Now that the MCU has brought the full force of the Avengers onscreen, fans have taken to pitting them in an imaginary (but awesome) fight against the Justice League. In fact, we’ve covered what a battle between the two factions would be like, but this time we’re stacking them up based on their attributes.

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In this list, we haven’t considered how these powers would fare for the factions against each other. Instead, we’ve taken into account the magnitude of these abilities and how they’ve come into use for the superheroes in their individual universe. With that in mind, let’s look at who's stronger: the Justice League or the Avengers.

10 Flight And Speed: Justice League

The Justice League being superior in flight is a no-brainer, as this is an intrinsic quality in the majority of its members. Their flying skills are polished to the point that a majority of them can even fly in space.

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As far as speed goes, the Flash and Quicksilver are the apex speedsters for both factions. And yet, even the Marvel fanbase agrees that the Flash would run circles around Quicksilver. The Flash’s speed skills aren’t just limited to running either, with his speed blitz a force that can kill anyone with a single touch. If you want evidence of Flash’s powers, go ahead and watch the Justice League Unlimited episode where Lex Luthor takes control of his body.

9 Intelligence: Avengers

Tony Stark really is the deciding factor here, since the guy is used as plot armor, for the most part, to explain away things that just aren’t possible. His intelligence in crafting weaponry and armor is off the charts. On one occasion, he even “programmed” the Infinity Gauntlet not to work!

Bruce Wayne is the go-to genius for the Justice League, but he’s never been the big brain that goes along with the science-y stuff. That’s an area Marvel superheroes excel at, and younger heroes like Spider-Man are also one of the most brilliant minds there are.

8 Strength: Justice League

Sure, guys like Thor and Hulk are incredibly strong, and the Hulk’s strength only increases the angrier he gets. While we do realize that, the duo of Hulk and Thor have still been outclassed by other means by their opponents, and Thor mainly relies on his thunder-based powers instead.

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Meanwhile, there have been numerous stories where we’ve seen Superman’s awe-inspiring strength win fights alone. And it’s not just restricted to the Man of Steel either, as Wonder Woman can match his strength as well. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman complete the strength department for the Justice League, with stories centering on physical-based villains ending quickly because of the League’s raw strength.

7 Magic: Avengers

You can look at Dr. Fate as the Justice League’s resident magic expert. While he does possess powers of intense magnitude, there’s no denying that Doctor Strange is just too overpowered.

In fact, Doctor Strange has contended with Omega-level threats purely because his magical abilities can match with them. The original version of Strange was so powerful that he had to permanently “nerfed” in order to make his stories interesting and prevent them from ending too fast. Even so, Strange has an excellent back-up in Scarlet Witch, and these two together have the power to change the perception of reality.

6 Strategic Skill: Justice League

A rather lazy argument that fanboys on the internet love to use is that “prep time” equals instant victory. Without explanation, these fans instantly point to Batman being the most powerful superhero because of prep.

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However, they’re not too wrong about this, because Batman really is too far ahead of the others in strategy. The only one in Marvel on his level is Doctor Doom, and we all know he isn’t a superhero. Guys like Captain America are strong in creating battle plans and formations, but Batman goes for the jugular with his strategies and can take down gods by finding their weak points.

5 Weaponry: Avengers

For the DC superheroes, their supply of weapons come from legend, such as Aquaman having access to Atlantean weapons and Wonder Woman using Amazonian ones; however, their weapons normally take a backseat to their intrinsic abilities.

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The Avengers are famous for having weapons that can defy superpowers, and Iron Man is the first one who comes to mind as he’s fought gods using Earth-based weapons. Asgardian weapons are incredibly resilient, with their durability unparalleled. Finally, Wakanda’s rich supply of vibranium really speaks for itself.

4 Leadership: Tied

We were on the fence with this one, because the Justice League have a more diverse set of leaders to choose from while the Avengers really have just the one. For our DC heroes, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are the choices for taking the reins, although Green Lantern and Aquaman fill in nicely too.

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For the Avengers, it is Captain America who’s mostly in-charge, but we have to hand to give him more credit because the guy leads literal gods into battle despite being a human. Captain America also has more variety in his battle plans and can execute a better strategy during the heat of battle. While the Justice League have all bases covered, Captain America’s pure mettle as a leader makes this just about a tie.

3 Kingdoms And Armies: Justice League

The Avengers have Asgardian and Wakandan armies to turn to, with their weaponry combined with their inherent abilities making them a force to be reckoned with. However, we’ve seen armies from space negate the vibranium factor. Since these are wielded by humans, they have been proven to get overwhelmed. Asgardians also face difficulties from powerful foes.

On the other end, the Justice League have perhaps the most powerful army in the Atlanteans, whose water-based offense can savage the planet. Their most powerful generals also possess the power to suck the water dry out of places, making them a dual-bladed sword that can pierce anyone. Then, we have the Amazonians to consider, whose fighting experience ranks in thousands of years.

2 Enemy Power Level: Justice League

Both the teams have faced foes that reach universal level of threats, but it’s agreed upon that their absolute foes are Darkseid and Thanos. We’ve covered the debate over who’s stronger between the two before, and the fact of the matter is Darkseid is a much bigger threat.

The Justice League have also been known to fight enemies from the far future, and this has led to them being up against technology they can’t even fathom. The Avengers’ most powerful enemy might be Doctor Doom, but he mostly loses because of his own fault rather than the heroes beating him. Overall, the Justice League have simply faced a heavier onslaught, which gives them the point based on feats.

1 Winner: Justice League

Like we said before, the Justice League’s main advantage is their intrinsic abilities. If you were to dismantle the team, you would still have supremely powerful superheroes who can hold their own against armies.

The Avengers are better at making do with what they have, and this has led them to come within an inch of overcoming the Justice League in terms of team strength. However, they are dependent upon a few heavy-hitters to turn the tide toward them. DC’s superheroes have proven to be better at collecting their abilities to overcome their enemies as a unit, or by themselves if need be.

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