The Galactic Empire has employed many different specialized units and strike forces as part of its galaxy-spanning war against the Rebel Alliance across the Star Wars saga. One of the Empire's more recent anti-Rebel units are the SCAR Troopers, who've been introduced in Marvel's ongoing Star Wars.

Since their debut, the SCAR Troopers have been particularly formidable in their confrontations against Luke Skywalker and other classic characters from the original trilogy. Now, CBR is taking a look back at this elite Imperial squad, from its history to what separates them from the rest of the Galactic Empire's military forces.

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The Special Commando Advance Recon, or SCAR, troopers are a division of Imperial Stormtroopers given highly important missions across the galaxy. Given more autonomy than standard units within the Imperial military, the squadron all wear customized armor and employ weaponry visibly different and more powerful than standard-issue blasters given to Stormtroopers.

The main SCAR unit seen throughout the Star Wars comics to date has been Task Force 99, a seven-member detachment led by Sergeant Kreel. The unit is listed as having been active for at least two years prior to the Battle of Yavin IV in A New Hope. Kreel was revealed to have enlisted in the Imperial Academy after the Empire brought order to his lawless home world of Chagar IX. As a member of the 501st Legion, Kreel watched his best friend killed by mortar fire and vowed to kill every Rebel that crossed his path before being promoted to SCAR due to his bravery in battle.

Created by Jason Aaron and Leinil Francis Yu in 2016's Star Wars #19, Task Force 99 is introduced along with the rest of SCAR when they are assigned to investigate the recently raided Sunspot Prison, a Rebel Alliance maximum security detention facility that had housed the most notorious Imperial prisoners-of-war. Initially unsure of what to do next, Kreel informed his unit that there new orders simply entailed killing as many Rebels as possible.

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Following their introduction, Task Force 99 would serve as recurring antagonists for the remainder of Aaron's run on the series. Often seen wrecking havoc on Rebel activities across the galaxy, the unit crossed paths with Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo on several occasions, vowing to hunt the Rebel leaders down across the cosmos after their initial skirmishes.

After capturing Rebel Admiral Verette, Task Force 99 made a grave statement by strapping him to the front of a shuttle, killing him and distracting the Alliance as they boarded an Imperial Star Destroyer that had been commandeered by Luke, Leia and Han. Once aboard, Kreel dueled against Luke personally, revealing that he had obtained a green lightsaber from a fallen Jedi as the two fought across the Imperial vessel. The duel ended with Luke Force pushing Kreel, causing the Sergeant's arm to be caught under debris. As Task Force 99 destroyed the captured Star Destroyer, Kreel escaped by cutting off his own arm with his lightsaber and later replacing it with a cybernetic limb.

Using a captive C-3PO as bait, Task Force 99 had a rematch against Leia and the other Rebels on Crait as they attempted to establish on a Rebel base on the salt flats. Dueling Skywalker once again, Kreel barely escaped with his life and continued to vow revenge. The SCAR unit would catch up to Luke, Han and Leia on the moon Hubin where they were defeated once again. After Luke destroyed Kreel's lightsaber, the unit wasleft stranded on the remote world as the Rebels made their own getaway, and it hasn't been seen since.

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