There's a long list of reasons that One Punch Man makes such a hilarious anime, and the series' main character is at the very top of that list. Although he's one of the most powerful characters in the world of One Punch Man — and in the anime sphere in general — Saitama has a carefree attitude that delivers plenty of comedy to viewers, especially when paired with his frequent (and sometimes feigned) ignorance about what's going on around him.

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And naturally, the humor Saitama brings to the anime has been made into plenty of memes over the years. With an overpowered hero who already brings jokes to the table, it’s just too easy to create images that add even more comedy to the character.

Here are 10 Saitama memes that are almost as powerful as he is.

10 Saitama Is All Of Us Not Caring

Saitama's response to meeting Boros — and discovering that he's actually a match for him — has been made into countless memes. His blank-faced “OK” is one of the One Punch Man fandom’s most beloved lines, and fans use it frequently as a reaction to things. (It really makes the perfect GIF.)

And let's be honest, we can all relate to this meme, which places Saitama’s famous “OK” after the concept of someone trying to prove you wrong about something you don’t really care about. Everyone’s been there, and it can be irritating to have someone drone on about how wrong you are — especially if you’re not interested in the first place. And Saitama’s response is just perfect for that kind of situation.

9 Mjolnir Deems Saitama Worthy

Anime fans have already established that Saitama is more powerful than a majority of the big players in the genre, including Naruto and Goku. But some fans have stopped to wonder how Saitama would stand up to characters in other fandoms, and it's probably no surprise that he's been thrown into the Marvel Cinematic Universe once or twice.

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And in this meme, One-Punch Man fans get a glimpse of what would happen if Saitama were to come across Thor's hammer. Saitama is frequently oblivious to things, so the image accurately depicts him showing his usual confusion and indifference when stumbling upon the hammer. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from picking it up and shocking Thor. But come on. If anyone is worthy of Mjolnir, it’s Saitama.

8 Saitama Demonstrates Filters Vs. Reality

With all the different art styles that One Punch Man utilizes, it's easy to make memes comparing the more simplistic versions of Saitama with the incredibly detailed ones. And that's exactly what this meme does, comparing the variations of Saitama's appearance to the differences between normal photos and those with Snapchat filters.

Every Snapchat user has done it: used filters to make themselves look different, whether for fun or to improve a photo. And this meme pokes fun at just how much a person’s appearance can change with a Snapchat filter, showcasing Saitama’s more sharp-angled and detailed fighting face side by side with a less-detailed image of him.

7 A Hero For Fun

Anyone who has watched My Hero Academia will get a kick out of this meme, as it pokes fun at the pretty significant differences between being a hero on that anime and being a hero on One Punch Man. While both shows have characters that make careers of their hero work, being a hero feels far more prestigious on My Hero Academia — and much of that has to do with the fact that all of the characters in that series have noble reasons for wanting to become a heroic icon.

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Compared to Saitama’s frequent and already-comical sentiment that he’s “a hero for fun,” the contrast between the series seems ridiculous. And that’s precisely why this meme is so funny. After all, who just decides to be a hero out of boredom? Only Saitama.

6 When Someone Insults Saitama

It’s no secret that Genos admires his master, and sometimes his adoration for Saitama can be a tad over the top. Genos can often be found studying and following Saitama around, attempting to understand the man’s power — and he doesn’t take kindly to anyone who criticizes Saitama, even if what they’re saying is valid.

Saitama, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to notice when other characters dislike him — and if he does, he certainly doesn’t care enough to take it personally. This meme highlights the differences between Saitama’s reactions to insults and Genos’. And let’s be real, the teeth-baring dog is totally Genos when his master is being scrutinized.

5 One Does Not Simply Beat Saitama

Anyone who has ever been on the internet and seen The Lord of the Rings movies will recognize the “One does not simply...” Boromir meme. Taken from Boromir’s “One does not simply walk into Mordor” line, this meme has been adapted to make fun of any number of fandoms — and it looks like it’s officially One Punch Man’s turn.

Saitama is so powerful that it’s basically impossible to defeat him in combat, and every fan knows it. So the sentiment that “One does not simply beat Saitama” is a fitting one, and it works perfectly with this meme. After all, the notion of winning against Saitama is almost as laughable as strolling into Mordor.

4 The Mosquito vs. Saitama

True One Punch Man fans will agree that a list of Saitama memes would be incomplete without mentioning his true nemesis: the mosquito. Saitama’s mosquito incident has become a running joke among the fandom, with the punch line being the fact that Saitama can defeat nearly any villain — but he can’t even cope with a single mosquito.

And this meme serves as a reminder of that humorous instance, pitting Saitama against a mosquito and asking which would win. We all know the answer, but it’s funny to recall just how irritated Saitama became by the insect. Most powerful hero, indeed.

3 Saitama Wants To Battle!

This One Punch Man and Pokémon mash-up is another meme that pokes fun at just how overpowered Saitama really is. No one wants to be on the receiving end of his punch, and the same would likely apply if he were to fall into the world of Pokémon. So, that’s exactly where this meme places him: on the opposite end of a Pokémon video game battle.

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This meme takes on the appearance of a Pokémon battle from one of the classic Gameboy games, presenting the hypothetical player with the only option they’d have against a foe like Saitama: run. After all, he’d likely be more difficult to capture than  a legendary — and those guys were pretty hard to catch back in the day!

2 Saitama Is Us As Teenagers

It’s just a fact that your parents — and adults in general — become a lot less scary when you get nearer to becoming one. As a kid, getting in trouble or yelled at by Mom and Dad was the most terrifying thing in the world, a sentiment captured by a rare screenshot of Saitama looking frightened.

As you become a teenager — and then a full-fledged adult — however, it becomes far easier to shrug off any admonishments. This is demonstrated by using Saitama’s “OK” moment once more. After all, it really is the perfect reaction to anything you don’t want to hear.

1 Saitama Meets Amazon

As convenient as Amazon can be, there are times when the online marketplace becomes incredibly frustrating. And what better way to emphasize that than through a One Punch Man meme? This one points out how annoying the product titles can be on the website, particularly when they’re long and over explaining whatever is on sale.

And for those moments, this screenshot of Saitama definitely applies. He’s angry in this image, and he’s saying, “Enough, you idiot! Shorten it to 20 words or less!” And it’s just too easy to imagine him saying it to an overly long title or description.

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