For several generations, the sixties Batman series was plenty of fans’ first interaction with the Dark Knight. Only in this show, the only thing dark was color of Batman’s cowl. While plenty of writers and artists had portrayed Batman as the dark and brooding character many fans enjoy him to be, the free-wheeling, justice-dealing, Batmobile riding, Bruce Wayne from this show will always have a special place in Bat-lore. Because of the reach of the wham-bam-pow action series, plenty more Bat-fans were made. In this world, Bruce Wayne still wishes to the rid the Gotham and the world of crime, he also was far less brooding about being an orphan than any Bruce Wayne was.

Obviously, the show’s Rogues Gallery had to be just as colorful and decidedly not dark to match the tone of the show. Most of them already had plenty of stories in the comics, some were created for the show, like Minerva were created for stars of the day; Zsa Zsa Gabor in this case. Sometimes they were one offs, sometimes they helped to retcon a character that would heavily influence a very strange and very maligned future bat-flick. Here are the The Top 10 Batman ‘66 Villains.

10 Joker

The first group of these guys are not only some of Batman’s best villains in the series, they’re some of the oldest and most endearing of comics’ Rogues Gallery, let alone Batman’s. The Joker is almost always on the top of any villain list. Played by the incomparable César Romero, his version of the Clown Prince Of Crime was so iconic that traces of his Joker exist even in the more twisted versions of the maestro of malevolence.

9 Penguin

The sixties show, no matter how cheesy it was helped establish a lot of Bat-tropes. For a good amount of years, the Penguin was presented with a gravelly voice. That voice originally belonged to TV veteran, Burgess Meredith, who played Oswald Cobblepot for the entire run of the show, and the movie.

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It wasn’t just his voice, either. It was the erratic manner in how he spoke and his faux-penguin noises that Danny Devito used as out of breath grunts during Batman Returns.

8 Catwoman

If you think no one has pulled off the sultry and seductive Catwoman like Michelle Pfeiffer had, then go back and watch any one of three felines that played Selina Kyle during the show’s run. All three actresses, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt all brought their own unique feminine wiles and bevy of cat-puns to the party to try and ensnare The Dynamic Duo.

7 Riddler

Committing all sorts of crimes all throughout Gotham and leaving trails of breadcrumbs behind in the form of riddles is exactly what the Riddler loves to do. Originally played by Frank Gorshin as an absolute manic maniac, it’s easy to see where Joel Schumacher and Jim Carey got their inspiration for Batman Forever. As with a few other villains on the show, Gorshin wasn’t the only Riddler to appear on the show. “Gomez Addams” John Astin also played the pranking puzzler during the show’s second season.

6 Mr. Freeze

For fans of Batman: The Animated Series, plenty were disappointed with how Arnold Schwarzenegger played Victor Fries during Batman And Robin. But the Austrian Oak’s more comical take on Mr. Freeze wasn’t all-together an original idea. Three different actors played Victor throughout the show - George Sanders, Otto Preminger, and Eli Wallach all leant their takes on Fries during the show. Schwarzenegger was able to cull from all three versions - the smoking jacket, the bald head and the insufferable cold puns; it all came from the sixties version of Freeze.

5 False Face

Without the kind of budget the series would have needed to bring Clayface to the series, so they brought in a seldom seen villain from the comics - False Face. The producers even used Clayface‘s real name - Basil Karlo - for False Face’s.

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He only appeared in one episode over the course of the show, “True Or False Face / Holy Rat Race,” from season one. A lot of villains only made one-shot appearances too, his eerie looking masked helped elevated Face to memorable standards.

4 Ma Parker

While the first group of villains on this list were popular before and after the show, this next group were made memorable because of who played them. Shelly Winters was already an award-winning actress and after her role in Batman would eventually be known for playing Roseanne and Jackie’s grandmother on Roseanne. Her stint on the show as Ma Parker was a fun one. Obviously, a play on the real life Ma Barker, Winters gave a great performance showing her comedic skills. Despite having one appearance, it was enough to leave a mark and she was brought back, in animated form for The Brave And The Bold.

3 Louie The Lilac

Created especially for the series, Louie The Lilac might not sound like the name of an imposing criminal. However, when his plot is manipulated Gotham’s Flower Children in order to one day control the world, the Dynamic Duo quickly learn he shouldn’t be underestimated. He has abducted Bruce and Dick, leaving Batgirl to have to try and save the day. Louie was played by the late, great comic Milton Berle; who in his heyday all of America loved and referred to him as Uncle Miltie.

2 Egghead

One of the masters of horror, Vincent Price made his entire career creeping the bejesus out of fans with roles in Edgar Allan Poe adaptations and lending his voice to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

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While he was not frightening all made up to look like a giant egg, Price guest starred on Batman as Egghead. He was created specifically for the series and would eventually become a part of the comics. He is also one of the rare criminals to deduce Batman’s secret identity.

1 Siren

To call Joan Collins Hollywood royalty is a tremendous understatement. The entertainer has been around Tinseltown since the fifties and had already been in several films and TV shows by the time she came to Gotham as the sultry Siren. If she sang at just the right key, she could hypnotize anyone, and almost had Bruce Wayne sign over his fortune, if not for Robin and Batgirl’s interference.

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