Throughout the Naruto series, Sasuke has two main enemies: Naruto and Itachi. With Naruto, it's a rivalry to see who the best ninja is. With Itachi, Sasuke seeks to avenge his fallen clan. So it's expected for these enemies to get violent every once in a while.

In recent days, however, everyone seems to have beef with Sasuke--to the point where they feel the need to choke him! No one is exactly sure what Sasuke did to deserve this abuse, but it seems he's found himself caught in the hands of another viral meme. Here are ten of our favorite Choking Sasuke memes!

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10 Marie Kondo Choking Sasuke

At the beginning of 2019, Sasuke wasn't the only one trending. Marie Kondo of the popular Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, quickly became a household name known for her decluttering and organizational advice. Like Sasuke, she has also become the center of many internet memes.

When combined, the unlikely duo makes a hilarious meme. One of Marie Kondo's most well-known decluttering tips is to get rid of anything that doesn't "spark joy". Though Marie Kondo is smiling brightly, she must feel that Sasuke doesn't spark enough joy to keep around in her life--hence the aggressive choking.

9 Exodia Choking Sasuke

Exodia is one of the most recognizable monster cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. This unique monster is actually summoned from a set of five specific cards: the two legs, two arms, and head of Exodia. When all five of these cards are in a duelist's hand, they automatically win the duel.

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To incorporate the Sasuke meme into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the original two arms of Exodia have been replaced with arms that are choking Sasuke. With two choking Sasukes in its grips, Exodia truly is a beast that shows no mercy.

8 Bob Ross Choking Sasuke

Bob Ross is known for his positivity and tranquility while painting beautiful works of art. He even refers to artistic mistakes as "happy little accidents" to not discourage fellow artists from taking risks in expanding their creativity.

But even Bob Ross has his limits. While choking Sasuke, Bob Ross tells the ninja that he is not a happy little accident. Perhaps the optimistic painter finally snapped and is taking out his anger on Sasuke. Regardless, the moral of the story is that it's okay to make mistakes unless your name is Sasuke.

7 Elsa Choking Sasuke

Elsa of Disney's Frozen knows what it's like to flee home and live a life of isolation. She of all people should be able to empathize with Sasuke who had the same experience.

Unfortunately, Elsa is yet another person who cannot see eye to eye with Sasuke. As she chokes Sasuke, she references her hit song and tells him to "let it go". Whether Elsa is urging him to let go of his hatred towards Itachi, Konoha, or something else, it's clear that Sasuke is too stubborn to know when to quit. Therefore, Elsa cannot let go of Sasuke's neck.

6 Marge Simpson Choking Sasuke

Everyone's favorite Springfield housewife, Marge Simpson, turns rather savage in this combination of two iconic memes.

In the original screenshot from The Simpsons, Marge is trying her best to replicate a hip hop dance called "krumping" but is failing miserably. The Krumping Marge meme is often photoshopped into fight scenes with other cartoon characters such as Charizard and Frieza. In an edited Sasuke version of this meme, Marge is choking two Sasukes while krumping. Her carefree smile and hunched over position make it appear as though she thoroughly enjoys bulling the ninja.

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5 BTS Choking Sasuke

The boys of the popular South Korean music group, BTS, are known to be huge fans of anime. Jimin once received special One Piece collectibles from fellow members for his birthday, RM has adamantly stated that his favorite Pokemon is Dragonite, and Suga even dressed as Naruto for Halloween back in 2015. But maybe they aren't the biggest Sasuke fans.

Although this meme only features three out of the seven BTS members, RM, Jin, and V are using the "strength in numbers" mentality to fight Sasuke. Whatever Sasuke did, he better watch out because BTS has a whole ARMY behind them!

4 Arby's Choking Sasuke

You know a meme has reached its peak when it gets a personal shout-out from popular companies such as the American fast-food chain, Arby's. With their special sauce in question, Arby's came for Sasuke to make things very clear.

Arby's Sauce is usually enjoyed with one of their signature sandwiches, so it isn't uncommon for folks to assume that the sauce is something similar to ketchup. However, that assumption is wrong, and Sasuke has paid the ultimate price for it on behalf of anyone who ever thought Arby's Sauce was ketchup.

3 Trending Choking Sasuke

Although viral memes often target and make fun of unsuspecting victims like Sasuke, there's a bright side to the situation. Many people have risen to internet fame and earned bragging rights through the memes that got them trending on social media.

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This would be great news for Sasuke to share with his family--except for the fact that his entire clan was wiped out by his own brother, Itachi. With no family or friends to celebrate with, there really is no silver lining for Sasuke in trending and enduring this abuse.

2 Is This A Choking Sasuke?

Another classic anime meme is the one of an oblivious man confusing a butterfly for a pigeon. It's a meme that is commonly used to poke fun at the ignorance or foolish mindset of a person or group.

In combination with the Choking Sasuke meme, the confused man is seemingly unaware of the fact that he is choking the specimen he's examining. In addition, he misidentifies Sasuke as Naruto, a ninja he shares no physical resemblance to. This is a common mistake sometimes made by people who are less familiar with anime or the Naruto series.

1 Peppa Pig Choking Sasuke

Peppa Pig may be the star of a children's show, but that doesn't stop her from achieving fame and popularity from an older crowd that lurks on the internet. Often exaggerated in her questionable seven-foot height and Grammy-worthy debut album, Peppa Pig is a character who thrives on memes.

In a wicked witch costume, Peppa Pig is shown choking Sasuke with a rather devilish smirk on her face. While we aren't sure of what problem she has with Sasuke, Peppa Pig is certainly snatching her rightful title as the queen of memes.

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