Out of all the anime magic girl shows in the world, there's just something endearing about Cardcaptor Sakura that keeps bringing people back for more. Maybe it's the cute character designs and fantastical storylines of renowned Japanese manga artist group Clamp? Or, perhaps it's the captivating relationships that Sakura Kinomoto forges with everyone in her whimsical world? Whatever the case, Cardcaptor Sakura continues to strike a chord with anime fans to this very day.

With all that said, Cardcaptor Sakura still has some silly logic within the series—logic that makes it perfect for memeing. Here are 10 Cardcaptor logic memes that are too hilarious for words.

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10 Know The Difference

Becoming a Cardcaptor is no easy task. As the name suggests, you'll have to master the vast terminology of the magical cards. Obviously, there are the Clow Cards, but what that about the others?

For being the series heroine, Sakura gets a card of her own. And then there's the Clear Card, representing the 2016 sequel series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. However, the most important card that anime fans should know is the all-powerful credit card. The perfect tool for going on a spending spree. Just ask any mobile gatcha players.

9 The Perfect Time

Ah, what's more precious than young love? When it comes to Sakura and her rival/love interest Syaoran Li, nothing. Unfortunately for these two love birds, love young sure takes its sweet time bloom.

As this meme illustrates, it took 69 (nice) episodes for Syaoran to finally admit that he "likes" Sakura. 69 out of 70 episodes. As if that wasn't hair-pulling enough, Sakura didn't confess back to Syaoran until the second movie, Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card. Lord knows how long anime fans will have to wait for one of them to pop the question.

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8 Running Away From Responsibilities

Poor Sakura. She's only 10 years old, and yet she has the entire fate of the world resting on her shoulders. Things aren't gonna get any easier when she moves on from being a fourth-grader either. Capturing the scattered Clow Cards all over the world is a walk in the park when compared to paying off your student loan. That's why this meme of young Sakura running away from her soon-to-be adult responsibilities really hits home. Who wants to be a dumb adult when you can be a magical girl, instead?

7 Angry Sakura

There's no denying it. Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the cutest magic girl anime series around. Clamp has always been highly regarded for their artistic skills, but they really took it to the max in displaying the warm and beauty of the series.

Of course, all these compliments goes double for the series' adorable protagonist. Sakura is just a glowing sun of happiness, which is why it's so funny whenever she tries to be anything but. No matter how angry she gets, she's still just a pure cinnamon roll. This meme of her pouting adorably really captures her unintentional cuteness.

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6 Deep Sleep

Nobody likes to wake up early in the morning for work. Not even Tomoyo Daidouji, who's usually quite mature for her age. Then again, it takes a lot of energy designing new battles clothes for Sakura to wear on her adventures, not to mention filming Sakura's magic girl exploits with an old-school camcorder. No wonder she's so sleepy.

This hilarious meme of Tomoyo in deep sleep while actively ignoring her alarm is one that everyone can relate. Sadly, every morning snooze must come to an end. Wake up, Tomoyo! Time for school!

5 Kero

Perhaps the best thing about Cardcaptor Sakura is its sincere belief in optimism. Even since Puella Magi Madoka Magica took the world by storm, there's been a plethora of anime series trying to further deconstruct the magic girl genre to mix results.

What makes Cardcaptor Sakura a joy to watch is its rejection of cynicism in favor of pure hope. Nothing represents this better than Cerebus, aka Kero, the happy mascot of Cardcaptor Sakura. Unlike the wolf in sheep's clothing Kyubey, Kero is actually here to help Sakura on her magic girl adventure.

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4 Fighting In Style

One of the oldest tropes in animation is characters wearing the same set of clothes in every episode. While some viewers may think this is laziness on the animator's part, they don't realize the tremendous amount of work that goes into a simple change of clothes. Every new character design must be conceptualized, drawn (model sheets for every angle), cleaned up, and colored.

With each step needing a stamp of approval. This takes up valuable time and money. A lot of anime series don't have the necessary resources to pull that off on a week-to-week TV schedule. Unfortunately for the animators at Madhouse, Tomoyo isn't giving them a choice.

3 Flipping The Bird

The initial English dub of Cardcaptors Sakura made for Kids WB was infamously terrible for the way it sliced and diced up the series. The greatest crime the Kids WB dub committed, however, was removing the Japanese theme song "Catch You Catch Me" from the broadcast. Why would anyone remove such a catchy and iconic song like—Oh! No! Sakura's giving the finger!

While the scene itself only lasts a few seconds, it's hard not to see Sakura holding up that Clow Cloud as anything but her flipping the bird with her extremely pointy middle finger. An unintentional laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.

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2 Old School Viewing

Millennials have it so easy today... well, at least when it comes to watching anime. Thanks to the popularity of streaming sites like Crunchyroll, today's hottest anime series can be watched within a week of its release. Anime like the 2018 series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.

However, this wasn't the case for the anime community of the early 1990s who relied on amateur fansubbers and VHS trading to watch their anime series. Which is why, to get the most authentic experience in watching Cardcaptor Sakura, every anime fan should throw away their Netflix box and start searching for VHS copies on eBay.

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1 What I Do

The life of 10-year-old Sakura Kinomoto is not an easy one. She not only has to find all 53 Cloud Cards before they create chaos throughout the world, but she also has to navigate the complex life of a fourth-grader as well; homework, chores, and falling in love.

While Sakura may make everything she does look so easy, she's actually hanging on by a thread. No matter how silly she may sometimes look fighting monsters as a magic girl or trying to hide her secret crush in public, Sakura will always be that loveable Sakura that everybody loves and depends on.

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