The Spider-Man Clone Saga is known as one of the biggest messes to come out of comic books. Originally intended to be a limited series, the Clone Saga ended up going on for several years and spanned over almost every Spider-Man title. For as rough as the saga was at times, it did still introduce a lot of really cool concepts and characters.

Furthermore, despite having a controversial ending, many writers have since tried to do their own version of the Clone Saga, further building on the lives of Peter Parker’s fellow Peter Parkers. Too look back at one of the most important parts of Spider-Man history, here is our list of every Spider-Man clone, ranked.

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13 Guardian

As one of the Jackal's earlier experiments with Peter’s DNA, Guardian is one of Peter’s clones that least resemble him. As Jackal tampered with different forms of Peter’s DNA, he made certain changes giving each version their own unique abilities.

This version of Peter had incredible strength which surpassed his normal power level. Unfortunately, this character wouldn’t develop as much as some other clones, as he died shortly after being introduced. With very little to know about him, Guardian, unfortunately, lands at the bottom of our list.

12 Spidercide

For all of the weird things and twists to come out of the original Clone Saga, Spidercide is definitely one of the weirder ones. Like Ben Reilly and Kaine, Spidercide is a clone of Peter Parker resulting from one of Jackal’s experiments. This version of the character though can alter his body mass, allowing himself to increase in size and strength.

He also had a rather interesting personality and his actions rarely made sense within the realm of the universe. With his abilities though, combined with the ones he already has as a spider person, make him one of the more powerful versions of Peter Parker to exist over the years.

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11 Jack

Like Guardian, Jack was another earlier clone of Peter, and also the Jackal’s right-hand man during the entire operation. However, Jack still wasn’t perfect, and eventually began to deteriorate over time.

He also began to lose his spider powers over time, meaning that Jackal relied on him mostly for his intellect. However, in true Spider-Man fashion, Jack eventually betrayed the Jackal to assist Spider-Man in the end. While little was still known about him, Jack’s bravery, in the end, helps rank him a bit above his friend, Guardian.


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9 Ultimate Scorpion

In the Ultimate Comics, Scorpion isn’t actually Mac Gargan. Instead, he is a clone of Peter Parker. At the start of Bendis’ take on the Clone Saga, Scorpion is actually one of the first clones that Spider-Man encounters.

In his confusion, he is actually fairly easy to defeat. Likewise, he is also Peter’s first clue into unfolding the mystery that is the clones. While he is still a clone of Peter, Ultimate Scorpion is actually more of a hindrance and barely relevant to the story.

8 Ultimate Tarantula

Unlike his Earth 616 counterpart, Ultimate Tarantula is actually a clone of Peter Parker. After Ultimate Scorpion leads Spider-Man to one of Doc Ock’s facilities, he discovers other clones of himself. One of them is Ultimate Tarantula. Since this version of the character is one of the earlier experiments conducted by Octavius, Otto took the opportunity to add a bit more spider DNA, thus drastically altering the appearance of this version of Peter.

Much like ultimate Scorpion, Ultimate Tarantula doesn’t really do much, as he is soon killed by Otto towards the conclusion of the arc. Because of this, he only ranks marginally better than other Spider-Man clones.

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7 Ultimate Carnage

Unlike other versions of the Ultimate clones, Ultimate Carnage is a bit different. In the Ultimate Universe, he actually isn’t the spawn of Venom. Instead, he is the byproduct of Curt Conners’ experiment with Peter’s DNA and the Venom symbiote.

While this version of the character is technically a clone of Peter Parker, he’s definitely more of a lab experiment gone bad rather than an actual Clone. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Ultimate Carnage could still be just as destructive as his main Earth 616 counterpart. Though he’s not really the best “clone” per se, Ultimate Carnage is still an incredibly deadly version of Peter Parker.


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5 Spider-Boy

For those who are unfamiliar, the Amalgam universe is a universe filled with interesting mash-ups and combinations of popular DC and Marvel heroes. In this universe, Peter Ross is known as Spider-Boy. Though he holds a different name, he is still a direct clone of Peter Parker himself. While working at Cadmus, Peter Parker died shortly before he could see his cloning experiment to completion.

Due to his death, the clone was actually raised by General Ross. After Ross is murdered, Peter eventually dons a spider-themed costume, with a classic 90’s Superboy twist to it, becoming Spider-Boy. Thanks to his upbringing and motivations as a hero, Peter scores a bit higher than others featured on this list.

4 Otto Octavius

Currently, Dr. Otto Octavius is once again calling himself the superior Spider-Man. This time, however, he is not inside Peter Parker’s mind and body. Instead, Doc Ock cloned Peter and has now transferred his consciousness to the body of the clone.

One of the main differences in this case is that this version of Peter has none of his memories or personality traits, but the same powers and abilities. Furthermore, with the combined intelligence from Doc Ock, this Spider-Man is actually one of the most effective clones of Peter in the world. Though his moral compass is still skewed, Otto is arguably the Superior Spider-Man for some.

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3 Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew is actually the name of two of Marvel’s Spider-related characters. In the main universe, she is known as Spider-Woman and has absolutely no relation to Peter Parker. In the Ultimate universe though, she is a female clone of the famous web-slinger. Like the other Ultimate Clones, Jessica was “born from the same procedure.

As one of the more successful experiments, Jessica has much of Peter’s memories as well as his morals. Because of this, she was one of the more active heroes in the Ultimate universe, especially after Peter died. Though she always struggled with distinguishing herself from Peter, Jessica still proved to be an incredible hero in her own right.

2 Ben Reilly

As the first clone of Peter Parker to be introduced, Ben Reilly is one of the oldest characters on this list. In his journey as a character, Ben has been a bit darker than the normal Peter. He has tried to be a bit more like the original Spider-Man but has most recently been seen as more of an anti-hero.

Aside from his role in the Clone Saga, Ben has been a large part of Spider-Man’s backstory ever since his introduction. Ben is easily one of the most important Spider-Man clones, and also one of the more active and recurring ones. While some people still aren’t his biggest fan, there’s no denying the importance he has come to hold in Peter’s life.

1 Kaine Parker

Kaine Parker is easily one of the more successful clones of Peter Parker, ever. Despite being disfigured, Kaine has been on quite a journey. Going from a straight-up villain to an anti-hero in his own right, Kaine’s change in heart is one of the most intriguing takes offered yet on a Spider-Man character.

Of all other clones of Peter, Kaine has made the most distinguishable name for himself as Scarlet Spider. He has also managed to put his relationship to Peter behind him for the most part, growing into his own person. Because of this, Kaine is easily one of the most different and unique of all other Peter Parker clones, earning him the top spot in this regard.

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