Running any company can be a tightrope of a job. You have to keep up happy appearances for both the board and the employees. You have to try and keep everyone happy in reality too. You have to all work together to help provide the world with amazing products for the masses to consume. You also have really hope that your Research And Development team doesn’t run amok and create a monster, or a horde of monsters, or a super weapon that could destroy the very fabric of existence. Or at least that’s how it works in a lot of businesses in the Marvel Universe.

Imagine actually working for some of these companies. The non-disclosure agreements alone would epic tomes! Imagine just click-clacking away on the keys at your job, and someone wheels in some strange looking glowing goop, alien technology, proprietary elements, or who knows what else. That’s even before a megalomaniacal boss catches your eye catching these strange dealings and decides that you need to be dealt with. Or you’re involved in a strange chemical spill gives you superpowers, turning you into some sort of megalomaniacal super villain or altruistic superhero. Get your applications ready.

10 Roxxon Energy Corporation

In the comics, they’re responsible for the deaths of Howard and Maria Stark. That’s just a small snippet of what Roxxon Oil, now Roxxon Energy has been able to pull off over the years. One of their subsidiary companies is Cybertek Systems, a company that has worked on reverse-engineering the Deathlok program. While in the comics, seemingly every Roxxon employee is up to no good, in the MCU, at least one person - Nathan Bowen tried to warn the company and lost his life over it. Their gulf rig explodes, giving abilities to Cloak And Dagger.

9 Oscorp

Norman Osborn has consistently tormented Peter Parker for over fifty years, and crazed Goblin has shown no signs of slowing down, even dying is just a minor inconvenience for the Green Goblin! Osborn has run just about all of his inventions and designer technologies through his business, Oscorp.

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The company is not only responsible for creating the serum and tech for the Green Goblin, but Oscorp has also was responsible for creating Electro, and in several different parts of the MCU; Oscorp also creates the radioactive spiders that created Spider-Man.

8 Stark Industries

Thanks to the MCU, Stark Industries is as real as a fictional company could get! Every and any card carrying member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society knows all about Stark Industries. Besides the eighty bajillion Mark Iron Man armors that Tony has created over the years, as a defense contractor, Stark Industries has helped to manufacture the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers, and the Avengers Quinjets; not to mention various other armors and costumes for all of his superhero buddies.

7 The Life Foundation

In the comic books, usually any organization with such an altruistic name like The Life Foundation generally isn’t all that altruistic. Run by Carlton Drake, the Foundation’s main objective was to build communities that would survive Armageddon, which you can reserve for a measly five million.

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What does any of this have to do with raising their own army of Klyntar? It all started when one of the board members wanted the Foundation’s help dealing with Venom, they extract five Symbiotes from Venom.

6 Weapon Plus

As far as clandestine agencies and companies go, there might not be any more nefarious than the US Government and then Canadian Government’s Weapon Plus program. Sponsored by the CIA and our tax dollars, the program has always been about finding mutants with incredible abilities and experimenting on them. All for the purpose of turning them into unstoppable forces of nature to do the dirty work that other soldiers can’t and won’t do. From well known test subjects like Wolverine and Deadpool, to lesser known mutants like John Wraith and Maverick, the program has permeated all throughout the Mutant world for years.

5 Rand Corporation

Named after one of the founders, Wendell Rand, the Rand Corporation specializes in a few different industries - up to and including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cybernetics. The company also has helped to fund its current owner, Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. The company isn’t necessarily as prominent as some of the others on this list but helping to keep the money rolling in for Rand and friends like Luke Cage and Colleen Wing is essential for Heroes For Hire.

4 Pym Technologies

Hank Pym is one of the most polarizing figures in comics. Like many of his colleagues, he is a genius inventor. But he’s also a very tortured soul and over the years has invented nearly as many monstrosities as he has tools to benefit humanity. Most notable - the Pym Particles, which help he, Scott Lang, and anyone else that uses them shrink to microscopic proportions and enter the Quantum Realm. His company, Pym Technologies was founded in an effort to keep Hank’s tech from falling into the wrong hands.

3 Parker Industries

While it was brief, there was a time where Doc Ock not only inhabited Peter Parker’s body, he also started his own company. At first the company was working with cybernetics to fix Aunt May’s leg and retrofit Flash Thompson with legs. Then Octavius upped his stakes.

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Parker Industries worked to stop Electro and build a super villain prison. The company even cured Electro after they caught him. The company ended when HYDRA attempted to take it over, leaving Peter no choice but to end the company.

2 The Daily Bugle

How else would you expect superheroes to get their news? Predominately owned and operated by J. Jonah Jameson, The Daily Bugle is Marvel’s premier newspaper. They do more than try to sabotage Spider-Man too. The company in the past has taken a staunch pro-Mutant rights stance. The Avengers had convinced Jonah to stop the Spider-Man smear campaign in exchange for exclusive content, which he agreed to, but then gave backhanded compliments to the team’s current lineup.

1 Law Offices Of Nelson And Murdock

In the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil protects the city’s citizens at night. But by day, his secret identity of Matt Murdock teams up with his best friend Foggy Nelson as the law firm of Nelson And Murdock. The duo quickly became in-demand lawyers, known for fighting for the little guy, which also garnered the attention of people trying to squash the little guy, like Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. The firm also quickly hired Karen Page; leading to Matt’s eventual relationship with her.

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