Fruits Basket is back on television, and with the original cast? What year is it, anyway? The reboot of the classic 2001 series that didn't fully follow the manga's original story is in full swing and might be leaving fans with a taste for more shojo-y goodness. You might ask yourself "Self: What other anime has saccharine schmaltz, goofy jokes, and an oddly sinister tone that makes me worry for my waifu, Tohru Honda?"

Once you're done talking to yourself feel free to check out this list of ten anime you'll definitely want to check out if you're in love with any and all iterations of Fruits Basket.

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10 Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

Supernatural element? Obsession with food? A heroine who you can't bear to see anything terrible happen to? Fruits Basket and 2018's Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits share much DNA. Set in a world of demons, beds, and breakfasts, Kakuriyo's ton and ability to go from heart-tugging dramatics to slapstick and back is more than a little in the same tone as the classic Shojo drama.

And don't forget the food! Don't watch on an empty stomach, lest Kakuriyo sends you off into the night searching for that legendary fourth meal.

9 One Week Friends

Ignore that its premise is taken right from the downright awful Adam Sandler film 50 First Dates because 2014's One Week Friends is so much more -- and better. Following high schooler Hase Yuki and his attempts to win the friendship of mysterious and forgetful Fujimiya Kaori on a weekly basis, One Week Friends is a powerhouse of animation, acting, and music. The soundtrack and the opening theme will be lodged in your head long after the finale, and for good reason: It'll make sure you never forget this overlooked classic.

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8 The Quintessential Quintuplets

Sure, 2019's The Quintessential Quintuplets is also technically a harem anime, but if you think about it hard enough so is Fruits Basket. What makes the two anime so similar are the tone and distinct personalities of its characters, with each of the quintuplets sharing more than a few quirks with the beloved zodiac, Soma family. Main character Uesugi Futaro is also similar to beloved Tohru in that both are thrust into a world very unlike their own, only able to react and survive day by day.

Also: Miku is best girl, thank you for attending this TED Talk.

7 Ranma 1/2

What kind of list would this be without the original soft-hearted but quick to punch you in the head anime, Ranma 1/2? The classic 1989 anime practically wrote the book on combining drama, action, quirky characters, and a sincere sense of relatability all into one half-hour piece of animation. Of course, it doesn't hurt that both prominently feature animals turning into people. The only thing that's missing is an overlooked 2-D fighting game for Fruits Basket akin to the one on SNES for Ranma.

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6 The Ancient Magus' Bride

Sticking with the theme of "fish out of water in a magical world" is the fascinating and bracing The Ancient Magus' Bride from 2016. With brilliant visuals and a co-main character that has a sinister vibe that keeps the viewer on their toes, Magus' Bride is a mystery at every turn. Protagonist Chise Hatori and Tohru are both characters out of their element, forced to adapt to a confusing world with rules that could potentially have dangerous implications, but its also those worlds that make both shows so wonderful to go back to each week.

5 Azumanga Daioh

High school is a dangerous place without friends, and 2002's classic Azumanga Daioh not only shares a time period with Fruits Basket but also the fact that both have an amazingly likable cast of characters. Both shows heavily explore the perspectives of female protagonists in a way that has little to do with their relationship availability, something which is needed more and more in the anime landscape. However, the thing that ties the two shoes together is their impeccable senses of humor and sardonic nature, looking at the absolute weirdness that comes along with high school relationships.

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4 A Silent Voice (OVA)

Dipping into the realm of anime films is 2017's A Silent Voice from studio Kyoto Animation, and one of the best animated films as of late that isn't Your Name. The main cast of A Silent Voice is the backbone of its story, with the antagonist relationship of main characters Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya floats in the middle like a planet in orbit. What makes the story work is that it isn't always just about the "Will they, won't they?" nature of the relationship between Shoya and Shoko, but their attempts to relate to one another as people first. There's more than just a little bit of Kyo in Shoya, after all.

3 Ouran Koukou Host Club

This list would lose all credibility without the inclusion of Ouran Koukou Host Club, which for all intents and purposes is the male version of Fruits Basket. The beloved 2006 anime has been at the forefront of anime since the streaming revolution, thanks in part to its availability. The continuing theme of characters placed into a situation very much out of their element continues, with the female lead Haruhi Fujioka forced to play the role of a boy in debt to a prestigious school's host club, all in the names of hijinks being ensued.

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2 Orange

Many may know the 2016 anime Orange first as its absolutely massive manga release, following the story of Naho Takamiya and a mysterious letter that warns her of the future. Blending fantasy and sci-fi elements in a seamless story that keeps asking more questions, Orange understands that, much like Fruits Basket, the questions about the world and its characters should propel the story forward. Doing so allows character-driven moments to happen more naturally, which keeps the plot from getting dragged down to stop and tell stories that necessarily aren't pivotal to the main story.

1 Fruits Basket (2001)

Time to cheat! The original Fruits Basket anime is a strange beast. While it was many of fan's entry into the world of shojo and non-punchy, fighty anime, it also is very much of its time. The strangeness continues because of how much it deviates from the source material, even going as far to not even get close to finishing the original story -- made all the more strange by the fact that the central mystery of the show is never really resolved. If you've never seen the original or need a refresher then be sure to go back and party like its 2001, because you might be surprised just how different the OG Fruits Basket is.

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