The Champions have just been drawn into Marvel's upcoming Incoming event.

In a new teaser, the team -- including Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Nova, Ironheart, Viv Vision and Brawn -- is gathered around a television screen, which shows a man in a suit speaking at a podium. Each character looks taken aback or angry, suggesting the man is a bearer of bad news for them. The teaser text at the top of the image warns of "A Titanic Division."

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Considering the word "Titanic," the teaser seems to suggest something connecting to the Titans -- that is, the citizens of Saturn's moon Titans. Some of the Marvels most famous Titans include Thanos and Starfox, though neither have been confirmed to participate in the event.

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Although there are few details on Incoming at this time, the initial announcement featured a teaser image with an unknown figure wielding a sword He-Man style, with ominous-looking eyes in the background and the tag, "One will unite them!" A later image then teased the potential of the series being a murder mystery of some sort, then another put the Eternity Mask from Marvel Comics #1000 front and center, while the most recent involved key mutant characters from House of X and Powers of X.

Incoming is set for release on December 26.

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