We don't always get brand new villains introduced in Spider-Man comics, so when they do it's a pretty big deal. Before his first major appearance in Amazing-Spider-Man Vol. 5 #24, we've seen a bandaged villain appear to torture Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio, but his name was finally revealed at the end of the issue.

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Kindred is a mysterious enemy hellbent on destroying Spider-Man, and the ways in which he's tormented Peter Parker so far are rather unnerving. Not just that, but he's also caused a fair amount of problems for some of Spidey's biggest foes. Here are 10 facts about Spider-Man's newest villain: Kindred.

10 He Was First Referenced 12 Years Ago

When Mysterio was released from Ravencroft after finding out he had an inoperable tumor as well as lung cancer, he went after Daredevil in the hope that he could turn him insane. During their final showdown, Mysterio pleaded with the Man Without Fear to kill him, however, he wouldn't do it so Beck shot himself and apparently died as a result.

In Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12, Quentin Beck returned from the dead, claiming he had been resurrected. and references his "new associates." All the way back in 2006, the original Mysterio's return was because the new villain known as Kindred was responsible, however it wouldn't be revealed who these associates were for another 12 years.

9 Kindred Is A Demon

Spider-Man's villains tend to be humans that gained great power through dangerous experiments and freak accidents, such as Doctor Octopus, Rhino, and Vulture, but he's also had meddlings with the underworld. Adding to the likes of Mephisto, it was revealed that Kindred was once human, but became a demon that rose through the ranks of hell quickly.

His reasons for arriving from hell and what he did to get there have yet to be revealed, but he has already shown that he possesses some truly disturbing abilities. Maybe he was put there by Parker accidentally or was simply collateral damage in one of Spider-Man's citywide scraps. Time will tell just who exactly his new enemy is.

8 Quentin Beck's In Indebted To Kindred

After his resurrection, not much was known about the circumstances surrounding it, but in the new Amazing Spider-Man series, we begin to find out more about the villain who would soon be given the moniker of Kindred. In Amazing Spider-Man #1, it's revealed that Mysterio has not followed the rules, and he has become sidetracked from his goal.

This leads Kindred to use his own kinds of illusions to terrify Quentin Beck, making him believe that his attorney, Janice Lincoln AKA Beetle is vomiting out centipedes in the courtroom. It is here that Kindred shows his displeasure in Mysterio, giving him one more chance to help him out with his mission involving Peter Parker.

7 He Can Control Vermin And Centipedes To Do His Bidding

Not much is known about the full extent of his powers just yet, but one thing he can do without so much as lifting a finger is send swarms of centipedes to attack whomever he wants. So far he used them to mess with Mysterio whilst he was on trial, set them on Mendel Stromm, and also appeared to kill Mysterio with them.

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He has also used rats to mess with his enemies and can appear to control a whole host of critters to do his bidding. Whilst he's not yet been in a fistfight with anyone, the time will come when he's stood face to face with Spider-Man, and when they do fight Kindred will use these creatures to bring him down with great aplomb.

6 Kindred Can Invade People's Dreams

Being a demon, Kindred appears to have more powers than simply getting giant centipedes to do his killing for him. In Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #24, he allows Peter Parker to watch him kill Mysterio in his nightmares, claiming he doesn't enjoy killing, but it was necessary for him to watch.

He then tells Peter Parker that he should call him Kindred before he gives him one of his own "dumb nicknames." After the nightmare, Parker wakes up in a cold sweat. He tells Mary Jane about the vision he had in the park, and that in his nightmare he just had, the new villain has finally revealed himself to Parker.

5 He Doesn't Like Killing Innocent People But Will Do If Necessary

Many supervillains don't bat an eyelid when they kill somebody, whoever it is. There have been a few times when Kindred has made a point of saying he doesn't enjoy killing but will do so if necessary. He reveals to Peter Parker that he "takes no joy in killing someone like this" after murdering Mysterio.

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In Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 #25, after he kills the psychiatrist he believed was Mysterio, he once again says that he's not happy that he had to kill an innocent person. There's an odd sense of morality with Kindred, which could lead to the mystery surrounding his identity being a huge shock, especially if he was once one of Parker's friends or even family.

4 Mysterio Knows His True Name

The speculation as to who Kindred really is will keep on going for a while yet, and wondering if he's a figure from Spider-Man's past will remain a mystery for now. However, there is one person who knows exactly who he is and that's Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio.

In Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #24, Kindred seemingly kills Mysterio, but it is in fact his psychiatrist who Beck made believe was the villainous illusionist. In the next issue, we find out that that Kindred has plans for Mysterio, and he isn't done with him just yet, but he's furious that Mysterio told the psychiatrist his real name, and brings Beck to his knees in terrifying fashion.

3 Mendel Stromm Was Killed By Him

Mysterio isn't the only villain who Kindred is responsible for killing. In Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #5, the returning Robot Master has a rather short-lived comeback. In the previous issue, Mendel Stromm fails in using his Tri-Sentinel to kill Spider-Man, so Kindred steps in and offers him an army of them.

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When the army of Tri-Sentinels attack the wall-crawler, Kindred shows up in Stromm's laboratory and uses his centipedes to kill him. It's yet another example of the new villain showing just how dangerous he can be, and how resilient he is in his mission to bring down Spider-Man without caring who dies along the way.

2 He Makes Kingpin Kneel At His Feet

Throughout the Amazing Spider-Man run so far, Kindred has shown that he isn't bothered who he needs to manipulate to bring Spider-Man to his knees, and in Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #7, he turns his attention to the crime boss of New York City, the Kingpin. After apparently killing Vanessa Fisk, Kingpin is distraught and terrified in equal measure.

Claiming he doesn't need Fisk's help, Kindred shows off the power he has by exclaiming Kingpin has to serve him from now on. In the final shot, Kingpin is knelt before Kindred - looking like a broken man - and with his final words of the issue, he says, "we're gonna get along just fine, Mr. Mayor - so long as you know who's really in charge around here."

1 There's A Personal Connection Between Him And Spider-Man

Being a relatively new enemy to Spider-Man, little is known about who Kindred is yet, and why he's so obsessed with the web-slinger's downfall. However, it's quite clear that it's a very personal vendetta, and so far he's shown many reasons just why that is.

After Spider-Man reveals his true identity to Black Cat, Kindred questions why he is bringing danger to those he loves. In Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 #18, he watches over a sleeping MJ, and he constantly refers to Spider-Man as "Pete." Who he is is still a mystery, but once the cat is out of the bag, the revelation could be one of the biggest shocks of all time.

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