After the Infinity Saga pretty much wrapped up Bruce Banner/Hulk's storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and given the complicated rights issues with Universal Studios, fans were beginning to think we would never see characters like She-Hulk adapted for live-action.

Thankfully Marvel Studios revealed a She-Hulk live-action series that would air on the Disney+ streaming service, which would also factor in to the upcoming Phase Four of the MCU. It's not entirely clear how She-Hulk will play into the larger MCU, we decided to take a closer look at the Jade Giantess to prepare for her upcoming series.

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One of Stan Lee's final additions to the Marvel Universe was She-Hulk, who debuted in 1980's Savage She-Hulk #1. She-Hulk, co-created by John Buscema, was created largely due to the success of both The Incredible Hulk TV show and other series female-led spinoffs like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Lee and Buscema introduced readers to Jennifer Walters, who was saved via blood transfusion from her gamma-irradiated cousin Bruce Banner. Lee wouldn't create another Marvel character until the company jumped to the future in 1992, where he co-created Ravage 2099 with Paul Ryan.


She-Hulk has had many adventures with various superheroes in the Marvel Universe, largely due to her being on a number of teams like the Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Heroes for Hire, Defenders, Lady Liberators, A-Force, and more.

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However, when She-Hulk stars in her own comic series, she quite often finds herself sharing the book with an assortment of odd characters. With hero team-ups that include Howard the Duck, ridiculous villains like Doctor Bong, and coworkers like Awesome Android (don't be rude, call him Andy), She-Hulk's own little corner of the Marvel Universe is full of Marvel's zaniest.


After She-Hulk had joined the Avengers, she found herself trapped alongside Marvel heroes on Battleworld during 1985's Secret Wars event. Those events resulted in the Thing leaving the Fantastic Four, which meant the FF were left without their resident powerhouse.

Jen joined up with the team to take the Thing's place and began a long relationship with the first family of comics. Not only was she a proper member of the FF, but she also worked alongside Scott Lang and the Future Foundation when the Fantastic Four were off-planet, making She-Hulk one of the FF's most trusted allies.


She-Hulk has had a few interesting relationships over the years with other Marvel heroes, with a few standouts being Wyatt Wingfoot, Hercules, and Juggernaut, though that last one was potentially retconned away. However, for a brief moment, Jennifer Walters was married to John Jameson, son of the Daily Bugle's J. Jonah Jameson.

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John Jameson was an accomplished astronaut and occasionally lycanthropic Man-Wolf, and the two eloped to Vegas during the Civil War event. Unfortunately, it was revealed that She-Hulk had been emotionally manipulated by Star-Fox, another ex-lover, and the wedding was annulled.


John Byrne brought the character to a new level of popularity with her second solo series, The Sensational She-Hulk. Byrne broke new ground with the character when she began breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to readers, long before Deadpool popularized the fourth wall break.

She-Hulk was also acutely aware that she was a character in a comic book and frequently used that to her advantage to jump across comic pages. She once even threw John Byrne out a window to his death in his last issue of Sensational She-Hulk because she hoped to boost sales.


When Jen's cousin was first transformed into the Incredible Hulk, he was actually colored grey instead of green. While the change was due to a printing decision based on the limitations of technology at the time, it was explained in the comics as one of many different versions of the Hulk known as Grey Hulk, and later Joe Fixit.

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Byrne would give Jen her own Grey She-Hulk form in the pages of Sensational She-Hulk and would be one of the few times Jen Walters would not be in full control of her She-Hulk form. Jen has struggled with control in her Grey She-Hulk form a few times in the comics, most recently in the pages of Jason Aaron's Avengers run and Jen's solo Hulk title.


One of the strangest abilities gained by She-Hulk came near the end of Byrne's run on Sensational She-Hulk, after Jen was forced to switch bodies with her secretary, Weezi. She-Hulk was locked in a prison with an alien race known as the Ovoids, who taught her how to switch bodies.

She was forced to stay in Weezi's body for a few issues as Weezi didn't want to change back, but eventually, the switch was reversed. As this ability was something learned we have to presume that She-Hulk still has the power to switch bodies, though the ability hasn't shown up since the last appearance of the Sensational Weezi.


She-Hulk is a long-standing member of the Avengers and even led her own faction known as A-Force for awhile. Unfortunately, the Avengers weren't always good for Jen, and she has found herself manipulated a few times by her closest friends, most famously during the Avengers Disassembled storyline.

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After a series of events that caused Jen to question her ability to control her strength and rage, her problems were revealed to be due to the manipulations of Scarlet Witch, who forced She-Hulk to kill the Vision by ripping him in half.


As one of Marvel's most high-profile superhuman lawyers, She-Hulk has called down a lot of attention to herself due to her involvement in vigilante legal issues. While this was often sorted out at the various legal offices she's worked at over the years, She-Hulk was once drafted by the highest court in the Marvel Universe - the Living Tribunal.

The Living Tribunal is a cosmic entity that protects the delicate balance of the universe. During Dan Slott's She-Hulk run, Jen was called on by the Living Tribunal to join the Magistrati, who were the judges, jurors, and advocates of the universe. She quit after being forced to observe a trial with Starfox and pass judgment on a parallel "ultimate" Marvel universe.


Jennifer Walters is not the only character to take on the name of She-Hulk. After the appearance of the Red Hulk, it was soon revealed that there was also a Red She-Hulk, who was actually Betty Ross. Red She-Hulk would eventually be depowered, only later to transform into Harpy in the pages of Immortal Hulk.

There was another Savage She-Hulk for a time as well, when Hulk and company were introduced to Lyra, who was the future daughter of Hulk and an alternate reality version of the super-strong villain Thundra. Lyra traveled to the past to become the new She-Hulk, though in a unique twist being angry caused her to revert to her human form, whereas she grew stronger the calmer she got.

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