They say home is where the heart is. Home is the place made to make people feel safe, secure and one with who they are. Yet for the superheroes found in the pages of DC Comics, what is home to them?

Is it the place they live in during their off time, living life as their “regular person” or secret identity? Is it the retreat from battle that allows a hero to seek safety and help in finding and dealing with criminals? DC fans tune in, as today is all about exploring the ten best hideouts for DC Comics heroes.

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10 Legion Citadel

Longtime fans of the Legion of Superheroes will remember that the first headquarters for the Legion was a clubhouse modeled to look like a giant replica of the ship that brought their inspiration Kal-El to Earth, but after the Fatal Five destroyed it, the expanding team needed a new place to call home.

That’s when they built the Legion Citadel. Found in the city of Smallville on Earth, centuries after Superman arrived there as a baby. While the Citadel has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, it has remained the Legion’s home throughout it all and a heroic headquarters.

9 Hall of Justice

One of the more prominent headquarters of the DC Universe has a unique history, in that it did not originate into the comics. You see, the Justice League always had its Watchtower, but Pre-Crisis the Hall of Justice was only found in the animated series Super Friends in the 70’s.

Post-Crisis and Infinite Crisis/One Year Later, the Hall of Justice was an official site for the League. While the Watchtower was rebuilt in space, the Hall of Justice was designed by John Stewart and Wonder Woman, (and financier by Bruce Wayne), serving as their Earth compound.

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8 The Tower of Fate

Getting into the more mystical, weird side of the DC Universe, one of the more mysterious headquarters in the heroic world has to be the Tower of Fate. The home and headquarters of the Fate persona, (aka Dr. Fate), it is believed to have been built by ancient Vikings before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America.

The tower is multileveled and filled with mystical energies, as well as the ancient artifacts of Egypt, most notably Nabu’s, as well as artifacts from Fate host Kent Nelson’s days as an archaeologist, making this tower not only a home but a target.

7 Titans Tower

One of the more prominent places in the DC Universe has to be Titans Tower. The headquarters and home to the superhero team known as the Titans (or Teen Titans to others), Titans Tower is well known for being destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout its long and iconic history.

Originally built by Silas Stone, Victor Stone’s father (Cyborg), Cyborg would rebuild the tower twice, the most recent being built in San Francisco. Overseeing the project, the city actually helped build the tower, in exchange for the Titans agreeing to protect and oversee the city’s super villains plaguing the area.

6 Mount Justice

One headquarters in the DC Universe that has a unique history has to be Mount Justice. Originally known as the Secret Sanctuary in the early comic days where the Justice League would gather after the Appellaxian invasion, the headquarters was eventually handed down to the teen superhero team known as Young Justice.

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Seen coming to life in the hit television show of the same name, Mount Justice became the place where the team not only planned their missions, but grew as a close-knit family of heroes, and was run by none other than the android hero Red Tornado.

5 Themyscira

One of the most iconic and mythological areas of the DC Universe that serves as the home and sometimes headquarters of the hero Wonder Woman is none other than Themyscira. Home to the Amazons, the island was originally known as Paradise Island and the Amazon Isles.

A lot of Wonder Woman’s story sees her being banned from the island when she first leaves to help mankind survive, but she eventually finds her way home and works with her fellow Amazons during a lot of missions and battles, especially those involving her mythological heritage or even apocalyptic battles on the planet.

4 Oa

Probably the most well-known planet in the Green Lantern mythos has to be Oa. The planet in DC Comics is known as the home of the Green Lantern Corps, an elite group of police officers patrolling various sectors of the universe using the power of will, otherwise known as the Green Lantern Ring.

With the corps central battery normally being housed on the planet, the planet was also home to the Guardians of the Universe, all-powerful beings who created the Green Lantern Corps and hold many of the secrets to the emotional spectrum that powers the known universe.

3 Justice League Watchtower

One of the most strategic and powerful headquarters in the DC Universe is hands down the Justice League Watchtower. Prominently featured orbiting the Earth from space, the station has undergone many repairs, and overall reconstructions, after battling many galactic threats that come to Earth one way or another.

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The unique thing about the headquarters is its construction. With the League housing so many different heroes from the known DC Universe, the construction of the Watchtower uses Martian, Thanagarian, Kryptonian, New Genesis, Apokoliptian and Earth-based technologies, making it one of the most complex and powerful stations to protect the planet.

2 Fortress of Solitude

The second most iconic location in the DC Universe belongs to a hero who is not only one of the most popular heroes of all time but one of the most powerful as well. That hero is none other than Clark Kent himself, Superman, and his headquarters is the ever-popular Fortress of Solitude.

Typically found in the Arctic, the Fortress has also traveled to the Antarctic, The Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. The crystalized home built to replicate and house the remains of Krypton’s history, Superman spends much time in his Fortress, cataloging threats and other important galactic findings.

1 Batcave

It will serve as no surprise when it is shown that the most iconic headquarters in all of the DC Universe, (and quite possibly all of comics), is the Batcave, home and headquarters of none other than Bruce Wayne himself, Batman. Built under the infamous Wayne Manor in Gotham City, the Batcave is filled with iconic memorabilia.

Housing the weapons and evidence of many of his iconic foes, the Batcave also is where Batman runs evidence for his investigations, keeps track of threats universe-wide and upgrades his Batsuits preparing for all scenarios.

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