Homer Simpson - one of the most recognized voices in TV history -  is voiced by a multi-award-winning veteran actor who's been on TV's longest-running animated show for three decades. He's a talented vocal chameleon and character actor with a list of credits that reads like a novel. But it's not just Homer's voice Castellaneta is responsible for on the Simpsons. He's also performed as a host of supporting characters on the show that only a freeze-frame of the rapidly-flashing credits after each episode might reveal.

Castellaneta's also lent his voice to Futurama - another relatively successful Matt Groening show - Hey Arnold, Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!, The Cat in the Hat, and even Darkwing Duck, to name just a few. And he's made several notable live-action appearances on both the small and the big screen. A list of those will have to follow some other time, though. This article focuses purely on Castellaneta's voice contributions to The Simpsons. Here's Every Character Played By Dan Castellaneta on the show.

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10 Supporting Characters You'll Probably Recognize

The Simpsons has a cast of supporting characters who have become almost as iconic as the show's leading characters. And a fair amount of them are voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Mean old Krusty the Clown's embattled assistant Melvin Horne - better known as Sideshow Mel - is a would-be dramatic actor who has been reduced to being at the butt-end of Krusty's crass humor.

And it's none other than Dan Castellaneta who provides the superbly posh voice for this green-haired mainstay of the show. The Squeaky-Voiced Teen who's been seen working at the local drive-through features on the actor's IMDB page too.

9 The Lesser-Known Quimby and Others You've Never Heard of

Mayor Quimby's nephew Freddy is a slightly squeakier variation of Mayor Quimby's voice. Dan is also the voice puppeteer behind ventriloquist dummy, Gabbo. Guy Incognito was a Homer lookalike - and soundalike - who popped in for just one episode. Other obscure Castellaneta wonders include: "Man with Big Hand", "Yokel Student",  "Fossil Fuel Man", Playwright Arthur Miller, SeƱor Subway and Herb Tannenbaum.

Going through each of the Simpsons episodes listed online will open up a wormhole full of once-off, sideline and obscure forgotten characters voiced by Dan Castellaneta. The actor himself probably doesn't remember them all, especially having done this for three decades.

8 The Cartoon Within the Cartoon

The Itchy and Scratchy Show is The Simpsons' parody of Tom and Jerry. It's an ultra-violent take on the old cat and mouse cartoon that's a regular feature on the Krusty the Clown Show. Dan Castellaneta's Itchy the Mouse is constantly getting the better of Harry Shearer's Scratchy the Cat, who is inevitably blown up, disemboweled, flattened or beaten to death.

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Despite dying repeatedly, Scratchy always comes back to be killed some more. And Castalleneta's psychopathic mouse is inevitably ready to gleefully commit felicide (That's a fancier way of saying cat murder). Poochie the Dog - a character who was briefly brought into the Itchy and Scratchy Show to "Modernize it" - got his misplaced faux-funky attitude from Dan too.

7 Menacing Bad Guys

Kang and Kodos are the recurring green-skinned cyclops-like aliens that menace Springfield time-and-time again in their flying saucer. Their sharp teeth, which constantly spill pools of drool forth into their transparent spiked helmets have made them a scary part of The Simpsons' supporting cast of characters who are often seen on Halloween Specials. Kang is voiced by Harry Shearer and Kodos By Castellaneta.

Mobster Fat Tony's henchman, Louie gets his Joe Pesci-esque voice from Castellaneta. Perpetual "rat" Frankie the Squealer is also a Castellaneta voice creation. The unnamed blue-haired lawyer who represents Mr. Burns is a lesser-known Castellaneta villain. And School Superintendent Chalmers' mean assistant Leopold was yet another menacing character brought to life by Dan - though the character hasn't made that many appearances.

6 The Animal Kingdom

Dan Castellaneta's talents don't stop at traditional voice acting. He puts his own unique twist on animal sounds too. The Simpsons has had a few episodes that feature supporting animal characters. Some, like Esquilax the rabbit, don't do much. Others have been the focus of entire episodes.

Krusty the Clown's chimp, Mr. Teeny, who chain-smokes, drives a limo, rides a unicycle and is ruthlessly bullied by Krusty is enthusiastically "ook-ooked" by Dan. You may be surprised to learn that Bart's wimpy dog, Santa's Little Helper's whimpers and woofs come from Dan's versatile vocal cords. And Snowball the cat - also Dan.

5 Random Recurring Characters

Gil Gunderson is Springfield's down-on-his-luck entrepreneur. Richard "Rich" Texan has got the money to buy everything in sight. Arnie Pye is a cynical helicopter traffic reporter. Mr. Pettigrew the "Yes Guy" opens every conversation with a dramatic "Yeeeees!". Krusty's now-deceased dad, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, brought Krustofsky family tradition - and Krusty - to America. Scott Christian is Kent Brockman's lesser-known co-anchor on Channel 6.

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Charlie is the unlucky Dangerous Emissions Supervisor at the Springfield Power Plant. Fallout Boy is a superhero sidekick. Matt Groening, Simpsons creator, occasionally gets animated and appears in the show. What do they have in common? Well, in the context of this article, you probably figured that one out pretty quickly. They've all been voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

4 Geriatric Jeopardy

Old man Hans Moleman - known for having the worst luck in the show - is also part of the actor's vast repertoire of voices. Former Simpsons' neighbor Mr. Winfield, who moved to Florida just to get away from Springfield's favorite family, was another aged character delivered by Dan's unique talent.

In the Miracle on Evergreen Terrace episode, Dan voices The "Old Jewish Man" - a friend of Grandpa Simpson's who's also referred to as "Crazy Old Man". And Old Man Jack Marley, a die-hard at the Springfield Power Plant who refuses to retire, is another product of Castellaneta's talent. He's mostly known for saying, "Please don't make me retire".

3 The Luck of the Irish

The mean-spirited, ever-so-slightly psychotic leprechaun who clings onto his riches for dear life appears as an imaginary friend sitting on the shoulder of Chief Wiggum's dimwitted son Ralph. This character is a testament to the versatility and range of Castellaneta's voice acting.

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His unmistakable Irish lilt is impeccable, as he encourages Ralph to "Burn down the house". On one of the classic Halloween specials, O'Reilly leaps out of a tree howling, "Revenge! But first, we dance", following which he's promptly beheaded by Maggie Simpson, wearing a Clockwork Orange outfit. Castellaneta's leprechaun is less Irish fable, more Mark Jones's villain from his cult-classic movie.

2 P.O.T.U.S

That's right, Castellaneta provided the voice for current Commander in Chief, Donald Trump. Although President Trump voiced himself in the Trumptastic Voyage episode, Dan took over for a recently released Simpsons clip that parodies the President in a West Side Story-themed political satire that puts Dan's impression of the property magnate turned Leader of the Free World to the test.

He even has to sing as Donald Trump, who laments the presence of well-known female leaders he sees as "Un-American". The women jump out of a picture frame and "sing at him" as he prances around the West Wing.

1 The Best-Known Characters You Might Not Have Guessed

Homer has already been covered. But a lot of people aren't aware that Castellaneta is also the unmistakable voice of the undying curmudgeon, Grandpa Simpson. Career alcoholic Barney Gumble is another of Castellaneta's signature voices. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

There's also Krusty the Clown, the gruff Scottish brogue of Groundskeeper Willie, even the inept Mayor Quimby, whose voice Castellaneta clearly modeled after JFK's. These characters are being included in this category because they're arguably among the best-known recurring characters in the show, and the most popular. And with The Simpsons renewed yet again, it looks like they're here to stay.

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