The seasoned version of Wolverine from an alternate reality, Old Man Logan, has proven to be a quietly devastating version of the character. After a remarkably violent and tragic life, he's gone head to head with a number of different heroes and villains, most notably different versions of the Hulk.

Now, CBR is taking a look back at Old Man Logan's battles against various versions of the Hulk to see how he fared against Marvel's various Jade Giants.

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The reality Old Man Logan hails from is a dystopian ruin of a world. In this reality, an alliance of villains was able to overwhelm and murder most of the superheroes. Only a handful survived and went into hiding, including Wolverine. A number of villains took over the world and made their own kingdoms out of the planet. One of them is the corrupted Hulk and his expanding, inbred family of gamma-irradiated murderers. Controlling the west coast, farmers such as Logan are forced to pay fealty to the family.

After making his way across the United States on a job to pay back his debt to the Hulks, Logan returns to find out the Hulk family had actually murdered his wife and children. Logan decided to target the family in revenge, massacring the Hulk's children. Eventually, Logan was forced to fight the original Hulk, now an obese monstrosity. After being eaten by the Hulk, Logan proved strong enough to carve his way out from inside the Hulk. It's a decisive victory for Logan, and even leads to the former Wolverine adopting the last baby Hulk as his own son at the end of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's original Old Man Logan tale.

After the events of Secret Wars brought Old Man Logan to the mainline Marvel continuity, the seasoned hero targeted all the people who had helped corrupt his reality into a hellscape. This included figures such as Bruce Banner, with Old Man Logan deciding to kill him in an attempt to ensure that the Hulk could never become the monster he turned into in his reality. However, instead of finding himself against Bruce Banner, Logan ended up confronting Amadeus Cho when he was the Totally Awesome Hulk. His attack is met with comical indifference by Cho, who brushes off all the stabbings Old Man Logan throws at him in Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's battle royale.

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His seasoned healing factor wasn't able to keep Logan going, as the Totally Awesome Hulk kept throwing Logan around with ease. Cho's speed became a pronounced advantage, keeping him away from any truly devastating injuries. An injured Logan also backs away from the fight when he realizes Cho actually isn't Banner. Beyond that, it's obvious very quickly that in this fight, an in-his-prime Hulk is far too much for Old Man Logan to contend with.

Old Man Logan would get one more brawl with a Hulk closer to his age towards the end of his solo series. A version of Maestro that this Logan has confronted in the past, an aged but demented version of the Hulk, arrived in the mainline continuity. He took over a small town and declared himself King. Despite his fading healing factor , Old Man Logan decided to target Maestro and kill him. Things go poorly for Logan initially, with Maestro quickly beating down Logan. As their feud raged on, Logan was almost murdered by the evil version of multiple times in stories by Ed Brisson, Mike Deodato and Ibraim Roberson.

Ultimately though, Logan healed up enough so that he could fully confront Maestro. The final battle was considerably more brutal than any of their earlier skirmishes. Their battle ended with Logan beheading Maestro, while killed the dark version of Hulk. The strain almost killed Logan, who barely healed up good enough to return to his own reality. This means that ultimately, Old Man Logan (barely) has a winning record while against Marvel's Hulks.

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