Marvel is home to some of the most notorious villainous masterminds. Over the years some organizations have been birthed from the necessity to do evil. In recent times we've had a lot of focus on the Black Order, the henchmen of Thanos. But of course there are countless other evil groups that are just as deadly, dangerous, and vindictive.

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You would assume that the Black Order are the most deplorable group. The organisation has killed thousands of people and are willing to wipe out the galaxy for their cause. They have no morals and no shame. Surely no other group could be as villainous as this? We are taking a look at 10 groups who are more deplorable, not just because of their actions but because of the motives behind them.

10 Hydra

The Black Order are the Nazis of the galaxy. They wish to exterminate species and populations for a higher cause. However, there is an organisation on Earth that is known for being just as deplorable, but perhaps you wouldn't think that Hydra could be worse than the Black Order? Reaching its height during the rise of the Nazis, this group is vile through and through.

It's aim is to remake the world in its image, not for some higher purpose but to have power and control. Their leader the Red Skull, will stop at nothing until he gets his way working with many other deplorables.

9 A.I.M.

A.I.M. have often been a pawn in a number of other group's plans, often supplying them with dangerous weaponry and world changing technology. They have no regret over the consequences of some of their products and often go to great lengths to demonstrate or test them on human beings, in a cruel way.

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Some may underestimate the group, but they may be more deplorable than the Black Order because of their motivations. It seems that A.I.M. is primarily concerned with money and destruction; with greed fueling the fire. Their leader M.O.D.O.K. is a creature of menacing logic.

8 Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club are an elitist organisation created by wealthy mutants to have their influence on human kind. They look down on normal humans, seeing themselves as superior in every way. In some ways therefore humans are just pets to them, although they don't appreciate other mutants getting in the way of their plans either.

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They are more deplorable because of the way they conduct their business. While the Black Order have some kind loyalty to one another and a sense of duty, the Hellfire Club are driven by wealth and status. They flex their power not because they want to, not because of a higher purpose. They quickly take advantage of their own kind with no problem using their influence or torture to get their way.

7 H.A.M.M.E.R.

During Dark Reign, Norman Osborn replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. with his own organisation known as H.A.M.M.E.R. During this run it was never really revealed what the new name stood for, but there's been a few fan guesses over the years. From this the Cable was also launched and the organisation was actually made up partially from Hydra and A.I.M.

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This launched the Dark Avengers which were overseen by H.A.M.M.E.R. Unfortunately for the world, the groups overseeing their protection were made up of some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Hunting down mutants and super heroes, they used their new corrupt power to cause hell. This was an invasion from within and was a politically intelligent operation that somehow had the people on their side!

6 Masters Of Evil

The Masters of Evil aren't just deplorable because of what they stand for; it's because of its members. Over the years the group has seen some of the worst criminals in all of the Marvel universe. They really have no other desire than to kill the Avengers and other famous heroes, finally ridding the world of their most awful foes. They are driven by revenge and this is what makes them so dangerous.

The Masters of Evil are looking for ways to get rid of the heroes that stand against them. World domination is a bonus but they wouldn't hesitate to murder any of their allies. The most vile thing is how intelligent they are. Usually led by Baron Zemo, their plans are nothing short of brilliant; but always lethal with no thought as to the countless casualties that they could cause.

5 Thunderbolts

The Thunderbolts are deplorable for a completely different set of reasons. During their origin they were actually the Masters of Evil in disguise, led once again by Zemo. This is especially sinister as the group hoodwinked the public into believing they were there to save them, meaning the knife was straight in the back when the truth was really revealed.

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This team is usually made up of ex criminals and the pre-Dark Avengers iteration of the group was especially vicious. They were tasked with tracking down and incapacitating any unregistered heroes. The team took a great glee in this and on a number of occasions they actually went too far, murdering their victims in cold blood and laughing about it!

4 Brotherhood Of Mutants

Much like the Hellfire Club, the Brotherhood of Mutants is designed for the betterment of mutantkind. Although the Hellfire Club doesn't seem to actually honour this, the Brotherhood do. They are essentially a terrorist organisation who have found it their mission to keep the war going with the humans, for mutants to one day rule over the Earth, or at the very least stop being discriminated against.

The problem is their methods. When other mutants try to find diplomatic responses, the Brotherhood will seek to undermine this, instead invoking an aggressive response from the humans continuing the war. This creates a constant cycle therefore, with the Brotherhood knowing that they are responsible for the continued massacres.

3 Sinister Six

The Sinister Six were designed to take down the web-head once and for all. Their roster has included some of Spidey's worst villains to date. It's been headed up by people such as Doc Ock and Norman Osborn who are scheming and violent in their attempts to thwart the friendly neighborhood hero. But what makes them so much more deplorable than the Black Order?

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The terrible thing about this group is that they knowingly hunt a teenager. They are sometimes aware that Peter Parker is just a kid and yet go out of their way to try and murder him. They've even targeted his family, making this feud incredibly personal. They cross lines that some villains may not actually go near and show just how evil they really are.

2 Hood's Gang

A group of petty criminals probably doesn't sound that deplorable. That's not until they had the freedom to run amok on the streets under the guidance of Norman Osborn. They terrorised the neighbourhood and took over many smaller criminal organisations. They fought the secret Avengers on a number of occasions but none of this truly showcases how terrible they are.

It is their abuse of Tigra that was particularly aggressive. The blackmail and mental abuse that Tigra suffered because of this demonstrates their inability to feel anything human. They are thugs with no morals and not even an overall sense of purpose.

1 The Hand

This legendary cult has a dark past and a long list of blood hungry members. They  have magical abilities that aid them, with even the ability to play with death itself and resurrect some of their most lethal warriors. They have honor but are merciless which makes them even more deplorable.

They've built their empire on assassination, people trafficking and the drug trade with no regard for human life. They are trained in incredible martial arts and usually in the art of torture which they use effectively against their opponents. Such an ancient organisation has years of horrific events in their history and there's no sign of the group slowing down their violent methods.

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