The Boys is a wild, graphic, and outrageous take on superheroes from the brilliant and warped mind of Garth Ennis. Now a hit show on Amazon Prime, the popular comic series followed a group known as The Boys who brutally police the out-of-control superheroes (or "supes") in their world.

While the methods of The Boys are extreme, they are nothing compared to the superhero team known as The Seven. A clear nod to the Justice League, The Seven appear in public to be the perfect team of heroes, but they are, in fact greedy, ruthless and psychotic individuals capable of horrible things. Here are the most horrific things The Seven have done in The Boys.

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10 Imprisoning Lamplighter

We are told early in the series that Lamplighter, one of the original members of The Seven, died in combat. However, we see in flashbacks that Lamplight crossed a serious line in the conflict with The Boys. To avoid any further escalation, The Seven hand Lamplighter over to The Boys as a sacrifice, and he is executed.

While handing over one of their members shows the kind of loyalty of The Seven, that's not the worst of it. Because of the drug Compound V in his system, Lamplight came back from the dead as a mindless creature. Rather than deal with him, The Seven keep him locked away out of sight.

9 Killing Hughie's Girlfriend

The comic series wastes very little time in establishing that this is not a typical take on the superhero story. As we meet our main character Hughie, he is spending the day with his girlfriend, Robin.

Out of nowhere, a member of The Seven called A-Train runs into Robin at super-speed, killing her in a gruesome way. Not only is A-Train responsible for the girl's death, but he is also totally without remorse and even yells at Hughie for getting in his way. It immediately lets you know that The Seven are more liabilities than heroes.

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8 Starlight's Initiation

With Lamplighter's death, The Seven look for a replacement and find Starlight, a wholesome and powerful superhero. For Starlight, joining The Seven is a dream come true, but she quickly realizes that it is more of a nightmare.

As soon as she arrives at The Seven's headquarters, several of the male members of the team let her know that the only way she is going to be on the team is if she submits to their sexual demands. Seeing no other option, Starlight does what they ask, and her dreams are completely destroyed.

7 Killing Mallory's Granddaughters

We eventually learn that the conflict between The Boys and The Seven has been going on for years. The Boys were started by a man named Greg Mallory who recruited the other members to dig up dirt on The Seven.

When The Boys eventually make their play against The Seven, Lamplighter is furious that these normal people would try to intimidate superpowered people. He finds out where Mallory lives and kills the man's granddaughters. It is this act that leads to Lamplighter being sacrificed and a truce being established between The Boys and The Seven.

6 The Muellers

Though The Seven are a team, their clear leader is Homelander. He is a cross between Superman and Captain America and appears to be the epitome of a hero. He is the strongest member of the team and perhaps the most deranged.

A family called the Muellers win the coveted prize of an exclusive dinner with Homelander. As the family piles into their car, Homelander lifts the car into the sky, flying them to the dinner. However, once out of sight, Homelander simply drops the family to their death for no reason.

5 Butcher's Wife

Homelander is the sadistic head of The Seven, but The Boys have Butcher as their leader, and he shows to be willing to cross many lines as well. It is clear that Butcher has a particular hatred for Homelander, and the reveal of why is very disturbing.

Butcher's wife was raped by a "supe" who Butcher believes was Homelander. As a result, she is impregnated with a superpowered baby. The baby kills Butcher's wife while giving birth, and Butcher is forced to kill the baby.

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4 Homelander Shoots Down A Plane

Homelander is certainly one of the most disturbing characters in the series, and he becomes more frightening as the series goes on. As he continues to lose touch with reality, Homelander stops holding himself back and embraces his violent impulses.

While at a retreat for superheroes called Herogasm, Homelander flies into the sky and uses his laser sighting to shoot down a plane. The scariest thing about it is that Homelander doesn't do it out of anger or for fun. He just does it because he knows he can.

3 Homelander's File

Though Homelander is shown to have done horrible things throughout the series, he cannot even seem to remember the worst things of which he is accused. The Boys are able to access a film which shows Homelander apparently doing some incredibly incriminating and disturbing things.

The file which The Boys use to blackmail Homelander and The Seven is filled with photos of Homelander doing unspeakable things to innocent men, women, and children. It turns out that the person in the picture is actually Black Noir, another member of The Seven, who is a clone of Homelander.

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2 Uprising

One of the most interesting aspects of the series is how they present the superheroes as corporate figures. An organization called Vought-American is responsible for creating superheroes, marketing them and hiding their darkest secrets. They also totally control the heroes, telling them what they are and are not allowed to do.

Homelander eventually decides he is too powerful to be controlled like this. He gathers his fellow supes, and they stage a violent uprising. They attack the White House and even decapitate the president. They are no longer concerned with hiding their true nature.

1 The 9/11 Disaster

Garth Ennis is certainly not afraid to push boundaries, and that is very evident throughout this series. One of the most shocking moments is when they show the events of 9/11 within the universe of The Boys.

With the terror attacks learned about ahead of time, the government has most of the planes shot down before they can do any real damage. However, the final plane is left to The Seven to handle as a way of introducing them to the world. The group proves totally incompetent, killing civilians, their own members, and causing the plane to crash into the Brooklyn Bridge.

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