #SquadGoalsDC -- and concept art by his longtime collaborator Bruno Redondo, possibly teasing a relaunch of DC's Suicide Squad.

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Taylor captioned the concept art with the message, "Thylacine. Soon. #SquadGoalsDC @DCComics @Bruno_Redondo_F" The concept art features a new character named Thylacine, a Black woman holding a staff in her left hand with a bag draped around her shoulder. Underneath Thylacine's light-brown jacket is a red-and-yellow costume, minus shoes or boots.

While Taylor doesn't come right out and say this is for a new Suicide Squad comic, the use of the word "Squad" in his hashtag may be a clue. The writer also tagged editor Andrea Shea in his tweet, who also joined in with the #SquadGoalsDC hashtag.

For his part, Redondo's Twitter account features a banner with an image of the Suicide Squad, though it is unknown if he has always used the artwork, or if he recently updated it to reflect an upcoming announcement. Taylor and Redondo recently collaborated on Injustice 2. DC canceled Suicide Squad with issue #50 back in January.

If this latest tease follows the same pattern as #DCEASED, then we should get news of what this mystery #SquadGoalsDC project is in the coming weeks.

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