True to their name, the Legion of Super-Heroes consists of dozens of champions from all across the universe. Aside from the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps, the Legion is probably the largest superhero organization in the DC Universe!

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Heroes like Lightning Lad have powers that are self-explanatory, but Legionnaires like Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Ferro Lad boast powers and abilities that are much more enigmatic (or just downright weird). To clear up the confusion, we're going to analyze the powers of some of the Legion's heaviest hitters. We know that there are multiple iterations of the Legion of Super-Heroes, so this article will consider the most recent and consistent depictions of the Legion.

10 Spider-Girl (aka Weave)

Based on Spider-Girl's name, you might think that her powers mirror Peter Parker's or those of Miles Morales. In truth, Spider-Girl has more in common with Medusa - the Queen of the Inhumans! Moreover, Spider-Girl predates Medusa - with SG joining the Legion of Super-Heroes in 1964 (one year and one month before Medusa debuted.)

As such, the alias Weave fits Spider-Girl much better; Weave can telepathically control her hair and use it in all sort of creative ways! Weave also uses her mental might to support objects that she lifts with her hair - explaining why she doesn't snap her neck from the sheer weight she often moves.

9 Matter-Eater Lad

The 1960s were a strange time. Maybe it was all of that peace and love floating around the place, but the 60s produced some of the strangest ideas in pop culture. Matter-Eater Lad almost single-handedly proves our point; this member of the Legion of Super-Heroes can eat any substance in a matter of seconds!

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His name essentially says it all, so the real question is: where does all of that matter go? The answer makes sense, in a pulpy sci-fi kind of way. Super-enzymes line Matter-Eater Lad's gastrointestinal Tract, allowing him to digest any material despite his lack of super strength!

8 White Witch (aka Black Witch)

White Witch is a powerful magic user who could probably give Zatanna a run for her top hat. Interestingly enough, WW isn't a born mage - she had to study mysticism on the planet Zerox (we're not joking about the name).

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White Witch's power is her lack of innate powers; all of the members of her species are natural-born mediums, save for her. Without the ability to see into the future as the rest of her peers can, White Witch learned magic to compensate. We're pretty sure she's learned how to see the future with a spell or two anyhow.

7 Ferro Lad (aka Ferro)

Ferro Lad has a lot in common with Colossus from the Marvel Universe. Okay, not really - but both FL and Piotr can change into organic metal forms at will. In contrast to Colossus' organic steel form, Ferro changes into organic iron - hence the big 'Fe' on his chest.

While transformed, Ferro can survive in extreme environments and shrug off most forms of damage! Ferro can also apparently bend the laws of physics, as his metal form is just as dextrous as his normal state.

6 Duplicate Damsel (aka Triplicate Girl)

Duplicate Damsel is a bit of a misnomer, as she can create whole armies of clones these days! Early in her career, though, Duplicate Damsel went by the alias Triplicate Girl - as she could only be in three places at once.

Now, however, DD's abilities are significantly more powerful - she can overwhelm certain foes by swarming them and act as a one-woman espionage team! DD's clones can work independently from one another - meaning they arent beholden to some sort of hivemind.

5 Ultra Boy (aka Emerald Dragon)

Ultra Boy is either a hero with an interesting facet to his powers, or a jobber with a lame weakness depending on your perspective. On paper, the Emerald Dragon shares numerous abilities with Superman. However, this Legionnaire can only activate his powers one at a time!

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Even though the Emerald Dragon can possess strength equal to a Kryptonian or a Daxamite, he can't activate invulnerability at the same time. This means that Ultra Boy could potentially tear his own arms off simply from trying to lift something that's too heavy!

4 Shadow Lass (aka Umbra)

Fun fact: the word 'umbra' is Latin for shadow. Who says comic books can't teach you anything useful?! Tangent aside, Shadow Lass' power-set is likely exactly what you've imagined based on her name - she can control shadows with her mind!

The real question is, to what extent? Well, Umbra's shadows can't be affected by the light. Shadow Lass can also create masses that are 100 times darker than the darkest darkness imaginable!

3 Element Lad (aka Alchemist, aka the Progenitor)

Taking a page straight out of Fullmetal Alchemist's book, Element Lad can transmute matter by touching it. The Progenitor can turn iron into gold (watch out Ferro) and change solids into liquids or gases! If the Alchemist wanted it, he could devalue gold with the literal snap of his fingers.

However, the Alchemist is a moral character through and through. Which is great, because there aren't many ways to stop him from turning the carbon in our bodies into graphite - the same stuff that makes up most pencils! Are you terrified of the Legion of Super-Heroes yet? If not, you probably should be.

2 Saturn Girl

Unfortunately, Saturn Girl's powers don't grant her a gravitational pull like Peter from Family Guy. Instead, SG stands out as one of the strongest telepaths in the Legion of Super-Heroes. With a thought, she can target her foes' brains and... well, it's not a nice thought to dwell on.

Most of the time, however, Saturn Girl uses her powers to read others' minds. She can then plant subconscious suggestions in another's brain - teaching new skills or deleting memories on a whim!

1 Cosmic Boy (aka Polestar)

Polestar is DC's answer to Magneto; both men can manipulate metal with their minds, as well as affect electromagnetic fields. Cosmic Boy can also absorb energy attacks, though, such as Lightning Lad's bolts.

Polestar can also follow in Toph Beifong's mud-caked footsteps and see the world purely in patterns. As you might expect, Cosmic Boy can't manipulate organic materials like wood at all. This is where the age-old conundrum comes in: humans are organic creatures, but we have iron in our blood. Could Cosmic Boy learn to work fleshlings like meat puppets someday? We think so.

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