Each of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has their own signature Zord, a massive robot modeled after an animal piloted by an individual Ranger and capable of combining with other Zords to form the powerful MegaZord. However, when the Green Ranger first appeared on the iconic series, he had his own mysterious, robotic ride, the Dragon Zord.

Now, we're taking a look back at the history behind the Dragon Zord, its incredible abilities and how it can interface with the other Power Rangers' Zords into an even more formidable composite robot.

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When Rita Repulsa used her magic to create Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger, her own malevolent Power Ranger, she gave him the mythical Dragon Dagger which allowed him control of the Dragon Zord. Appropriately green and in the shape of reptilian kaiju that resembles MechaGodzilla, the Dragon Zord had laid dormant deep in the Pacific Ocean for sometime, just off the coast of Angel Grove where the original television series took place.

After his heroic redemption, Tommy retained the Dragon Dagger and, with it, control of the Dragon Zord as he fought alongside his fellow Power Rangers. Initially, whoever held the Dragon Dagger had control of the Zord, with Jason, the original Red Ranger, temporarily piloting the Dragon Zord while Tommy was out of commission, but Zordon eventually bestowed some of Tommy's Power Coin's energy into the Dagger, intrinsically linking the Green Ranger to the Dragon Zord moving forward.

Given its unique construction and older history, rumored to be linked to the Zord carrier Titanus, the Dragon Zord is visibly stronger and more durable than the other Dino Zord counterparts piloted by the other Power Rangers, clearly standing taller than the other robots. Capable of being commanded remotely through the Dragon Dagger, users can also pilot the Zord directly through its cockpit like the other various Zords.

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In terms of armaments, the Dragon Zord can fire missiles embedded in its fingertips and possesses a bladed drill at the tip of its tail which can be swung at targets in addition to the usual laser cannons and immense strength normally associated with Zords. With its underwater resting place, the Dragon Zord is particularly effective at navigating and fighting in the water; better than the standard Megazord itself.

When the Dragon Zord links up with the Black Mastodon, Blue Triceratops and Yellow Sabretooth Tiger Dino Zords, it forms the Dragon Zord Battle Mode composite robot. With the Black Dino Zord forming the torso and Blue and Yellow Dino Zords forming the legs, the Dragon Zord's tail detaches to create a deadly staff weapon. Additionally, the Dragon Zord can link up with the fully assembled MegaZord as form of armor and helmet, with the resulting composite known as the Mega Dragon Zord. The Dragon Zord components form powerful shoulder-mounted cannons while the energy attacks from the robot are boosted significantly.

When the carrier for the Dino Zords, Ninja Zords and Shogun Zords, Titanus, rolls into battle, the Mega Dragon Zord can link into Titanus' body to create the devastating Ultra Zord. Piloted by either Tommy or Jason, the Ultra Zord is the ultimate composite robot, with powerful energy cannons from virtually every visible appendage giving it destructive array of weaponry to unleash on its targets. With all seven Zords combined, the Ultra Zord represents the full might of the Power Rangers and their robotic rides as it charges into battle.

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