Season X of Fortnite promised to turn back time and return some of the game's most iconic locations to the Battle Royale game mode. So far, Dusty Depot, Retail Row and the long-forgotten factories have all resurfaced on the map. Well, this week's patch saw the return of another fan-favorite drop, as the Floating Island has reappeared outside of Fatal Fields.

First introduced at the beginning of Season 6, the Floating Island was ripped out of the middle of Loot Lake by The Cube, which was referred to as "Kevin" by hardcore fans. Following its ascension, the structure moved across the Fortnite map for over a month before returning to Loot Lake and exploding to form small islands in the newly-named Leaky Lake.

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This newest iteration of the island bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor except for one slight difference. The structure that currently resides over Fatal Fields has brought back another location in the Motel, which met its end during Season 8 at the hands of The Block. Just like the first island, the only way to access the structure without landing on it from the start is via a low-gravity vortex that will allow you to glide to the top. It also appears the new Floating Island will travel across the map, although its endpoint is unclear at this time.

Along with the new drop spot, Fortnite introduced a new item to the game called the Zapper Trapper. Unlike other traps, this item is throwable, meaning players can toss it towards an opponent rather than having to place it near an enemy. As the patch post describes, "on impact, the thrown object deploys a damaging trap on both sides of a building piece." If players are looking to find the new trap, it's available from Floor Loot, Vending Machines, Supply Drops and Llamas. The Zapper Trap is an Epic rarity item and has a max stack size of 4.

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If the Zapper Trap seems familiar, it may be because of its similarities to the infamous Zapotron. Available only briefly during Battle Royale's early days, the Sniper Rifle was an incredibly powerful weapon that could instantly eliminate an opponent. The Zapotron left the game as quickly as it entered it because of its ridiculous potential. To this day, the weapon has never found itself back in the Battle Royale, even in Limited Time modes. As the season moves forward, It'll be interesting to see if the Zapper Trapper paves the way for a return of its namesake.

Fortnite is available across multiple gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

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