As Marvel fans begin looking ahead to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the time has come to look at the announced films and projects coming in the MCU’s Phase 4. One of the most prominent films that everyone is talking about has to be Marvel’s The Eternals.

A relatively unknown property to casual Marvel fans, the Eternals are a race of immortal beings created by The Celestials millennia ago. Bestowed with their own unique abilities, The Eternals have been around long enough to see the Marvel gods emerge. Here are ten Marvel gods we hope to see appear.

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10 Khonshu

One of the first gods that seems primed to make their MCU debut has to be Khonshu. The Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu was part of the pantheon of gods worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians until the rise of the pharaohs, at which time they departed to a parallel dimension and established the celestial city of Heliopolitan.

Khonshu would be perfect to introduce this side of Ancient Egypt’s role in the MCU, as he is responsible for the creation of the vigilante hero/antihero Moon Knight. Also, ancient Egypt included the X-Men villain Apocalypse, who the Eternals battled.

9 Bast

One god that has already been referenced and used in another MCU film that should make an appearance in the Eternals film has to be Bast. While many MCU fans might remember Bast as the Panther god who bestows her power to the Black Panther through the consumption of the Heart-Shaped Herb, she is also the daughter of the Egyptian god Ra.

She lives in a plane between the home of the Egyptian gods and the home of the African gods, in a place known as the Spirit Realm. She has faced foes like Mephisto and hordes of demons.

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8 The One-Above-All

Likely the most powerful beings in the universe and a living “god” that has yet to appear in the MCU has to be the One-Above-All. Described as a being responsible for the creation of the entirety of the Marvel multiverse and beyond, The One-Above-All is also the only entity the all-powerful Living Tribunal answers to in the multiverse.

All the powerful deities and entities of the Marvel universe know of this all-powerful being. From the Living Tribunal, to Thor and Odin, and even Thanos, so if anyone could pacify the Celestials, it’s this being.

7 Phobos

One god that would be interesting to see is the son of the Greek god Ares, Phobos. Ares will appear again later on, but for this point in time Ares is the father of Phobos, and he and his father Zeus saved Phobos in the character’s retconned origin as the human Alexander after the Japanese god Amatsu-Mikaboshi, aka The Chaos King, kidnapped and brainwashed him.

Not only did he discover his true father’s heritage, but he was recruited by Nick Fury to join his Secret Warriors team. He has fear based power and other pre-cognitive abilities as well.

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6 Cul-Borson

Now that the MCU is confirmed not to be done with the Asgardian lore brought forth by Thor, thanks to not only Loki having his own show, but Thor getting a fourth film, it’s safe to assume there are a couple of Asgardian gods left to introduce that could impact the Eternals. The first of these gods is Cul-Borson.

Known also as the god of fear and the Serpent, Cul made his debut in the popular storyline Fear Itself, released by the Red Skull’s daughter Sin. He is a powerful and terrifying foe, and ancient enough as well.

5 Bor

The next Asgardian god that should appear was actually in the MCU once already, Bor Burlson. The father of Odin and Cul-Borson, Bor was the creator of the universe and once the king of Asgard. He groomed and chose Odin to be his heir out of all his sons, but passed on after battling a massive Frost Giant.

In the second Thor film, he appeared in a flashback showing his battle with the dark elves five thousand years earlier. This would be perfect to incorporate into the Eternals film, exploring various eras in the immortal team’s history in the MCU films.

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4 Ares

The next deity that needs to be included in the Eternals film has to be Ares, the father of Phobos and the god of war in Greek mythology. Originally cast as a villain in the early Marvel Comics days, his story was retconned to be an anti-hero of sorts.

Eventually joining the Avengers, he would adopt his own moral code. He joined Norman Osborne’s Dark Avengers to contribute to the team and provide some good, but during the Siege storyline he would be taken out by the Sentry, but years later was resurrected by the Maestro.

3 Gaea

This next god is someone who feels like they should definitely have a role in the film itself, as she has a major connection the Eternals' creators the Celestials. When the Celestials came to earth millennia ago they said they would return to judge humanity. One of the gods who took steps to ensure humanity survived was Gaea.

As one of the Elder gods, she became the Mother Goddess during the rise of the 2nd generation of gods, even becoming Thor’s true birth mother. She protects the Earth and has guided humanity’s evolution for centuries.

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2 Zeus

The second most popular god to appear in Marvel Comics outside of the Asgardian gods and the father of the number one pick on this list has to be Zeus, the leader of the Olympic gods. The son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, he survived his father’s slaying of his brothers and sisters, and rose up to defeat his father years later as an adult, becoming the ruler of Olympus.

He would go on to father many of the more well known gods of Greek mythology, but one of the most prominent in Marvel Comics had to earn his godhood…

1 Hercules

…and that god is Hercules. Arguably the most popular Greek god to join the Avengers, Hercules has been a fan favorite for years. As a superhuman demigod who must earn his godhood, Hercules had many adventures over the years with the Avengers, but he also has a direct connection to The Eternals.

When the Third Host of the Celestials arrive on the Eternals city of Olympia, (located in the mountains of Greece on Mount Olympus), Hercules joins a collection of other gods and deities to battle the host. Olympia was built by The Eternals after the destruction of their city Titanos.

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