Simon Baz is one of the newer characters to be introduced into the Green Lantern Mythos, but he’s already made quite a name for himself in the Corps and with comic fans alike. Introduced in 2012 in The New 52: Free Comic Book Day Special Edition #1, he’s the first Muslim-American Green Lantern and was chosen during the events of the Rise of the Third Army.

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With so many other Green Lanterns, it’s hard to stand out, but Simon has some unique feats and facts in his backstory that make him a worthy peer of legends such as Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner.

10 He Was Wrongfully Imprisoned In Guantanamo Bay

Before he was chosen as a Green Lantern, Simon was a mechanic and took part in illegal street racing. This was an activity he participated in with his brother-in-law, Nazir, until an accident put the latter into a coma. Simon then began to steal vans and sell the parts to make extra money, and eventually made the mistake of stealing the wrong person’s van. Simon was caught in a van filled with explosives, and was arrested and brought to Guantanamo Bay on suspicion of being a terrorist. His ring later allowed him to escape, and he’s since made peace with the FBI Agents who had arrested him.

9 He Healed His Brother-In-Law From His Coma

As mentioned before, Simon’s brother-in-law, Nazir, was put into a coma after a devastating car crash while the two were illegally street racing. After being told by the Green Lantern B’dg that the ring is capable of anything through willpower, Simon immediately thinks of Nazir.

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The two lanterns fly to the hospital, but B’dg explains to Simon that the ring is not meant to be used to heal people, especially from such a major injury and by a rookie ringslinger. Simon, thankfully, ignores him, and is somehow able to pull Nazir out of the coma and heal all of his injuries.

8 He Broke The Templar Guardians Out

After the events of Rise of The Third Army, the Guardians of the Universe proved their titles were more of an oxymoron than originally considered. Many of the lanterns didn’t know that there were actually more Guardians who had been imprisoned for having different ideals than the main guardians.

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The Templar Guardians did not believe in getting rid of emotions and identities, and were imprisoned in the Chamber of Shadows. Simon was able to break them free, but was defeated by Black Hand and sucked into the black ring. There he met Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

7 His Ring Is A Fusion Of Two Other Rings

During the events of Rise of the Third Army, both Hal Jordan and Sinestro were presumed dead when they were imprisoned in Black Hand’s Black Lantern Ring. As a result, the two lost their rings, but instead of finding a new host for each, they fused together.

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The ring found its way to Simon Baz, and both of its former wearers gave a prerecorded message to the new ringbearer. Hal’s was a more peaceful yet urgent message to avoid the Guardians and find Carol Ferris. Sinestro informed Simon to destroy the guardians and recruit Arkillo, a member of the Sinestro Corps.

6 He Has A Connection To Sinestro

Being similar to one of the worst Green Lantern villains of all time may not seem like a good trait, but keep in mind that Sinestro was also one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time. When they are stuck in Black Hand’s ring, Sinestro revealed that he forced the ring to choose a successor that is more like him than Hal, in order to enact his plans against the guardians. B’dg also comments at a different time that Simon’s brash personality is extremely similar to Sinestro’s, and may explain why the ring chose him.

5 His Ring Originally Chose Someone Else

During the Green Lanterns story arc The Phantom Lantern, we are introduced to Frank Laminski. Frank was an Air Force pilot who dedicated his life to being chosen by a Green Lantern ring. After finding out the ring was based on willpower and overcoming fear, he took on the most dangerous jobs in the world, such as guarding inmates at Arkham Asylum. He felt the ring was out there watching and judging him, and he was correct. A ring eventually accepted him into the corps, but then the ring decided it made an error, and flew directly to Guantanamo Bay, right onto the hand of our friend Simon Baz.

4 He’s The Only Green Lantern To Carry A Gun

Simon spent the beginning of his Green Lantern training learning to use the ring, but always kept a pistol on his side. This is because he has not learned to 100% trust the ring, and wants to use a familiar weapon he can rely on in case things ever get dicey.

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This proved worthwhile when Simon was also stuck in Black Hand’s ring, and he shot Sinestro in the head after the latter attacked him. The person to finally convince Simon to relieve his firearm was none other than Batman, and the gun is kept in GCPD under Commissioner Gordon.

3 He Has The Power Of Emerald Sight

Emerald Sight is a unique ability to the members of the Green Lantern Corps that readers were introduced to through the eyes of Simon Baz. It is unknown how Simon acquire this power, but it is extremely rare among Green Lanterns. Emerald Sight gives Simon a sense of precognition in relation to major events. He has received glimpses of the near future throughout the series Green Lanterns, including seeing the forging of the Phantom Ring long before the heroes had actually encountered it. Simon is still unsure how to control this new ability.

2 He Shared A Battery With Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is the newest of the Earth Green Lanterns. After being possessed by the Power Ring of Volthoom from Earth 3, Jessica tried to save The Flash and was rewarded with a Green Lantern ring. After giving the two a test (which they failed), Hal realized they needed to be able to work as a team. He fused their power batteries together, and for a while the two could not charge their rings without the other one being there. The two finally learned to be good partners and each earned their lantern back, while some romantic feelings for each other may have also blossomed.

1 He Has An Earth 3 Counterpart

Earth-3 is an alternate Earth in the DC Multiverse which is basically the opposite of Earth-0. It is home to the Crime Syndicate of America, an evil version of the Justice League that includes members such as Ultraman and Owlman. Power Ring is the Earth-3 version of Green Lantern, and is powered by the wearers fear as opposed to their ability to overcome it. Solomon Baz was a getaway driver who was supposed to deliver a van of bombs into a concert, but was too afraid to go through with the crime, and was found by the Ring of Volthoom. He was eventually consumed by the ring, and lay dormant until Simon appeared on Earth-3, but eventually was defeated.

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