Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV have steadily been sowing the seeds for an epic battle for the fate of the entire DC Universe for sometime and, in the latest issue of Justice League, those plot threads finally begin to converge in ambitious battle royale that spans space and time. Elevated by Jorge Jimenez's artwork, the issue is packed with brutal battles and twists and turns that will have longtime DC Comics fans cheering by the final page.

Ever since their relaunch of the title over a year ago, Snyder and Tynion have built up the Legion of Doom alongside the latest incarnation of DC's premier superteam. After receiving a monstrous resurrection, Lex Luthor has steadily been upgrading the villains of the DC Universe throughout DC's Year of the Villain publishing initiative and this is the issue where it begins to finally come to a head. Outgunned, the heroes of the DCU scramble to find additional allies, leading to a shocking return that will leave readers talking for months.

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It's been clear that Snyder and Tynion have been playing a longer game ever since co-writing last year's miniseries Justice League: No Justice with Joshua Williamson. Across their run, the writers have strengthened their grasps on the two dueling rosters of heroes and villains while quietly raising the stakes for the series. This issue opens full of fire and fury as the writers dial up the apocalyptic intensity before bringing the action back down to lay out the premise of this climactic storyline, the appropriately titled "Justice/Doom War." And in doing so, Snyder and Tynion's love for the entire DCU is abundantly clear as they are able to balance the intimidatingly extensive cast while setting up the promise of further, ambitious expansion.

Something that perhaps doesn't get mentioned enough is that Snyder and Tynion both come from prolific backgrounds as notable horror writers. However, the duo's work on Justice League has been, perhaps, the most rollicking, free-wheeling storyteling either writer has ever shown to date. Even with the stakes the highest they've ever been and the issue featuring some of the most brutal action seen during their run, Snyder and Tynion still keep things fun and avoid being overly melodramatic; it's the end of the world as they know it and they feel fine.

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Jimenez, along with colorist Alejandro Sanchez, has been turning stellar work on Justice League for some time, and despite the chaotic battle that opens the issue and crowded group scenes, continues to prove himself more than up to the challenge. As the culmination of Snyder and Tynion's run, there is a lot going on in this issue, both in terms of action and the sheer amount of characters, but just as the writers capture the individual characters' voices throughout the issue, so does Jimenez in regards to the visuals to great effect.

With Justice League #30, it becomes clear that the past 29 issues of Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV's run have all been building to this storyline. The opening issue of "Justice/Doom War" quickly establishes the impossible stakes that the team is up against setting up an adventure that spans the entire history of the DC Universe. Ambitious, apocalyptic, and just a lot of fun, the creative team's love letter to all eras of the DCU hits a fever pitch while setting up an epic confrontation that has been steadily brewing ever since the start of the series.

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