WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One Piece, Episode 900, "The Greatest Day of My Life! O-Tama and Her Sweet Red-bean Soup!"

One Piece has hit its landmark 900th episode! Few shows ever reach such a length of time on-air, let alone a Japanese anime featuring stretchy pirates looking for treasure. Regardless, here we are in another chapter in the land of Wano.

Last time, Luffy and Zoro escaped the wrath of the dread emperor Kaido's mage lieutenant, Basil Hawkings. With O-Tama dying of poisonous river water, she looked close to death. However, thanks to the lucky twist of fate, they run into O-Tsuru, the owner of a tea house, who declares she can cure O-Tama.

However, something wicked lurks on the fringes: spies watch Luffy's movements from afar...

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At the start of the episode, O-Tama looks as though she is about to die, barely able to draw breath. However, after drinking a tea comprised of bitter herbs, O-Tama is able to pull out of her poisoned state. When O-Tama fully awakes, she wakes to find the whole group -- even her over-sized dog creature -- worried over her state. However, she is completely cured, restored to her full strength.

That said, the poison isn't entirely removed from her body.

But she does apparently need food, which triggers her to run straight back to the river to mask her hunger again. This reaction drives O-Tsuru to give O-Tama actual food in a frantic bid to keep her from almost-dying again. O-Tama refuses to eat the rich red bean past given to her, on account of knowing that she'd be taking food away from the also starving O-Tsuru and her assistant.

O-Tsuru doesn't take kindly to being told no, and threatens to waste the food should O-Tama refuse it. This goads her into eating it, and she becomes downright euphoric, sobbing from joy over it.

The whole while, Zoro's wounds are treated by O-Tsuru's assistant, O-Kiku. She appears grateful to Zoro for helping her out when a sumo wrestler harassed her.

O-Kiku is a tall woman of elegant stature who seems immediately drawn to Zoro. Unlike the more energetic and emotional O-Tsuru, O-Kiku appears far more reserved and introverted. She seems to keep her abilities and skills more of a secret, especially considering that she is able to help concoct teas that purify body toxins.

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The fact that that O-Tama resorted to drinking poisoned water rather than expose her hunger, and that the people of Wano starve, leaves Luffy enraged.

The two introduce themselves to O-Tsuru, with Luffy almost revealing his identity as a famous pirate, but Zoro convinces him to take the alias of "Luffytaro." But O-Tsuru can still tell they're foreigners.

They are in the town of "Leftovers" outside the main populous of Wano, Kuri. Named as such because leftovers from the Bakuro Town, the main base of the Shogun's officials, are dumped by O-Tsuru. It sits near the remains of Oden, a castle that used to be home for the Kozuki Clan, who governed Wano and ran a farm that filled the land with tons of fresh food. But then the Shogun Orochi and his soldiers overtook the farm, hoarding it for themselves.

The farm remains, with tons of pure, edible food. But they belong to the Shogun.

As O-Tsuru explains this to Luffy and Zoro, an arrow comes soaring from a remote distance.

Zoro swats the arrow aside turning his gaze on a bat-eared assassin: "Batman." (But not that one.) The flying assassin with superhearing tries to take down Zoro by firing arrows rapidly at him. Despite launching a hundred arrows a second, some powered by super-sonic energy, Zoro knocks them all down. Luffy just dodges or breaks them against his fists.

After a while, Zoro just gets sick of knocking back arrows and just swings his sword so hard that all the arrows Batman has just explode in a sonic-boom. Batman, seeing this immense talent, recognizes Zoro as the "assassin" accused of murder (which the real assassin, a magistrate, framed Zoro for).

While they're fighting, however, a runner snatches O-Tama off a bench, laughing like a lunatic as he runs off with her.

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