Superpowers often tends to come hand-in-hand with the burden of responsibility, not to mention different viewpoints. Heroes and villains use their gifts for many different things, and sometimes actions are questioned and not always appreciated. Plenty of friendships have blossomed in the Marvel Comics universe, but more often than not, they've been tested in big ways at some point.

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Whether it's a major disagreement, a reluctance to support certain beliefs, a sibling rivalry, or just an underlying dislike for one and other, there have been plenty of friends that have become enemies. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most iconic pairs of frenemies in Marvel Comics.

10 Spider-Man And Deadpool

It's often tricky to have a budding friendship with a mercenary who uses violence to such extreme measures, but for some reason, Spider-Man has a soft spot for the Merc with a Mouth (whether he cares to admit it or not). The two have had various encounters over the years, and for the most part, they've gotten on relatively well.

The Secret Empire storyline saw Spider-Man and Deadpool fall out in a big way, but the two once again found common ground when they appeared in their own comic in 2016, as their Spider-Man/Deadpool series forced them back together. The two work well together, and the world is a better place when they're not at each other's throats.

9 Wolverine And Cyclops

There is much more to Logan and Summer's relationship than simply being in love with the same girl. Following Cyclops' orders have been tough for Wolverine, especially when he doesn't agree with them. The two have come to blows a few times, and it often ends badly - not just for them but for everyone around.

In Avengers vs X-Men, Wolverine was furious after Charles Xavier died at the hands of Summers, which led to Logan almost killing him. Perhaps their biggest falling out, however, happened in X-Men: Schism. Wolverine grew sick of Cyclops when he ordered his team to kill without using alternative methods beforehand, causing major ramifications for the X-Men.

8 Captain America And Iron Man

The Avengers are supposed to be a beacon of hope, fighting those that pose a threat to the entire world. Their mission has always been to save humanity whatever the cost, and they've often done a fine job protecting the human race. However, two of their most famous members had a huge falling out during the Civil War event.

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Captain America and Tony Stark drew a line in the sand and asked people to pick a side. The U.S. government introduce the Superhero Registration Act, which required secret identities to be revealed and all superheroes to be monitored, but Cap refuses to support it. Death and destruction follows both men as the war rages on, changing the Marvel Comics Universe forever.

7 Professor X And Magneto

Throughout their lives, both Professor X and Magneto have been shunned, abused, and disowned by society for their mutant abilities. They have been great friends for decades, and despite their views on how mutants and humans should co-exist, both men have a deep respect for one and other. They often stand side by side in the face of adversity.

Charles Xavier believes that mutants could one day be accepted as equals to humans, whilst Erik Lehnsherr believes that mutants are superior, with violence often being at the forefront of his ideals. Despite all this, they've had each other's backs, such as the time Magneto led the X-Men in Professor X's absence, and when both mutants opposed Baron Von Strucker in the early days.

6 Gamora And Nebula

Let's face it: siblings can be the best of friends one minute and fighting over something relatively insignificant the next. The problem with both Gamora and Nebula is that they're not your normal pair of sisters. Both were raised by the Mad Titan, which is enough to make any other family seem completely normal.

Thanos always favored Gamora over Nebula, which upset her greatly. Gamora always wanted to have a normal relationship with her surrogate sister, but Nebula's rage drove a wedge between them. In the MCU the two grew close, eventually finding common ground in their shared hatred of their father.

5 Thor And Loki

It's not easy having a God for a brother, especially when they're as devious as Loki. During their childhood, the God of Mischief grew jealous of his brother, hating the way Thor was viewed by the people of Asgard. Not being an Asgardian himself, Loki felt like an outcast and often tried to best his brother on numerous occasions.

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While the two have battled each other a lot, they've also worked together. During Surtur's attack on Asgard, Loki tries to stop him, even if it's only because he wants Asgard for himself. Brothers, friends, and enemies, the relationship between the God of Thunder and his brother has given us some of the most interesting stories in Marvel's colorful history.

4 Hulk & Thing

The Hulk is a being of immense power, and when he gets out of control, there aren't many opponents who can pose a legitimate threat to him. One superhero that has often matched the big green monster, though, is Ben Grimm, The Thing. The two first met in Fantastic Four #12, and ever since they've been a part of each other's lives.

Being two of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics, it's a given that they've come to blows countless times, but they've also been on the same side. Both Banner and Grimm are good guys, and if they've fought, it's been for a good reason. However, it's still fun to see their battles unfold, regardless of the reasons for them tangling in the first place.

3 Daredevil And Punisher

Crime never pays, but the ways Daredevil and Punisher view justice couldn't be more different. While Daredevil prefers justice to unfold without killing, Punisher would rather see a bullet or two dish it out. This difference of opinion has often caused the two to come to blows. Frank Castle has pushed Matt Murdock to his limits, testing his code of ethics on more than one occasion.

Perhaps their greatest fight came in the pages of Daredevil Vs. Punisher. Even so, they've also worked together to bring down the criminal underworld: during The Omega Effect, they also worked with Spider-Man to protect the Omega Drive from a criminal organization known as Megacrime.

2 Galactus And Silver Surfer

The Devourer of Worlds is easily one of the most dangerous enemies in the entirety of the Marvel Comics Universe. After all, he eats planets and kills billions of innocent people just to sate his hunger. In order to seek out his next meal, his Heralds are responsible for finding planets for him to devour, with his most famous servant being the Silver Surfer.

Willingly choosing to serve Galactus to save his own civilization, Silver Surfer became a loyal Herald, but that doesn't mean he's always followed him blindly. Norrin Radd has fought his master a few times, betraying him after arriving on Earth and being aided by the Fantastic Four. He almost killed Galactus with the aid of Qasar's Quantum bands.

1 Ant-Man And The Wasp

There are a lot of famous relationships in Marvel Comics, and one such relationship is that of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne. Despite their love for each other, they've also been on the receiving end of each other's anger. Wasp once stopped a brainwashed Ant-Man from destroying Avengers Mansion.

Hank Pym has always faced a great deal of trauma, suffering under the weight of his own genius. However, despite everything, Wasp cares greatly for him, and the two have also fought side by side to rid the world of evil on plenty of occasions.

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