One Piece is a grand pirate world full of unique power systems, diverse mythology, and imaginative technology that can do anything, from creating life-saving miracles to destroying entire kingdoms. And, for a world full of pirates battling and trying to conquer the world, a lot of these items tend to do the latter.

Coming from the artistic mind of Eiichiro Oda, One Piece is home to a wide variety of deeply inventive and stylistically unique weapons. When thinking about who the next pirate king will be or who will win in the battle between the Revolutionaries and Marines, it’s not a bad thing to consider exactly which of these weapons is better to have at hand. Today, this list will run down the 10 strongest, invented weapons to exist in One Piece.

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NOTE: Things that act more like naturally occurring resources, such as Devil Fruits, or are non-canon, like Dyna Stones, have not made this list. Instead, this article will specifically be looking at the destructive inventions of the world.

10 The Thousand Sunny’s Gaon Cannon

Modeled from the air pressure cannons that “Cyborg” Franky uses in his arms, the Gaon Cannon is an even more destructive air cannon installed at the literal head of the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship, the Thousand Sunny. The Gaon Cannon is the Thousand Sunny’s main weapon, releasing a beam to wipe out enemies and their bases, as evident when it was used against Duval and his Flying Fish Riders.

What keeps the Gaon Cannon low on this list is the fact a single shot requires several barrels of cola, the ship’s main fuel source, so it can only be used sparingly.

9 Energy Steroids

Based on actual Japanese lore and hidden within the Fish-Man paradise that is the Ryugu Kingdom, the Tamatebako is a treasure said to contain the ability to age its user. Other lore claimed it to grant incredible strength. In actuality, both ideas were true. Used by Hody Jones and his New Fish-Man Pirates, the contents of the Tamatebako were mysterious pills called Energy Steroids.

At the cost of their user's lifespan, Energy Steroids grant the ability to “make one as strong as a thousand men.” With these pills, one can turn any soldier within their army into a destructive, hulking monster. Upon taking multiple Energy Steroids, one is even able to compound their strength. However, taking too many also results in their users becoming incredibly aged.

8 Buggy Balls

A bit of a forgotten gem in the One Piece world, Buggy Balls are an invention of Buggy the Clown and his pirate crew that carries significantly more power than the average cannonball. One Buggy Ball alone is shown to be able to level half a village. During the Impel Down arc, Buggy even uses miniature versions of the Buggy Ball, dubbed “Muggy Balls,” that still carried plenty of destructive power, showing to be able to injure one of the hellish prison’s monstrous guards.

While these destructive red spheres haven’t made much of an appearance recently, they are still a defining resource and help make Buggy a consistent player in the Great Pirate Era.

7 Pacifistas

A relatively new invention within the One Piece world, dubbed “Human Weapons,” Pacifistas are powerful cyborgs modeled on the warlord Bartholomew Kuma and invented by the Marines for the express purpose of wiping out the most powerful of pirate enemies. Each one supposedly costs the same as an entire battleship and for good reason.

The Pacifistas have visual targeting systems specifically designed to focus on wanted pirates from any distance and laser beams modeled from the powers of one of the strongest marines, Admiral Kizaru, coming out of their mouths. These giant terminators have already shown their destructive power against the likes of the early Supernovas and even the Whitebeard pirates during their attack on Marineford and will seem to be a terrifying, reoccurring obstacle for our heroes to come.

6 General Franky

However, in seeming retaliation and defense, the trusty shipwright of the Straw Hats devised his own giant robot: General Franky. A much larger piece of walking metal than even Franky himself, General Franky is a piloted robot that carries stronger artillery than Franky’s base body, a Gaon Cannon of its own referred to as “General Cannon,” and enough strength and endurance to create massive destruction, whether it is fighting an enemy head-on, just walking, or flailing around its mounted sword, the Franken.

During the Punk Hazard arc, Donquixote agent Baby 5 even claims that General Franky is able to withstand her own, Pacifista-destroying attacks. It is truly a robot for all to stare, starry-eyed at.

5 Dials

Dials as a whole have been a rare commodity since the Skypiea arc. Strange devices made from particular seashells, dials are used as a versatile technology for Skypieans to cook, cut, and even travel. However, some of the most dangerous weapon-based dials are the Impact Dials, devices that can absorb the kinetic energy from an attack and send the damage back at the press of a button.

Even more powerful and rarer are Reject Dials, which can absorb the power of an attack and reflect back the damage tenfold, with the price being that it is literally a doubled-edged weapon, firing the multiplied damage at the target and user. An Impact Dial alone is enough to cause damage to the rubbery body of Monkey D. Luffy, but a Reject Dial has been shown to create huge amounts of destruction and even kill the god of Skypiea.

4 The 12 Supreme Grade Swords

Getting deeper into the larger lore of the One Piece world, swordsmen have their own entire mythology separate from the pirate stuff. Within this world, there are legendary swords of incredible grades that are treated as sacred and desirable within One Piece’s internal sword fandom. Of these legendary swords, the highest grade of all would be the 12 Supreme Grade Swords. While not many of them are shown, they have enough representation due to one of them being in the possession of Dracule Mihawk. While a sword’s power may be based more on their user’s skill than any actual innate strengths, they do elevate the potential destructive power of their user.

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In the case of Mihawk, he’s used his larger than life blade, Yoru, to make mincemeat out of giant pirate ships at the flick of hand and cut the battleground of Marineford in half. These little doohickies are sought after for a reason and contribute a great amount to the lore and status quo of One Piece’s sword-wielding world.

3 Shinokuni

Entering the more ethically dangerous elements of chemical warfare, time to discuss One Piece’s terrified affinity for the poisonous gases. Whether it has someone hunting for a gas mask on the Baratie or running back for their cell on Impel Down, poison gases have been a devastating force against large forces. None, however, have shown to have as much destructive power as Caesar Clown’s Shinokuni.

This gaseous explosion petrifies its victims. If someone isn’t revived fast enough, they will surely be killed within the dark, purple cloud. Shinokuni itself is made when the personification of a chemical explosion (dubbed Smiley) is fed a certain candy and caused to die and explode. Every facet of Caesar’s chemical weapons, from its creation to its destruction, are chaotic and saddening and truly give a name to one of the world’s best scientists and the master of gases.

2 Clima-Tact

Landing at second place is a little underrated item. Invented by Usopp, suited up with materials from the Boin Archipelago and combined with ahead of its time weather technology and research, Nami’s Clima-Tact is a destructive and versatile tool that deserves a little more credit within the Straw Hat forces. It can summon rain, storms, winds, and lightning in any sized room, while also creating mirages to hide its user (a wonderful ability for the ship’s resident cat burglar).

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The Clima-Tact allows Nami to take on strong foes, wipe out huge groups of enemies (and, more often than not, allies), and even redirect a lightning attack from one of the strongest pirates on the sea. Let’s just say that Nami is far from the weakest member of the crew.

1 Pluton

Topping this list is one of One Piece’s legendary “Ancient Weapons,” weapons that are hidden throughout the world said to be able to cause massive destruction. They are the major argument for citizens of the world to avoid any study of the Void Century or the hidden Poneglyphs. While only 2 of the 3 have been identified thus far, Pluton is the only one currently that is an actual item, as Uranus has yet to be revealed and Poseidon is a person/prophecy.

Pluton is an ancient ship lost long ago with origins in Water 7. Just the knowledge of Pluton’s location or blueprints warrants mass efforts from the World Government to hunt down any possible conspirator. While it or its potential has yet to be shown, Pluton gets the #1 spot for all the destruction, conspiracies, and fighting that just its prestige has encouraged.

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