When you're a god, it's pretty hard to imagine someone might actually be more powerful than you are. But here's the thing about Marvel - just when you think it's given us the most powerful character that could ever exist, it somehow manages to outdo itself and bring yet another stronger creature into the mix. It never gets boring, but sometimes it sure gets hard to keep track of.

In the case of Thor, it's almost impossible to conjure another entity who might be more powerful than him. After all, he's based on the god of thunder from Norse mythology. And yet, Marvel has managed to do so. While Thor is without a shadow of doubt one of the most powerful heroes to ever exist within the scope of the franchise, there are still a few others who would be able to give him a run for his money. So, without further ado, let's take a look at ten heroes who are actually stronger and more powerful than Thor.

10 Scarlet Witch

When it comes to the MCU, it's safe to say that the Scarlet Witch still hasn't truly shown just how powerful she is. And this is exactly one of the reasons why we can't wait for one of the next installments of the franchise, which will, without a doubt, finally show audiences what comic book fans have known for a while.

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In the comics, Scarlet Witch's powers are intense to the point of being able to manipulate reality itself. She has something called chaos magic, and because she has the ability to completely alter reality, it's very easy to see how she could defeat Thor without having to throw a single punch.

9 Odin

Let us not forget that, just because Thor is a god, it doesn't mean he was born out of thin air. In reality, the god of thunder has a father, who is also based on a figure of Norse mythology. Odin is the ruler of Asgard, and he's the one who created Thor's famous hammer in the first place.

He's not exactly an extremely pure soul. He did beat up Thor a handful of times - one of them nearly killed him. As such, it's easy to understand why Odin is, in fact, stronger than Thor. He rules over all Asgardians, which means he is the most powerful of them all. And he had his moments of glory and heroic feats, so major props.

8 Vision

The thing about Thor is that a lot of his strength comes from his all-powerful hammer, Mjølnir. Throughout the run of the comics, readers got to slowly understand that a few characters other than Thor - those who are deemed worthy - can also yield Mjølnir.

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Well, Vision is one of those characters and that's perhaps what makes him be able to defeat Thor in a potential fight. His powers are already pretty impressive as it is - they come from an Infinity Stone, after all. Add the power of Mjølnir to that and it becomes pretty straightforward that Vision would outdo Thor in this scenario.

7 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel had been a well-kept secret by the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years before it was announced she would have her own stand-alone movie. Not only that, but she was also the last thing everybody saw on the screen once Thanos finished his plan of wiping out half of life in the entire universe.

Fans went into insane speculation as to why Captain Marvel could potentially be such a threat for Thanos and her movie finally showed the full scope of her cosmic powers. She might not be a god but there's no doubt that if it ever came down to it, she would defeat Thor. He would put up a fight, yes but she would eventually become victorious.

6 Dr. Strange

Yes, Thor is a god, and he has a very powerful hammer but much like what happens with Scarlet Witch, what is physical strength once you compare it to magic? It's a whole other dimension of power, one that can warp realities and teleport entities. There's nothing Thor can do when faced with such immense power.

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Doctor Strange just so happens to be the embodiment of those kinds of powers. From dimensional warping to astral projection, conjuration to time manipulation, he can pretty much do it all. Most of the heroes we know and love that rely on less mystical forces to harness their powers would find themselves in quite a pickle if faced with Doctor Strange - Thor included.

5 Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Not to be confused with its evil alter ego of sorts, the Dark Phoenix, the first incarnation of the Phoenix actually used its powers to help the X-Men and do good deeds. And the powers Jean Grey gained once she was reborn as the all-powerful Phoenix are nothing to be ashamed of.

On the contrary, once she became the Phoenix, Jean Grey was in possession of heightened abilities and powers that were nearly considered to make her omnipotent. That's a godly quality that not even Thor can brag about having! She already proved just how far her powers can take her - and defeating Thor wouldn't exactly be a challenge.

4 Hercules

Hercules is one of those names that will live on very likely until the end of humanity. And if you're just guiding your perceptions of him through the beloved Disney movie, then you might want to take your research a little bit further. Of course, Marvel wouldn't lose their chance of introducing such a powerful demigod into the universe.

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Hercules owes his strength to his father Zeus, and if you think he is no match for Thor then you might want to think again. We're talking about someone who played around with Godzilla like it was a plastic toy and actually held up the entire planet Earth. As in, he held it just using the strength of his biceps. Not even Thor can compete with that.

3 Zeus

Oh yes, one of the very few people Hercules could actually beat might just be his father, Zeus. This massive bad boy could actually defeat Odin himself. Plus, he's responsible for beating even Galactus, and Thanos which pretty much puts him on a pedestal.

It's not just the fact that he possesses all the necessary features to be a god. He can also summon all the power from other Greek gods when it suits him, plus the power of the actual Universe. As much as we love Thor, there's no denying that if it ever came down to it, he wouldn't stand a chance against the all-mighty Zeus.

2 Sentry

When a rival franchise comes up with what was to become one of the best-known heroes of all time, you really have no other choice aside from trying to come up with something similar and better. And that's exactly what Marvel did when attempting to conjure its own version of Superman.

One of those obscure characters that many fans might not recognize is Sentry. He supposedly holds the power of a thousand exploding suns. And that sounds like a whole lot of power. Certainly a lot more than Thor. While there isn't much information out there about Sentry, there's certainly enough to know he's one of the strongest heroes of all time.

1 The One Above All

The One Above All will forever remain one of the most interesting and intricate characters of the Marvel Universe. After all, the things that you see and know that make up this extraordinary universe, they have the hand of The One Above All.

We don't have a word for what could potentially be more powerful than a god - but that's exactly what The One Above All is. And what makes him even more compelling is that he seldom interferes with anything that's going on in the Universe. Not much is known about him, but there's one thing we can know for sure - no matter who attempted to face him, he would be gone within the blink of an eye.

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