Marvel has begun teasing in earnest its next big event story. Spinning out of the pages of Marvel Comics #1000, the tale of the Eternity Mask, and whoever is using it, are at the forefront of this new Marvel mystery. With yesterday's cryptic teaser regarding "a mysterious murder," Marvel is laying out various pieces to a puzzle and leaving it up to the fans to figure it out.

Last month, Marvel hinted at the arrival of a new hero who would unite all the others. It's still unclear who this hero will be, but between that, yesterday's murder mystery tease, and now the latest puzzle piece featuring the new Masked Raider, fans may still likely find themselves with more questions than answers.

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The meaning behind Marvel's latest puzzle piece is significantly less clear than yesterday's. Depicted on this piece are four images: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, the new Masked Raider and a chalk outline of a figure with the phrase "2 Faced," along with a red star, written inside. All of this came with the tagline, "A Glimpse of Eternity..."

Perhaps the most valuable information in this new teaser comes from the presence of the Masked Raider. It's all but assured that the Raider will be incredibly important moving into and during this event. With that in mind, though, figuring out exactly what this event will be remains a challenge. The Raider seeks to stop the secretive Enclave, but what that specifically entails is yet to be determined.

This is not even yet mentioning what Daredevil and Jessica Jones have to do with anything, other than implying that at least part of the story will be street-level in nature. Jones was featured on the Raider's wall at the end of Marvel Comics #1000, and this teaser seems to imply that she and Daredevil will have a deeper significance to the plot.

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Fans might seek more answers by combining this with yesterday's teaser. The "mysterious murder" puzzle piece harkens back to writer Jason Aaron's Original Sin crossover event, which saw a cadre of heroes uncovering the truth behind the murder of Uatu the Watcher. However, given the other pieces that have been revealed, a regular whodunit kind of story is likely the least of what Marvel has planned.

Whatever Marvel has in store, it has something to do with the Eternity Mask, and perhaps even the cosmic being known as Eternity. Marvel Comics #1000 clearly distinguished its Eternity Mask arc apart from all the others. Readers got a glimpse of the Mask's presence throughout history, and witnessed some of the people interested in finding it, including the hero Blue Marvel. It all led right up to the present day, where some unknown figure is seen using the mask, taking the mantle of the Masked Raider.

There was also a page featuring Eternity himself, the living embodiment of literally everything in the universe. What that says about this event is that, despite it being very much based on an earthly problem, it could still have huge ramifications for the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Marvel's next blockbuster event is set to be released, or at least fully revealed, on December 26, 2019. Until then, be sure to keep an eye out for any more teasers with the "Incoming!" tagline, or anything regarding the Eternity Mask for that matter.

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