With the announcement of a new She-Hulk series on the new Disney+ streaming service, several people with no sense of history began making noise on the internet that She-Hulk is a new creation and some kind of attempt to feminize the Hulk for the "MeToo Era”.

Not only is that talk utter nonsense, but She-Hulk has a long and varied history that has touched all corners of the Marvel Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Sal Buscema in her own comic in 1980, Jennifer Walters has been part of numerous teams, had several relationships, and has spoken to readers from the pages of many comics.

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10 Unique Origin

Jennifer Walters was the daughter of the local sheriff. She and her cousin Bruce Banner spent summers together, usually in the library. She grew up to become a lawyer, and she was defending a gangster who turned states evidence on the notorious Nicholas Trask. Trask’s men shot Jennifer on a day Bruce was in town, and Bruce ran them off. Desperate to save her life, he broke into a doctor’s office and gave Jennifer a transfusion.

Leaving Jennifer at a nearby hospital, Bruce left in fear that he would be discovered. Trask’s men made a second attempt on Jennifer, and the adrenaline caused Bruce’s blood to trigger a change in her. Jennifer’s height and muscle mass increased and she turned green. Jennifer trapped the thugs and escaped.

9 Mind Over Muscle

Jennifer was “savage,” and her transformations were triggered by anger. She gained control of her transformations when Michael Morbius cured her of a lethal blood disease. Jennifer found that being She-Hulk gave her confidence that she lacked before.

Some believe that her beautiful Amazonian Gamma form is her subconscious image of an “ideal woman." Jennifer so greatly preferred her She-Hulk form that, when she became trapped in it after a radiation leak, she accepted the news with a shrug.

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8 What Fourth Wall?

She-Hulk began breaking the fourth wall long before Deadpool ever existed. She started exhibiting “Comic Awareness” in the John Byrne-written Sensational She-Hulk. She was taught how to step between the panels by the 1940’s character the Blond Phantom who wanted to be a comic character again to keep from dying.

Jennifer would talk to the readers, yell at Byrne for the writing and her outfits, and rip through pages and walk across ads. Jennifer spoke to readers in other comics, and the characters looked at her with confounded expressions. Bruce even suggested that she talk to Doc Samson about her delusion of a “fourth wall.”

7 Team Player

She-Hulk has been a member of several teams. Jennifer joined the Avengers just before the team was transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder. At the end of that adventure, the Thing chose to stay on Battleworld, and asked Jennifer to take his place on the Fantastic Four. When Ben returned, she rejoined the Avengers.

With the Initiative, She-Hulk was placed on the Defenders. She’s on the Fearsome Four with Howard the Duck, the Lady Liberators, Mighty Avengers, and the Future Foundation. On the new Battleworld, Jen joined A-Force, an all-female hero team.

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6 A-Force

No one, except for Reed Richards and the Molecule Man, remembered the destruction of the Universes and the Battleworld. When Singularity began causing havoc in her pursuit of Antimatter, she gathered the attention of She-Hulk, Dazzler, Carol Danvers, and others. The team defeated Antimatter on the Blue Area of the Moon where Dazzler was killed but returned to life.

With foreknowledge provided by precog Inhuman Ulysses, A-Force next faced Thanos as he prepared to attack Project PEGASUS in search of a Cosmic Cube. They defeated Thanos, but She-Hulk was critically wounded, and War Machine was killed. The ramifications of Ulysses power sparked the second Civil War and ended in the death of Bruce at the hands of Hawkeye, at Bruce’s request.

5 Litigator to the Universe

Jennifer was upset that she was stuck watching Senior Law Partner Holden Holliway’s granddaughter, the would-be super-villain Southpaw. Southpaw wasn’t happy either but Holliway said that the women are alike and could learn a lesson in responsibility from each other.

Three members of the Living Tribunal’s Magistrati arrived to tell Jennifer that they were offering her a place on their court. She agreed and is teleported away with Southpaw to the Star Chamber. She was given ceremonial robes and began adjudicating over several cases. Her determination that a Watcher could observe but must be silenced so he never revealed details of a reclusive species would have far-reaching ramifications.

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4 Beat the Champion of the Universe

Jennifer was sent to the planet Skardon where disputes are settled by combat. The Champion of the Universe had arrived to enslave the planet and had already defeated several powerful beings, including Gladiator, the Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock. The Champion was offended that he had to fight a woman, but the Magistrati told him that gender was irrelevant. They fought, and She-Hulk was beaten terribly. She might have been killed, but the Magistrati stopped the fight. She-Hulk protested that she could continue, and they ruled that a rematch would be scheduled in three Earth months. The Champion protested, but he was told to either abide or faced with the Living Tribunal.

Remembering that her strength as Jennifer is increased exponentially as She-Hulk, Jennifer went on an extensive training regime and learned new fighting techniques from Gamora. Southpaw learned that there is a rule against outside weapons, so Jennifer had Champion remove his Infinity Power Gem. This time, She-Hulk defeated Champion easily. The Magistrati informed Jennifer that she had completed her duties for now, and she and Southpaw returned to Earth.

3 Civil War

She-Hulk registered with the Superhero Registration Act, but she still defended its opponents. Two of the surviving New Warriors, Rage and Justice, sought an injunction against the website “Destroy All Warriors!” which published the identities and addresses of New Warriors members, opening them up to violence. She-Hulk’s own identity is published on the site prior to the trial.

Jennifer called Tony Stark to the stand and made him admit his own actions, including mind control, to keep his identity safe. Stark gave her the name of the site's originator. It was former Warrior’s member Hindsight Lad who is ashamed of his legacy after the incident. An angry mob was about to attack, but they were disbursed by John Jameson. Jennifer was also the lawyer for the only surviving member of the actual Stamford incident, Speedball. She-Hulk was drafted into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Hulkbusters by Agent Clay Quartermain.

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2 World War Hulk

Due to her forced involvement with S.H.I.E.L.D., Jennifer learned that they might actually know where the Illuminati sent Bruce. Stark anticipated a problem, so he used nanotechnology to steal Jen’s powers. She told Stark that he made a big mistake. Before, she would have only pounded him, but now he was facing one of the best lawyers in the country, and she could ruin him. Amadeus Cho briefly restored her powers, and she defeated Doc Samson. She tried and failed to stop Bruce, and he trapped her among the captured heroes in Madison Square Garden.

Jennifer prepares her case against Stark but is subpoenaed to appear in another case involving the Leader where she must confront the fact that she is “addicted” to being She-Hulk. Jennifer amends the Stark suit to call for the destruction of all the nanotechnology.

1 Still Has Issues

Being She-Hulk is not without its challenges for Jennifer. She had to deal with several demoralizing sexist actions against her by the paparazzi and rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Because of the chaos magic of Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk becomes enraged and rips the Vision in half. She causes massive damage while hiding in the town of Bone, Idaho.

Jennifer is disbarred for divulging the privileged information of a client. She sides against friends in the first Civil War and mourns Bruce’s death after the second. Recently, her battle with the Dark Celestials has given her a more powerful and bulkier form which lessens her intellect as She-Hulk.

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